Turning the Tables

I've worked with Paul for about a year and half. We got on well straight away and soon we were socialising outside work. My wife and I would meet him and his girlfriend Nat for drinks every couple of weeks Just so you can picture us - I'm 40, 6ft tall with short brown hair and looking pretty trim for a guy my age, Paulis a bit younger than me, blonde and slightly shorter with a similar build. Nat is in her early thirties, cute and curvy with a dirty blonde bob and a dirtier look in her eye.

Paul and Nat invited Tina and I around for a BBQ and drinks which usually turns out to be a good night as they have a great hot tub at the back of their house. There's nothing like relaxing in the hot water with a few glassses of wine. Tina was going to be away in Athens with her work on the evening in question and i toyed with wether I should or shouldn't go. What the hell, I was only going to end up wanking on xnxx anyway so I agreed to go.

It was a decent summer evening and all went as these nights usually do. We drank more than we ate and soon ended up in the tub. Paul and I wearing baggy board shorts and Nat in a light blue string bikini. She'd clearly been working on her tan without the bikinin and it wasn't long before I was sneaking a good look whenever I thought I could get away with it.

We drank more and started to get fairly drunk. The coversation wandered from here to there and never too far from a smutty comment. We were discussing dreams - Nat was telling me that Paul had a recurring dream that involved him being disciplined by a female teacher in front of a class. The identity of the teacher would change but the story would essentialy be the same. We laughed mercilessly when he revealed that the latest disciplinarian was the BBC newsreader Susanah Reid. She is pretty hot though

I mentioned that I also had a recurring dream but checked myself half way as the full story is a little embarrassing. They both scoffed at that and Nat in particular insisted that I had to tell, especially if it was embarrassing. I resisted but she wouldn't let it go. Eventually I was ready to give in - god this was going to be awful but I hoped that Paul in particular had drank enough to be foggy on the details the next day. "Ok" I said. "I regularly have a dream where I can suck my own cock". Nat laughed.."and" she said. "Well, I'm sucking my cock and just before I cum I wake up - it's pretty frustrating!". "I bet" she replied, " you get yourself all horny and wake up with a boner - same as Paul and Susannah!"

During the ensuing laughter I dodged any further awkward questions and went to get another bottle of wine. As I came back Nat and Paul were deep in conversation. "So can you then?" Paul said. "Eh?", "suck your own" Nat clarified. "Well, the weird thing is that after I've had a dream I'm absolutely convinced that I can, but you know..". "No - you're going to have to spell it out" said Paul. "He can't" chirped in Nat giggling "we tried". I was a bit aprehensive about revealing more but Nat was looking so naughty I couldn't keep it in. "Every bloke has tried haven't they?" "And..?" Nat again. "Well, if I limber up I can get the tip in and lick around my head". "No way, that's gross" said Paul seeming more interested than disgusted. "Have you ever cum in your own mouth?" Paul again. "and you haven't?" I replied. I could tell from the look on his face what the answer was. So could Nat. "god, you two love cum!" she squealed and pissed herself laughing. "No, no" I blurted, trying to recover some dignity. "the dream is always much more satisfying as I can get much more in - it's a fantasy". "Yeah - whatever you say" said Nat rolling her eyes. "She loves a cock in her mouth" Paul chipped in and she gave him a look that said "how dare you" and "mmmmm cock" in equal measure. Atempting to shock and up the ante I added, "anyway, you might be thinking that cumming in your mouth is really horny but as soon as you know it's coming you don't want to follow through".

"You so want to suck cock" said Nat. I pulled a face and tried to avoid the implication but I have fantasisied about it a fair bit. "Paul will let you suck his". By now the sexual tension was at max but this seemed to burst the bubble. "Like fuck I will" snapped Paul and he got out of the tub and headed back to the house. This set Nat off laughing again but she got up and followed after a minute or so. I rubbed my semi under the water as I watched her tanned arse fight to get out of her bikini bottoms as she walked across the patio.

After a short time she returned. "I had to get a mouthfull" she winked. She climbed back into the tub such that her pussy was right at my eye level and just that bit too close. "and I'm sure you've been playing with yourself while I've been gone". I tried to look her in the eye but she added "..makes me very horny" and she reached into her bottoms and blatantly played with her clit right in front of me. I heard Paul coming back and she pulled her hand out and wiped her pussy juice all over my face. Dumbfounded I struggled for words as she sat down next to me and took a firm grip of my stiffening cock through my shorts. "I want to have some fun" she whispered in my ear as paul sat down on the edge of the tub.

I turned, trying not to look guilty, only to be greeted by Paul's fully hard cock. "We've agreed to let you see what a mouthful of cock is really like" Nat said. "And then we can both fuck her" added Paul. I looked from face to face for signs that this was a wind up but Nat clearly had her fingers back in her pussy and Paul was still rock hard. I felt a massive thrilling rush as Nat knelt next to me and encouraged me onto all fours facing the erect cock. She slid her hands between my legs and my dick betrayed me. "If it makes you this horny then why shouldn't you just do it?". She started to slide my shorts off.

I edged slightly closer. She shifted her attention from my cock to his and started wanking it right in front of me. "Open wide" she said and quite deliberately rubbed it in my face. I pushed out my tongue and licked tentatively. His foreskin was musky and slimy - just like mine. "Go on" one of them said. I opened my mouth and took the head all the way in. Fuck me, it turned me on. Paul gasped and Nat returned her attention to my cock - gently wanking her encouragement. I sucked hard and grabbed the base of Paul's cock, slowly pulling back and exposing his smooth hard cock head which I teased with my tongue.

I flet my arse cheeks being spread and Nat licked from my balls to my hole. Her tongue played across my ring and my cock hardend. She stopped. "no cum from you until you've taken a proper mouthful" she taunted. I desperately tried to gobble more cock. "Fuck" said Paul and I felt his cock head stiffen and swell in my mouth. "ohhh good boys" said Nat. She pushed her tongue up my arse just as Paul unloaded a torrent of cum in my mouth. As the first jet landed I felt my own cock twitch, further stimulated by Nat's tongue. I built towards the most intense orgasm I've ever had and hosed spunk everywhere.

I'm far too horny to continue so will be back with the rest..

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