Workers Playtime.

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This is a true story written as related to me by Marji who's actions created this story.

Hi I am Marji, I am a happily married mother still having a great sex life, and I love nothing better than being my mans slut. To say I love sex would be the understatement of the century. Ever since my first time my only thought has been, when the next time is. I would like to share some of my earlier experiences long before meeting my husband. Looking back I only now just realise how many times I was fucked during working hours. I hope you enjoy my workers playtime tales as I reminisce with you.

The first story I would like to relive happened in central Florida where I became manager of a trailer manufacturer. I was the only female on the site overseeing a dozen or so male workforce. I loved having my own office, but when sitting behind the desk all I could think of was “Which one will I fuck first”?

I spent as much time as possible working alongside the men in the workshops, helping haul axles and bearings I was very much a hands on manager. The smell of welding fumes, sweat and testosterone had me totally consumed. Everything had a sexual overtone to it the rhythm of a hammer banging, rough men in wranglers and heavy boots; all seemed like foreplay at it’s most sensuous.

I lost count of the times I said to the boys I had to make a phone call and would rush to the small ladies toilet. Pulling my uniform trousers to my ankles and stretching my legs in front of me I would finger fuck my cunt to a huge orgasm, it was the only way I could quench my lust for a while. I had to open my legs above the toilet to let all the love juices drain from my pussy, there was far too much to carry around in my pants.

I did not think that it took the guys long to realise I was no prude and my talk with them soon became very familiar. They were all good hard working guys the kind you could trust to be alone with. That made me relaxed and feel even hornier towards them if that was possible. I would now be leaving the grease shop or welding bay with tells a tale hand marks on my ass and across my breasts.

I loved that friendly groping much more than they could ever have imagined. A visit to the ladies would always follow; I was bringing my self to orgasm 3 or 4 times a day in there now. I am sure I released far more love juice down that hole than I did piss.

I would often wonder how I could possibly get to be alone with just one of them; any of them. I am not one of those girls who need certain size, colour looks etc. If they are male of a nice disposition and don’t mind me taking charge of their cock for a while, I will welcome them with open arms, or should I say open legs?

Then an opportunity arose that I could not afford to miss. It was a Sunday and only two men were due at the plant a mechanic and welder to work on a repair. Jack the mechanic phoned explaining he had stayed longer at the party than he should, and for safety sake could not come to work. So Jacks safety had inadvertently put John the welder in danger------- from me.

My filthy slut mind went into overdrive deciding I would do the mechanics job. John was real easy going and had left hand marks on my butt a few times. At that time I was in my early twenties with legs that had the same effect on men as Viagra does now. I dressed in such a way that made sure Johns cock would be doing the thinking for him and not his brain.

I had decided to wear something that is still considered very, very sexy in those parts; very short cut offs and cowboy boots. I arrived at work early and was on my hands and knees inspecting trailer lights. Then suddenly I felt a hand on my ass, I just said mmmmm and carried on working. Still rubbing my ass he asked “How come you haven’t looked round to see who it is? I replied with a giggle, “My ass recognises that hand you have groped it often enough”.

His gropes became even gropier saying “Fuck I never saw your ass like this before” he was hooked. His hand slid between my legs feeling a thin strip of denim that was covering my crotch. He pulled it to the side running his fingers up and down my slit spreading my wetness around; before slipping two fingers in my now dripping cunt.

This was all happening at the open garage entrance in front of the sales lot and shop; the thought was intoxicating me. I closed my eyes and pushed back against him forcing his fingers deeper inside me. I started rocking on his hand faster and faster as he added more fingers. My orgasm arrived forcing me to rear up and what a squirter accompanied it. John told me later he had never seen anything like it. It was hissing out in every direction his arms and chest took the brunt, while my legs and even the tools got a right soaking.

I was going to stand up but his hand on my shoulder was keeping me down, he walked in front of me with his cock hanging through his zipper. John happened to have a massive one and he began jerking it off right in my face. I thrust my tongue out trying to lick it, and with my mouth wide open I was offering that cock a place to deposit its cumm.

The big cocked cunt John had other ideas and without mercy taunted me by slapping my face with it. I was desperate to suck that cock; here I was on my knees begging as he jerked faster and faster. His cock end became a vivid purple colour and with a surge forward roaring like a lion shot gush after gush of welcome hot cumm over my face. As I began licking all that my tongue could reach John came out with an amazing statement. “You won’t fire me for this will you? I replied “Are you fucking crazy? From now on I am keeping you under my desk as a pussy poker”.

John then calmly said something which did alarm me, “You got a customer” “Shit” was all I could think of as I looked across to the shop entrance and there stood Mr Teal waiting for assistance. I picked up the nearest greasy old rag and hopefully wiped all that cumm off my face. Had he seen everything? Or had he just arrived?

Now Mr Teal was known by everyone to be the biggest moaner in the county; complaining non stop about rising costs the government in fact everything. I approached him and was stunned, no grumpy face? He was wearing a close lipped smile like he was high on something. Without saying a word he picked up what he wanted paid for it and left still wearing the smile.

After he left I glanced in the shop mirror, “Fuck No” I yelled two huge blobs of cumm were still hanging in my hair, as plain as the tits on my chest. I must be a total slut because I still ate both lots and fuck did it taste good. There was nothing else for it I was the boss, “John you get your ass over here now”.


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