Skiing holiday

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I have been skiing since I was introduced to the sport when I was in the army however, at that time it was part of my combat training but once let loose on the slopes I loved the sensation of using the elements to travel at more than thirty miles an hour without an engine and there is no silence to compare with being on a mountain top above the tree line with virgin snow spread before you and then just the swish, swish of the skis as you weave your way down. Skiing and sailing are my two favourite past times. Anyway, I digress .. .. ..
I persuaded my partner Paula to agree to come skiing with me and suggested that her brother Mike and his girlfriend Lisa would like to come along to make up a foursome. I was quite happy to go off skiing on my own whilst they had lessons. Anyone who has been will know that you have some great times during lessons. I am very gregarious but I felt that Paula would like to have a familiar face or two learning with her.
I would look them up when passing by to see how they were getting on and they seemed to be enjoying it immensely and Mike looked as if he was ready to come up one of the gentle green slopes so when their lessons ended and we had lunch I took him up the easiest of the runs, but when he got up there he soon gave up, saying that it seemed very steep to him so I suggested that he put his skis inside mine and hold on whilst I traversed down in a 'snowplough', that way I would take him gently down the mountain. What I hadn't realised was that, whilst fifteen to twenty miles and hour was gentle for me it was a horrendous speed for him so when I stopped half way down to see if he was enjoying it, he was a wreck and needed a fag saying that he had nearly crapped his pants with fear. So we continued on down at a much more sedate speed. OK that's the set up.
After changing out of our gear and storing the skis and boots we went back to the room that Paula and I shared, to open a bottle of wine before dinner, laughing and recalling the lovely day that everyone had enjoyed.
Wine finished, Paula said that she would like a nice long soak in the bath to ease her tired muscles so Mike, the only smoker, and he likes a pint or two, amongst us said that he would go out for a wander round so, we arranged to all meet up at eight o-clock for dinner and I settled down to my book whilst Lisa knelt up on her bed with her head out of the window looking at all the people milling round and getting the last of the skiing before the lifts closed. She was laughing and passing comments of the goings on down there and I couldn't concentrate on my book, so I thought I would join her at the window.
Kneeling on the bed she was being quite animated, bumping her hips up against mine whilst laughing at the antics down below. She is a little on the plump side but one doesn't notice because she has the most beautiful eyes, great personality and gorgeous big titties which seemed intent at fighting their way out of her blouse as she rocked around on the bed. Gees, she was making me so horny, but I fought against it because I had Paula in the next room and Mike could come in at any minute, so I just enjoyed the physical contact with her and getting hornier all the time.

She suddenly leaned further out of the window so that she could continue to watch someone who was crossing the road towards our hotel. Startled, I grabbed her for safety, Wow! she might be a little overweight but she was firm and felt so good, so I left my arm on her back and, having always been very tactile, stroked her back and shoulders.

She was less than half my age, younger than my son, so it was up to her to pull away, but we continued to people watch whilst I became more adventurous with my left hand and cuddled when we laughed. My hand was down the small of her back and circling round her coxis when we laughed one time, turning our heads to one another and one look into those gorgeous eyes, I just had to kiss her and she came back at me with all tongue and moaning and I have always had a knack of releasing confined breasts to a greater freedom. I ran my fingernail gently round her upper breast and worked down to beneath her nipples to stroke the undersides. I love to tease and this drove her mad so as our kissing became more intense my hand returned to the topsides and finally to her nipples, WOW! they were the size of thimbles, I just had to break off the kissing to see them, roll my tongue around them and gently pull them with my teeth. Meanwhile, I was squeezing and tugging on her glute's and she was wriggling her butt so I slipped off the bed behind her, thinking that if Mike or Paula opened the door then I could just withdraw, pull her skirt back down and we would be respectable in a split second.

Stroking her legs whilst pushing her skirt up I was to discover that she wasn't wearing any panties. I'd never known anyone who didn't wear panties but I thought 'Great, another hurdle out of the way' so I kissed and tongued her coxis, whilst pulling my manhood out of my trainers, working my way down her cheeks and into the crack and over her rectum she widened her legs and swung her bum back to give me access to her pussy and my oh my, was it wet?

As time was of the essence, I lost no time in matching the head of my eager penis to her soft and luscious labia majors, sliding it forward and backward over her clitty. In normal circumstances it would take me quarter of an hour or so before reaching this stage and another five minutes or so to make an entrance to her succulent womanhood but time was valuable so I eagerly pushed the head into the entry point and with just a seconds pause, gently slid halfway in with no resistance but a nice firm hold, then withdrawing to slide over her clitty once more before I re-entered and gently right through to the full extent. I was a bit worried that Paula would hear the grunt my action had caused and I stayed fully in whilst whispering a warning to be quiet.

There is no doubt that this girl had been doing her pelvic floor exercises because, whilst I was immobile right up inside her she was milking my penis with the flexing of her muscles. I couldn't have stood too much of that without shooting my load and I have never had a problem in that respect having made love for up to four hours at a time. So I reached forward to gently caress her breasts and slid slowly and deliberately in and out of her, with the occasional visit up past the clitty.

She wriggled and gyrated in unison to my movements and was panting in big breaths so as not to moan.
Normally doggy fashion is a position that is within the session, as lovemaking is a giving thing and I prefer my partner to climax just before, or with me I do this by hovering above her with only my penis in contact with her region of delight, but today this could not be so, a few minutes more of the volcano building up inside me and working up to a momentous eruption.

My body exploded in a surge of power and like a chain reaction my juices pushed its way down through my scrotum into my testicles and shooting up the barrel of my penis and parting its head shooting rhythmically from my body. The deed was done and the seed laid. Unfortunately, I was unable to withhold my grunt of effort and Paula called out 'what are you doing?'

It took some doing but I stuck to my story that I had been reading and dozing on my bed whilst Lisa was looking out of the window, the other side of the room. My story was that whilst dozing I had cramp in my calf muscle which was what caused me to grunt with the sudden pain. She was suspicious for some time but eventually forgot about it.

I hadn't known Lisa before she came along on the ski trip but she became a firm friend of my partner and this led to some pretty remarkable sessions between Lisa and me but you might not be interested in hearing about it. I often think about this and am pleased to have shared it with you.

Thank you to all the ladies that I have loved. The more I gave you the more I received. So many wonderful memories. xx

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