Moving my whores to the city

Moving my whores into town

For the next six months I used Rachel as a source of much needed entertainment and to be honest I grew very fond of Rachel as I believe she did me. But I knew deep down that once my whores contracts at Donald's expired this coming Friday id be jacking my job and upping sticks with my whores to the middle of the city centre for a new start and to experience new things. Money wasn’t a problem anymore as my whores had worked wonders and had easily accumulated a multiple six fi
My whores were waiting at home for me when I returned with their final sealed envelopes which I took and ripped open. Each had a document signed by Donald stating that the contract was over plus attached on the back sheet was their final cheque. Each of them had pulled in well over a couple of hundred thousand in the last month as Donald had lined up and rushed through so many deals before his prize assets left the company. In a separate envelope for myself was a thank you note from Donald and his two partners which also reminded me that if I ever wanted them to come back there was always a job open and available.

Sian then asked me if she’d be allowed to leave, for good, as her mother had become ill and wanted to care for her; obviously I’m not a heartless bastard and told Sian to pack her things and leave tonight. Before she left I told her to keep quiet about what I was doing or else videos and pictures would find their way around her family and friends. She was under no illusion of the consequences and I was happy that she could be trusted.

“One more thing Sian” I said as she headed for the gate.


“One day if I call I may require your services again”

“Ok” she said opening the gate and leaving shutting it behind her.

That very next day the removal truck turned up at nine on the dot and our belongings were shipped over to the new flat I’d bought in the middle of the city centre in fairly run down area. It had cost me next to nothing but had two bedrooms a big lounge and kitchen but most of all was less than a ten minute walk to the centre of the city.

Fiona and Alice had absolutely no idea where we were moving to and when we arrived they were not happy at all and I could tell from their faces that they were disgusted with the area and the state of the small flat on the third floor of an eight story block.

The reason I’d moved here was simple; the city centre was a lot more sinister it offered me a greater variety of options for situations to arise where I could explore more sexual encounters with my whores.

The furniture that couldn’t fit in the flat from the van was sent to storage in one of those self-storage setups and after some slight rearrangement the flat was pretty much ready. I didn’t even plan to decorate as I wanted the flat to have that sleazy feel to it and to be honest I didn’t actually know how long we’d be there for.

I the kitchen was big enough to fit all the appliances I had which I was happy about. In the lounge id put my TV on the wall and then put in one sofa and an armchair. In bedroom one which was mine and the biggest we just about managed to fit the two king-sized beds that were butted up close and this is where we’d all be sleeping. Bedroom two which was slightly smaller had the two floor to ceiling wardrobes and a chest of drawers. All of our clothes easily fit in these as my whores didn’t actually own that many clothes anyway and were not permitted to be in clothes whilst at home. Also in bedroom two I’d kept the two breakfast bar stools and two big bean bags were on the floor.

It looked dingy and sleazy, and that’s what I wanted.

That night I told my whores to dress sexily and we headed out to check out our new neighbourhood and surroundings.

We left out at about eight at night just before it was getting dark; I locked up and had the whores walk in front of me down the three flights of dimly lit stairs. The stairwells didn’t smell to great and the odour of urine was quite strong on the bottom floor in the doorway so I seemed plausible that our entrance was often used as a toilet. Fiona and Alice stepped out into the street both in short skirts, tight blouses and high heels looking not much different to hookers.

I looked around and noticed little groups of youths hanging around, smoking and drinking and the odd lone man shuffling about keeping his head down. The atmosphere was considerably more tense than in the country as if everybody was on edge waiting for something to happen.

Just then a police car’s blues and twos fired up and the patrol car appeared from round the corner speeding off in the direction of the city centre. This place was definitely going to be entertaining.

The door to our flats suddenly opened behind Alice and Fiona and they stepped aside letting a tall man of around thirty step through. He looked each up and down as he slowly passed through blowing his smoke into Alice face.

“Fucking slags” he said in a rough slurred voice before barring passed me and staggering down the street in the same direction as the police car towards the city.

“Come on. That way” I said pointing to where the piss head had staggered.

They tottered off in front staying close together and keeping a decent distance between themselves and the piss head who was still up ahead but he soon disappeared to the left and as we passed it was clear that he’d took the ally way that seemed to lead into an estate of some sort.

A couple of minutes later around the corner we came to an underpass that we’d have to go down and through in order to reach the top of the street ahead which seemed to look like where the town centre started. Like experts Fiona and Alice negotiated the steep concrete steps and entered the gloomy thirty metre underpass. I could see two beggars camped out at different spots on opposite sides and we approached to pass through.

“Spare some change pretty ladies” the first one croaked but they carried on walking ignoring the tramp. “Fucking tight bitches hope ya get raped” he shouted before slumping back into his filthy blankets.

The second bloke was sitting up and didn’t look in as bad a shape as the last and he too asked for change. I shouted for them to stop right in front of the second tramp and I caught them moments later. I began rummaging in my pockets for a bit of change and noticed the tramp looking up and realised that from where he was sitting he’d be getting a wonderful view of Fiona and Alice's panty clad gussets. Not once did he take his eyes off them even when I handed him a fiver.

“Thank you sir”

“Show him your pussies” I said looking at them

They didn’t need asking twice and eased their knickers aside to show the tramp two freshly shaven cunts.

“Ok let’s go” I said and they covered up and carried on walking.

“Thank you sir” he said smiling stuffing the fiver in to his grubby coat and heading off in the direction of our new flat.

I followed Fiona and Alice as they walked up a slight slope from the underpass where we came out at the top of a long busy road. On each side there were bars and pubs, restaurants and takeaways. A mixture of shops and news agents now all closed up for the night with their shutters down for protection. People were all over in twosomes, threesomes or big groups all talking or shouting loudly making their way to another drinking establishment.

“Carry on right down this road, don’t stop until I say”

They headed for the left hand pavement and walked together whilst I followed a few paces behind. We passed numerous bars where groups of men were stood out smoking and like any other females that happened to pass they were both stared at and leered at. Halfway down the road a pissed up young lad grabbed Alice round the waist and lifted her over his shoulder then proceeded to spin her round. Her knickers and smooth legs on show to the men in the smoking area and on the street and a chorus of cheers rang out as she was dropped back onto her heels.

“You know where to come later if ya want a good time love” said the young lad grabbing his crutch in a show of bravado that was met by high fives with his friends as he moved back into the group and picked up his half-drunk pint of lager.

With Alice being picked up I’d caught them up and moved in real close to Fiona as if acting like I was squeezing by on the pavement and said in to her ear “Move” so that she knew to get Alice and carry on walking.

“Alice, come on” I heard Fiona say and then I could hear both sets of heels clicking along the pavement at a faster speed until they were right behind me.

“Get in front and go up the road on the left” they quickly got in front and carried on down the pavement before turning left in to a really busy street that was packed with bars and piss heads in the street.

My plan for tonight was to have a good walk around at the city we now lived in, find out where the streets for action were and maybe stop for a pint later on before returning to the flat. As we walked down this particular street I noticed that there was a lot more Asians around and it seemed to me that a large number of the bars on the main strip were being used mainly by Asian people. There were two roads leading of the main road and each of these had two bars and clubs down but no people were visible outside.

We made it to the end of the street without any problems and we took a right down a street which eventually led us to an area where the age group of the revellers were considerably older than anywhere else we’d seen and they seemed to be all using a group of three really shabby run down boozers around a little square area.

Leaving here we went left which led in to a market area which was pretty deserted apart from a small group of men that were huddled in one of the market stall stands, as we passed the largest of the lads looked at Alice and Fiona and blew them a kiss and winked before leaning down to the wooden top and snorting a line of what I assumed was cocaine.

As I passed about thirty five feet behind Fiona and Alice I wasn’t greeted with such pleasantries and was asked what the fuck I was looking at and weather I wanted knocking the fuck out! I turned away and left following my whores out of the market area and into the main retail area of the city. Here every street was lined with the sort of shops that were found on most high streets in England so I pointed then towards a road at the side of the bank and we headed down there.

The street was quite narrow, not wide enough for two cars side by side that were for sure. What I noticed instantly about this street though was the atmosphere; it was a lot more edgy than the other drinking areas we’d walked through. At the top of the street were two dingy little bars frequented by what I can only describe as mean looking criminal types.

Out on the street the people walking around didn’t seem as drunk as the people in the other areas but looked a lot more menacing and stared at you as we passed by. We eventually came to a club on the left which I think was called ‘After Dark’.

All outside the club and in the queue were large numbers of black people, and I mean a lot of them maybe eighty or ninety a mixture of women and big scary looking black men. We carried on past but Fiona and Alice didn’t escape a barrage of comments from the black men asking if their white pussy looking for some black dick.

Where we lived before there weren’t any black people so to be in this environment now was very very strange and very daunting. Fiona and Alice had moved closer together as they made their way between the groups of black men. They each received several slaps on the arse and were called white whores on three or four occasions. I on the other hand had to walk around the groups as the first three black men barged into me and told me to fuck off.

By the time Alice and Fiona had come through the group I could see that Fiona was putting her breast back into her bra and buttoning her blouse again, the black animals had mauled her and it made my cock twitch. Round the corner from ‘After Dark’ there were three other large clubs and again they were all busy with a good mixture of people entering or queuing to get in, the age group of the people down here indicated this is where the youngsters hung out in large drunken packs.

It was now dark and I guessed that we’d seen most of the drinking areas the city had to offer so I decided to head back up the other way in the direction of our flat. I wanted to avoid the street with the black men on so we nipped up an alleyway at the side of the last club on the right.

The sounds of moaning and groaning were clearly audible as soon as we entered the dark alley and as we rounded a corner we had to step around a young man who had a girl bent over next to the wall as he pounded into her from behind. A couple of feet in front of him were another lad, maybe his friend doing exactly the same thing to another young girl. This is just the sort of seediness I’d hoped to encounter and I envisaged that this area was a place I could have some fun with Fiona and Alice; but tonight wasn’t the night so we left the horny fuckers to it and carried on up the alleyway.

After about forty minutes we were back on the first road and approaching the underpass we’d originally came under; the street seemed to of thinned out a little now and the bars seemed half deserted compared to earlier and I assumed that all the piss heads had moved onto nightclubs for the rest of the evening.

But so far I was impressed by the city centre and I could definitely see me having some fun here.

My whores stopped as they reached the bottom of the slope just before they entered the underpass and waited for me to catch up, they were clearly worried about walking through on their own and when I joined them I could see why. There were now four tramps standing half way down swigging from two big bottles of white lightning cider, no doubt purchased by the fiver I’d given the tramp earlier.

I walked about two feet behind them both and we eventually came to the point of passing the tramps, although this wasn’t going to be as easy as planned due to the fact that the one I’d given the fiver to was stood directly in our way; and his buddies were by his side. It was hard to say how old they all were as their weathered beaten faces most of added the years on and I concluded that the first tramp was probably the youngest, and fittest.

He was probably about thirty six but didn’t seem to be as weathered as the others and had probably not been on the streets so long. Two of the others looked around fifty but could have been forty and the last man was certainly over fifty and very haggard after spending years I imagined on the streets.

“You’re gonna have to give us a fiver each and your bitches need to show us them cunts again else you aint coming past here………… get me!?” he said never taking his dark eyes off me.

I pulled out my wallet and fished out two ten pound notes and handed them over.

“What else you got in there?” he said snatching the wallet. Luckily for me it was empty so he threw it back at me satisfied he’d cleaned me out. “Just some pussy to show from your hoes and you can be on your way”

There was an awkward moments silence as he looked at my whores then back at me.

“What you fucking waiting for” I said to them my tone letting them know that they had no option.

They both lifted the front of their skirts and pulled the front of their knickers top the side showing the four tramps each of their cleanly shaven smooth cunts. There was some slight jostling for position as they all tried to focus their alcohol impaired vision on the cunts before them.

“Are we good” I asked.

“I don’t think a little flash of some cunt lips will do this time” and as he said this he pulled a little flick knife from his jacket and stepped a little closer.

Fiona and Alice both gasped and stepped back a little and I began to wonder whether giving the tramp a fiver and getting them to flash some cunt was a good idea; at this moment in time it seemed as though it was a bad idea and at the same time exciting because I knew that it wasn’t me the tramps were interested in and that the situation was one that made my cock twitch.

“What we want to see is some proper pussy so how about these whores bend over near the wall there and we can have a proper look”

They looked at me wanting me to say no but what could I do, and to be honest this is why I’d moved them to the city.

“Both of you bend over, show them and we’ll be out of here”

They turned and walked a couple of paces and leant against the tiled wall of the underpass and bent over next to each other. Mother and daughter were now at the mercy of the knife wielding tramp.

“Show them” I said but the tramp had slightly different ideas.

“Ah ah I can look for myself” he said pushing me aside with a strong forearm and standing behind Fiona and Alice.

He then lifted Fiona's short skirt and bunched it around her waist exposing her white knickers that covered her beautiful ample arse. He then did exactly the same to Alice to reveal her red knickers and perfect tight small bottom. The tramp stood back a moment examining the arses before him and letting his tramp friends have a good look.

He then hooked a large rough and dirty finger under the flimsy material of Alice's knickers and moved it downwards letting the knuckle side of his filthy finger rub down her smooth arse cheek until his finger was under her knickers at the point they’d be covering her cunt. He then pulled the material away from her pussy and used his other hand to pull it left and across her cheek until it stayed there on its own.

Alice's hairless pussy was now naked and completely on show and given her slender frame and tight arse the outlines of her pussy lips were perfectly defined and the entrance to her cunt was just visible. The tramps were making some weird grunting noises which I assumed were grunts of approval as they continued to pass the cider between them.

The tramp wielding the knife then repeated the action with Fiona's knickers until her hairless fatter pussy lips were naked for the tramps to see. Nothing was said for a minute whilst my whores were made to stand and have their cunts looked at and I assumed that maybe that would be enough to see us through without problems.

“So are we ok to leave” I asked

“Once they spread I’ll consider it if I like what I see” he said laughing as he took a huge swig of the nasty cider. “Spread yourselves whores and you might be able to leave”

They both reached round and pulled their cunt lips apart showing the tramps their fuck holes and puckered arseholes, they held them open for at least thirty seconds and then let them go.

“Did I say we’d finished looking bitches?”

Again they reached round and spread themselves open and before I even realised what was happening the tramp with the knife who I deemed to be the ring leader stepped closer to Fiona and rammed his dirty thick finger inside Fiona's cunt. It made her hands let go of her cheeks which tightened her pussy walls around his finger and she used her hands to support her as she was pushed towards the wall as the tramp pumped her hole a few times.

He pulled his finger out and admired the glistening juice her hole and left on it and he then slide it straight inside Alice's tighter younger hole, Alice continued to hold her pussy open as the tramp administered three thrust of his grubby finger before pulling out and stepping back.

I was then powerless to stop him as he told the other three tramps to do the same to my whores. I watched as each of the other three tramps fingered their clean pussies with their fingers covered in dirt. The tramp with the knife was then beginning to unbutton his jeans and he eventually pulled his dick through the fly and began to wank it until it was hard and fully erect.

“Move out the way” he said pushing the other tramps aside “Get your dicks out if you want them sucking”

They stood behind him and all began unbuttoning their jeans and pulling flaccid cocks out ready to play with and get hard. The ring leader turned Alice around and pushed her on to her knees in front of him and fed his cock straight in to her mouth. She looked across at me as he fed his cock deep to the back of her throat but I could do nothing.

At the same time he then began fingering Fiona's pussy only this time he was easily mashing three fingers inside her as the previous assault on her cunt had loosened her up nicely. After a few minutes he turned and looked to see if his friends were ready and seeing that all were sporting boners he pulled his fingers from Fiona's cunt and slapped her arse.

“Get on your knees bitch”

She did this and was knelt next to her daughter as the first tramp stepped forward and fed his thin cock down her throat. I saw Fiona's face screw up as his smelly unwashed cock forced her mouth open and slid inside not stopping until his pubes were rubbing her face. She gagged and had to pull away to catch her breath momentarily before she was grabbed either side of the head and made to open her mouth again as the tramps cock entered.

I imagined it had been a long long time since the tramps had had any sort of female interaction and it didn’t take long for the tramp using Fiona to tense up and grunt as he filled her throat and mouth with a torrent of smelly gooey spunk; there was so much of the stuff it was impossible for Fiona to keep it in her mouth and it dribbled out over her chin before hanging down and landing in her cleavage and on her blouse.

The tramp staggered backwards pushing his dick back in his jeans before picking up the cider and having a good long swig. Another tramp took his place shoving his pretty big cock into Fiona's mouth sending the first tramps come to the back of her throat.

The younger tramp with the knife had just told Alice he was about to come and that she was going to swallow it all as he gripped her head and held her still as I watched his hips buck five times and cock twitch; each time Alice's cheeks bulged followed by her throat gulping as she swallowed his manky cream. He pulled out spent and not a drop of spunk was left in her mouth or on his cock.

The last tramp stepped forward and went to feed his cock between her lips and Alice instinctively recoiled and turned her face away. The young tramp stood behind her and turned her head to face the tramp who was by far the oldest of the group and from Alice's reaction clearly had the smelliest most unwashed cock that must’ve stunk.

With her head held the old tramp approached holding his stale seven incher and when the tramp with the knife told Alice to open wide she did so and close her eyes. The old tramps cock gradually disappeared in her small mouth and he began to slide in and out as his friend continued to hold her head. After about two minutes the tramp with the knife released her head and Alice remained in place and let the tramp fuck her face.

He didn’t last long and had pulled out and spunked on Alice's face and tits before the bloke hammering Fiona's mouth had lost his load. Alice looked a mess covered in his spunk as it had plastered most of her pretty face and was hanging from her nose and above her eyes. Her blouse was also covered and the material had absorbed his spunk and was soaking through to her bra.

Seeing how the old tramp had covered Alice seemed to give the tramp in Fiona the same idea and a few minutes later he too was empting a massive load all over her face and massive tits. The men all stood back and began passing the cider round and I told the two to stand up.

“Are we done” I asked the knife wielding tramp and he just laughed and told me to fuck off and that he’d see us again sometime.

We headed out of the underpass and I looked at my watch, it was ten past midnight and on our first night in the city my whores were walking the streets both with a face full of tramp spunk. When I got back to the flat I told them both to bend over right there in the hall just as the door had closed and to spread their cunts. I think fucked the shit out of them both and emptied my seed deep in their wet warm holes before getting in to bed with them both.

I was under no illusions that our time in the city would be filthy as fuck and I couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow would bring…………………………

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