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This is my first story here. Feel free to let me know your views about it.

My name is Sid I am about 6 feet tall. I have a medium built and am an average looking guy. I never had a realtionship. The only reason was because I was madly in love with my best friend. She was also my neighbor. We knew each other for some 8 years, my love for her only grew strong over the time. But I never had the guts to tell her my feelings as I was never sure how she felt about me. Moreover I didn't want to lose her as my friend. This was when I was 22 and she was 21.

So this one day everything went normally I woke up and helped myself to some coffee while the door bell rang. I was hoping it was her, something that I did every morning. hoping to see her in the morning. I answered the door to realise, there she was standing right at the door. "Wake up sleepyhead!" She exclaimed entering the house. "What are you doing here early in the morning?" I asked. "I had nothing to do." She said playing with an apple kept on the table. She didn't look any extraordinary yet she was so perfect. She is 5'2" and really tiny. She doesn't have huge tits either. Something around 34B, but perky and firm.

I handed my laptop to her "choose some good movie, and play it on the TV. I'll quickly take a shower and be back." I scurried to the bathroom took a faster shower, the last thing I wanted to do was keep her waiting. I quickly got dressed wearing shorts and a plain white t-shirt. I ran to the hall and jumped right next to her on the couch.

"So what are we watching?" I asked trying to figure out what she was doing on the laptop. My mouth flung open. She opened the folder to where I saved porn videos and was scrolling scanning her eyes through the thumbnails of the videos. My heart was thumping so hard, I thought she could easily hear it. I pulled my laptop from her hand, shut it and threw it on the other couch beside me.

I could feel myself turning red of embarrassment. That was the last thing I wanted. "No naughty business, how many times do I have to tell you?" I said almost yelling. "YOU are the one who has porn videos and you say I am doing naughty business!" She said sounding pissed.

It was sometime until any of us spoke. She finally broke the silence after what felt like hours. "Are you a Virgin?" my heart sank. "Uhhh.. well yaaa.. " I stuttered. She jumped on the couch facing me now. "Are you fucking serious?"
"I don't really understand why are you so shocked! You know I haven't been in a relationship."
"Yeah, I know that but I thought you were fooling around with.. what was her name.. Mia?"
"We just went out ONCE."
"Once is more than enough, why not Sid? Why haven't you slept with anyone yet? Are you saving yourself for someone" she said teasingly.
I thought this was the time. Maybe I could tell her. "Well yes. I am sort of saving myself for someone. I totally love her. Call me mad but she is the only one I would like to sleep with. I don't really like cheap and meaningless sex." Her look intensed. She threw a pillow at me. "In LOVE? In love Sid? And you never told me. I thought I was your best friend. You couldn't trust me with that?" She crossed her arms firmly and looked the other way.

"I love you" I somehow managed to say. I wasn't really sure whether I was audible. All I could hear was my heart racing through my stomach and throat.
"Whaaaaaaat??" Came her reply. She literally jumped over me to hug me! "You are the stupidest person I would've met! You silly thing why didn't you ever tell me this? I love you idiot! I think I always have-" I shut her mid sentence my pressing my lips against hers. Her lips parted and we kissed madly, passionately until we were both out of breath. She sat on my lap with both her legs on my side and began kissing me again. I started caressing her back slowly. Her fingers ran through my hair. I wished it never ended. She slowly pulled my t shirt up.

"What are you-"
"Shhhh, about time!" She whispered as she pulled my shirt through my arms.
"Not here" I said standing up picking her along with me as we headed to the bedroom.

I laid her on the bed and climbed on top of her, kissing her neck, moving on to her earlobe, softly nibbling on it. I pulled up her top, she picked her back up helping me to get rid of it. I started kissing her chest softly moving my hand on her boobs above her bra. She let out a soft moan. I unhooked her bra letting her boobs go free. Oh so beautiful. My cock shot straight into attention position. I cupped her boobs in my hand. So soft and so firm I could keep playing with them all day. I put my lips on her right nipple and slowly began sucking it while playing with the left nipple with my hand I licked and sucked both her nipples, she kept moaning softly. I kissed my way through her belly.

I got rid of her shorts and panties in one go! Her pussy was neatly trimmed and drenched. I placed my finger on her pussy lips and slowly began stroking. I kissed her clit and she let out another moan. I was slowly sucking and licking the fold over her pussy. I slowly inserted my finger into her hole and her moans increased.

I kept fingering and sucking and licking her. I loved hearing her moans. Her moans increased and got louder. Her pussy walls tightened around my finger. I increased my speed. I fingered faster still licking her. "Oh fuckkk Sidddd I am cummmingggg!" She yelled pulling my face closer to her pussy. She orgasmed, started breathing heavily I moved up to kiss her again. My one hand went down again to her pussy rubbing over it gently.

She was moaning into my mouth. I stood up to get rid of my shorts. Letting my cock free. It was fully erect. She took it into her soft gentle hands and stroked it lightly. I bent over to kiss her again. After a few strokes I moved in between her legs spreading them wide. I rubbed my dick over her pussy a couple of times.
"Stop teasing Sid. Please fuck me. Now!" she begged. I pushed my dick slowly in her pussy. At first only the head went in. I pushed a little harder and almost half of my dick was in. She screamed in pain. I kissed her to stop her from screaming. A few moments later she nodded her head, I slowly got my dick out and pushed it in again. Initially I moved slowly gradually increasing my speed. She moaned louder and louder.

After a few more strokes she was about to come again. I increased my speed and she let out a moan while cumming. The whole room was echoing with our love noises and I was also about to cum any time. I rest my hands on her either sides and started stroking faster, until I shot out my load in her. We both lay there for some while. After which we showered together.

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