King And I

He was simply known as King. It was his last name, but I'd never known him by any other. King interested me in the same way that a caged lion interests a child; power and beauty collided within him to make something seemingly otherworldly.
King had a rough face, that managed to be both masculine and pretty. His nose had been broken at some point in the past and it was slightly crooked now. His eyes were emerald, stunningly so, and glistened when he looked anyone in the eyes. His chin was covered in 2 or 3 day old stubble, never more and never less. He was covered in scars; they ran across his hands and up his arms and further. I could see one protruding from his collar; the skin there slightly discoloured, it was lighter than his permanently tanned skin and shone slightly, but I'm sure that was just a trick of the light. His forearms and what I could see of his chest was covered in thick, dark hair. He was tall, easily clearing 6'6, and built like a bull to match. Nothing was small about him, physically or intellectually. He was a certified genius to boot.
We were introduced by a mutual friend, who by all rights I shouldn't have known. He knew I wanted to meet someone I could talk to, not just one of his brain dead, moronic friends. He, the friend, asked me to come to one of his parties (which were usually full of beautiful girls, hot boys and a lot of drugs) so I agreed.
I showed up to his house in a slinky black dress that ended halfway up my thighs and multicoloured knee high socks with beautiful black boots, lined with fur. I didn't look my age, which was a lot younger than most of the girls there, and was hit on several times before finding my man. The music was loud and all conversation had to be bellowed.
"Hey, how are you doing?" He shouted into my ear, getting me away from a drunk eighteen year old skater boy.
"This party's shit man Why am I even here?" I complained, pulling at the lace of my dress.
"Because I want you to meet someone." He shouted back, grabbing my hand and pulling me through the people into a back room.
It was his parents bedroom, and with the door shut conversation suddenly became possible.
With his back to us was a man dressed stylishly in dark jeans and a pale green shirt. He was playing with the collar, flicking it up and down.
"King," Our friend smiled. The bear of a man turned around and noticed me standing next to the lad, "meet the girl I was talking about."
"This is her?" King smiled, a disbelieving look on his face, "No way. She's too young."
"And?" I snapped. I knew was younger than most people there, but I still hated it when it was pointed out, "What's your problem, mister?"
"Mister?" He smiled a cocky half-smile at me and turned to our friend. "Leave her with me."
"Sure. Just don't break her, King. I like this one."
"I bet you do." King laughed as our friend left. King looked at me from the other side of the double bed, "So, you know why you're here, I assume?"
"Not even slightly." I shook my head, walking forwards and perching on the bed. I was determined that this hulk wouldn't intimidate me. "But I can guess."
"What do you think?" He asked, not bothering to make it polite.
I turned around and looked him up and down. He was definitely my type, but it being a good idea or not was something else entirely. "Depends."
"On what?" He growled, starting to get frustrated with me.
"On if we do it here, or somewhere more private." I said with a slight grin. I was enjoying this far too much. I lay back on the bed, sliding my dress up my legs as I did. I looked up at him from the bed and blinked twice.
King swallowed and blinked back. We held each other's gaze for a few minutes, the muffled music from the party as a background. He sighed and turned towards the door. "Get up. We're going to my place."
"Okay." I smiled and jumped up, walking out of the door and making sure that I got people's attention as I was leaving. I noticed that the stares from several people had made King angry. Something about that turned me on and I could feel myself soaking my panties already. He hadn't even touched me.
"The Porsche." King growled at me as we walked away from the party. A black Porsche Panamera was parked two cars down from the house. He pulled open the passenger door and I slid in, paying no attention to the car or the man driving. King slipped into his seat, started the car and drove smoothly. We drove for ten minutes, maybe fifteen, and ended up outside a three story white painted house. It was flanked by a row of almost identical houses either side of it.
"Do come in." He said, opening the door for me. "Darling."
The word sent shivers down my spine and I knew that this was going to be the most fun I'd ever had.
King shut the door behind him and turned to face me. He smiled, showing off his sharp white teeth.
"You are to call me Master, or Sir." He said calmly, walking towards me with his large strides. "Never King, or Daddy."
I nodded, I hadn't expected this to be his kink but I knew enough about sub/dom sex to make this work.
"I own you, every part of you. And you will obey my every command, yes?"
"Yes, Master." I nodded, looking at King's feet.
"Good." He reached out and touched my shoulders, pulling me towards him. He hugged me loosely and whispered in my ear, "I hope you like pain, slut. You're going to get a lot of it here."
At first, I was repulsed by those words. My rational brain thinking that I should find a way out, get away from this man. But the deeper urges in me wanted it. I wanted the pain and humiliation that this man could give me. I wanted to be used by him and to be his fuck toy. I smiled as King released me.
"Take your boots off. Leave them down here."
"Yes, Master." I slid the boots off, feeling the soft fur under my palms as I picked them up and placed them to the side of the hallway.
King walked up the stairs, almost ignoring me. Out of sheer curiosity, I followed him. King walked into the master suite, a large four poster double was the centrepiece of the room. He walked to a chest of draws and took out rope, handcuffs, a metal spreader bar and took off his belt.
"Take the dress off." He said over his shoulder. I did. Slipping off the lacey dress and leaving it a pile on the floor. I stepped out of it and walked over to him, waiting for more instructions.
King looked me up and down, my perk breasts were hidden by my black bra and my fresh pussy was likewise hidden by my black panties. King left his tools on the bed and walked over to me. He undid my bra, pulling it off and throwing it at my dress. He fondled my breasts for a second, cupping them in his hands and examining them. He rubbed my nipples, rolling them between his fingers. Suddenly he pinched and pulled them, making me gasp. I quickly bit my lip and King pulled away from me.
"Take them off." He pulled at my panties. I stepped out of them, feeling more naked than I ever had before, despite the fact that I had been allowed to keep my knee high socks on. "Good girl. Now, get on the bed. On your knees."
I climbed onto the bed, and sat waiting. King snapped something around my ankles, I looked behind me to see it was the metal bar. A spreader bar, to keep my legs apart. I could feel the goosebumps rising over my whole body, the air was cold and the anticipation was more than I could bear. I shuffled slightly, getting used to the bar between my legs. King walked to the other side of the bed and snapped the handcuffs in place.
"Face down, ass up."
I did as I was told. I didn't look up, but I could hear him taking his clothes off. I wasn't sure what he was removing, but the idea of being fucked like this turned me on. I could feel my clit tingling as I thought of the huge man's cock sliding in and out of my tight pussy.
"Stop moving." He commanded, placing his hands on my shoulders. I stopped breathing for a second and he let go of me, walked around to the other side and picked something up.
I didn't dare look behind me. I felt King's hands slide up my legs and between my thighs, feeling the hot wetness dripping from my pussy. He breathed heavily and pulled his hands up to my ass, he pulled my ass apart, spreading my pussy. His rough hands ran over my skin, making me crave more.
"If you make a noise while I'm doing this, you'll regret it."
I buried my face in the duvet, determined not to make a sound.
There was a harsh crack as his palm met my ass and I shuddered, biting my lip. The treatment made my ass turn red. King laughed and spanked me again, and again.
I was silent for twelve slaps, but on the thirteenth I gasped. I didn't think he'd be able to hear me, but he did. And the punishment was indescribable and perfectly painful.
King used his belt to whip me. The red lashes covered my already spanked ass, up to my lower back. King hit hard enough for it to be painful and for it to mark me, but not for it to leave permanent scars.
He stopped after the twelfth whip. Tears were forming in my eyes, I was barely holding back a scream. I had never felt this kind of pain before; I loathed it yet loved it. King ran his fingers over the welts and I whimpered. I wasn't able to keep quiet any more. I moaned and collapsed to the bed.
"You're a bad slave." King spat. I could almost feel his disgust. "Stop whimpering."
"S-sorry, Master." I muttered, pulling myself up. I took a deep breath and swallowed.
"Better." King muttered. I heard him undo his trousers and I listened to them fall to the floor. "You're going to get fucked like the little slut you are." He rubbed the head of his cock over my asshole, pushing it slightly and gauging my reaction. I repressed the need to pull away from him, but I had completely tensed up. King pulled back, disgust colouring his voice. "You've never had a cock in your ass, slut?"
I shook my head, "No, Master."
King ran his hands up the insides of my thighs again, his cock pushed against my ass, but he didn't enter. King slipped a finger into my pussy, I gasped at the sudden intrusion. He slipped another in. I could already feel the stretching that came from dealing with things too big for me to fuck.
"M-master" I gasped, leaning back onto his hand, trying to get as much of him into me as possible.
"Oh? You like that, slut?" He laughed, thrusting his fingers deeper into me.
"Yes, Master." I moaned, pushing my hips back and forcing his cock against my sore ass. "Please Fuck me."
King didn't need to be told twice, he ripped his fingers out of me and threw me forwards. My ass was in the air and my pussy was ready and waiting for him. He shoved his cock into my pussy. It was a lot thicker than any other I had taken before him and this alone drove me wild. Thrusting forwards so hard I could've sworn the bed moved with him, he fucked me like the slut he knew I was. His hands were on my hips, and his cock was buried balls deep in my pussy.
The cold metal on my wrists was suddenly very restrictive. I hadn't noticed it before, but now that I wanted to touch and to feel King, the handcuffs were unwanted.
King pulled me up by my hair. He rested my head against his chest and grunted in my ear, "Like that, slut?"
"Yes." My voice caught in my throat as King flicked my clit. His arm was wrapped around my chest and he rolled a nipple around in his fingers, the other hand was playing with my clit.
"Fuck." I muttered as I felt King's cock hitting the g-spot over and over. "I'm gonna cum."
King bit my shoulders and thrust hard into me another couple of times. He let go of my nipples and muffled my moans as I came all over his cock.
"Fucking slut," He growled, "you're gonna make me cum."
"Yes Master." I nodded.
He pulled out of me, suddenly leaving my pussy feeling empty, and uncuffed my hands. Throwing me face down back onto the bed he traced the welts that he'd put on my ass, pushing down where it hurt. I bit my tongue and let him.
King walked around the bed and gripped my wrists. He lay me across the bed, my hands resting at each corner and my legs spread apart. He took off the bar and took the rope in his hand. He tied my wrists and ankles to the bedposts loosely.
"I'm going to use you." He smiled, "And you're going to let me." I nodded, saying nothing was the best idea right now.
King's cock was erect and streaming with my juices, he caught me looking at it.
"You want to get fucked again?"
"Yes Master." I nodded. I wanted him again, I wanted to be his.
"Good. I'm going to fuck you again, slut." There was a small grin playing around the corners of his mouth. "But this time, you will not cum until I do and you will not make any noise unless instructed."
"Yes Master."
"Good." King positioned himself over me and teased my clit with his fingers while his cock rested against my thigh. "You're not to make any noise, no matter what I do to you."
I nodded. King licked his lips and kissed me once; his tongue invading my mouth and making me feel a lot more like his personal fuck toy than a human being. I loved it.
He pulled my legs up and open wider, showing him my pussy. The loose ropes at my ankles suddenly became restraints. He smiled at me, a lopsided grin that meant 'I'm going to fuck you seven ways from Sunday'.
He thrust up into me, completely burying his shaft inside my tight cunt. He pulled out, resting his head just inside my pussy, and quickly shoved back in. He fucked me, his strokes deep and fast, until I would usually have been begging for more. But I remained as quiet as I could, the occasional whimper and moan as he drove me wild, listening to King's grunts and sighs as he got himself closer to cumming.
I took a risk and lifted my head so that I was breathing on his skin, his shoulder and neck were both covered in sweat. I smiled and bit down on his muscled neck hard, tasting the salt on his skin and wanting more. He moaned, enjoying it yet wanting me to stop. I ran my tongue over the marks I'd left, watching as they faded.
"I'm gonna cum all over you, you little whore." He growled at me as he pulled out. He shot his load all over my stomach, thick streams of his hot cum covered my skin. "You like that?"
I nodded, almost unable to speak. King smiled and shoved two fingers into my pussy, stretching it ready for the third. He used his other hand to tease my nipples, twisting and pulling, as he fucked me with his fingers.
"P-" I gasped, pushing my hips up, "please."
He let go of my nipples and pulled my legs apart, his fingers running over the inside of my thighs. His thumb was rubbing my clit in circles and his fingers were slamming into me.
Suddenly I couldn't contain it any longer and I came. As I was coming down from my high, King licked his lips and bit the lily white inside of my thigh. I moaned, unable to tell him to stop because I loved it. He pulled back, and there was a hickey on the skin. The red mark was surrounded by teeth marks.
"That makes you mine." He said, untying me and dropping the ropes to the floor. "And I'm sure you're tired now, yes?"
"Yes." I nodded. In truth, I was on the edge of falling asleep already.
"Stay here the night, I'll drop you off at home tomorrow." He smiled, climbing into the bed. "We'll have a lot of nights like this, so you might as well get used to sleeping with me."
I curled in the bed next to him, completely spent. He pulled me close and whispered, "I own you now, you'll come to me whenever I call."
"Yes Master."

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