Exposing My Wife VI

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Thursday morning Debbie was delirious with the thought of getting her ass hole played with in public. And getting finger fucked finally. I ditched work and got there at quarter till 11. I hid my car around behind the restroom. The migrant workers showed up a few minutes later. There was a white guy and a big black guy with them. They had two camcorders and a still camera. The white guy was speaking to the migrant workers in Spanish and telling the black guy in English what they were saying. They were talking about making videos and taking pictures of me playing with Debbie's ass hole and finger fucking her in a her ass. I had not figured on more than the four of them, nor two camcorders and the still camera. They talked about the fact that I'd never stayed with her more than an hour, usually only a half hour. They said that if I left her there alone and drunk she would be an easy fuck. They stepped over the fence and walked down to where Debbie sunbathed. After the episode last night with Danny watching Debbie suck and fuck I had set her up to be naked alone with the four migrant workers. I had fantasized about watching her get fucked and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity. She was giving herself an enema and bringing KY jelly and getting drunk on wine and wanting to get her ass hole fucked. I wanted to watch them fucked her in her ass. I could just imagine them getting her on video getting fucked in her ass for the first time. I thought about catching them on the way out and telling them that I wanted a copy of the video. I had arranged for a friend of mine to page me at 11:30, telling me that we had a major outage and that I had to go to a town 45 miles away. Fuck. There were six of them and two camcorders and a still camera. I didn't know if I could go through with it. A big Black guy fucking my wife in her tight virgin ass!??? And probably in her tight white cunt. The tightest cunt I'd ever fucked!

Debbie got there. I watched her get out of the car. I could tell that she was easily at least half drunk, probably more. She was carrying the sleeping bag and her bottle of wine. She had on her skimpy sheer little white bikini. She disappeared into the trees and a few minutes later walked out into the open naked with her bottle of wine. She was taking big swigs on it. She had her hand between her legs. I decided then and there that I had to watch her get fucked in the ass. She walked back to her car naked. She was waiting for me to get there. I got in my car and drove up next to her car and parked. She kissed me as soon as I got out of the car and told me that she wanted to get fucked and suck my cock. She said she wanted me to fuck her in her ass. She said she wanted to let Danny watch me fuck her in her ass tonight. They could all hear her.

I thought to myself that I didn't care how many guys fucked her in her ass, I just wanted to watch her get fucked. I had 30 minutes to get her ass hole ready. I spread her open on her belly and started playing with her ass hole. She put gobs of KY jelly on my finger and I started working it up her virgin ass hole. I rolled her onto her back and ate her cunt. I wondered what her cunt would taste like when I got off work if all six of them fucked her cunt. Especially the big Black bull. I wondered what it would feel like to take sloppy seventh on her cunt. How tight would she be? Or how loose. When she came I slid my finger clear up her virgin ass hole. She screamed in orgasm. She said don't stop, keep finger fucking my ass hole. I was easily sliding my entire index finger in and out all the way up her ass hole while they watched. I added a second finger. Slowly, gently stretching her ass hole out. It only took her a few minutes for her to get really comfortable with two fingers in her ass. She was telling me how much she liked being finger fucked in the ass. I told her that I was going to add a third finger and she squirted KY jelly on my fingers again and then up her butt hole. It took a few more minutes to get three fingers up her ass. She finally relaxed and I was easily working her ass hole with three fingers. She working her asshole back into my hand rhythmically, gasping in pleasure. She started begging me to fuck her in her asshole. She said she wanted her ass fucked more than anything she had ever wanted in her life. I told her I needed to add one more finger to make sure her first ass fuck didn't hurt. The fourth finger took more time. I let her push her ass back onto my fingers. She wiggled and squimed and grunted and finally got them all inside her ass.

She was laying there panting when my pager went off. We both said, "OH, shit!" at the same time. I told her there was a major system outage in a town forty five miles away and I had to leave immediately. She told me to finger fuck her asshole while she masturbated until she came. I worked my fingers in and out of her ass. Debbie worked her clit. My fingers were sliding easily into her. All four. She started cumming. I rammed all four of my fingers entirely up her asshole, repeatedly. She orgasmed, alternating her thrust between her fingers on her clit and my four fingers up her ass. Her asshole was totally spread open and relaxed, eager to take a huge Black cock. She made me promise to ass fuck her tonight while Danny watched. I readily agreed and left. I left Debbie panting on her belly, legs spread wide, cunt and asshole gaping.

I hurried to my car and sped out of the parking lot and hid my car behind the restroom and headed into the corn field. Two of the migrant workers were easing their way into the trees with camcorders. The black guy was naked, standing at the entrance to the clearing. His cock was huge, thick curved and uncut. It glistened with lubricant in the sunlight. The white guy and the other two Mexican guys were also naked. I slipped up into the first row of corn where they had been. I could see Debbie, still spread open and gaping. Masturbating. Her face burried in the sleeping bag.

Oh, fuck. Was she going to be able to handle it without it hurting her virgin asshole? Thankfully he slipped it up her cunt. She gasped and instinctively pushed back as he sank four inches into her cunt. She said, "Oh, fuck. Fuck yes. It's huge." She looked back to see who was fucking her. She raised her ass and rotated her cunt up to give his huge cock easy access. In about thirty seconds he was all the way inside her tight white married cunt. Debbie was gasping with pleasure, telling him she had never dreamed she could be so filled with cock. They fucked for a few minutes and she said she wanted his huge Black cock in her ass. He pulled out and squirted KY up her ass and onto his cock. Debbie spread her cheeks and he inched his monster Black cock up her ass. He got three inches in her and she said she felt like she had to shit. He told her she would get over it real soon. His voice was deep and gutteral and Black. She looked back at him and said, "Oh, fuck yes!" She told him to fuck her married white virgin asshole with his big Black cock. He worked her asshole, giving her about a quarter inch more with each thrust. Debbie begged for more. He asked if she like that Nigger cock up her ass. She said she loved it and had fantasized about being fucked by a big Nigger cock. He took his time and slowly worked the full 10 thick inches up her ass. He layed on top of her for a few minutes, slowly, barely moving inside her ass. Debbie was making a noise like a kitten purring. He told her when she was ready to fuck she could work his cock with her ass. She layed there for a few minutes and started flexing her ass cheeks and relaxing them. She flexed her ass muscles and pulled his cock half way out of her ass. I could see her ass cheeks tighten up. She relaxed her ass and shoved it up all the way into his big balls. She grunted and I could see his ass cheeks tighten up again. She slid her asshole almost off his enormous prick, her ass tightened up. She kept her ass tight as she squirmed his cock head around inside her asshole. Her ass cheeks relaxed and she slammed her asshole clear back into the base of his thick Nigger cock. She told him to make her a complete woman and fuck her white asshole and cum in it all the way up her married white virgin asshole.

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