The power of the wishing lollies

It all started one day when I went to a family friends house for a party. While all the parents were having their own conversations in the living room me and the other youngsters hung out in the bedroom. I wasn't particularly familiar with any of them so I hung out near the room door as the oldest boy in the room lead the main group of people as all the girls listened intently about how he treated his girlfriend.

He held all the girls and some of the guys with his romantic stories while the girls giggled and said how they wanted a guy like him to date them. Seeing that all the girls were crazily attracted to his charming personality i decided to slip out off the room and look around the rest of the house.

I went upstairs and onto the balcony where I looked at the starry black sky. There was a telescope there and with nothing to do I looked through it. After some fiddling around with the knobs I thought I could see a very faint flickering in the sky. I stared intently at it and ate a tiny pebble lolly( it's like a small gummy bear) from a packet in my pocket. The flickering got brighter and with a bright white flash it disappeared completely. I kept looking for it but it was completely gone. Little did I know that what I had just witnessed was a source of power unlike the had ever seen. The flash I had just seen had charged each of my lollies( like little gummy my bear) so whoever ate them had the power to make their wishes come true if they had enough power.

It wasn't anything big so I didn't think about it as I went back downstairs into the bed room. I resumed my place near the door and let my mind wander as I stared at the top buttons on a very busty girl who was caught in the older boys romantic tale. I concentrated on what it would be like to pop the button of her shirt and get a peak of her covered up cleavage.

As I did I noticed the fabric under the button being pulled just like I was imagining. I focused on pulling it harder and the button ripped off and fell onto the floor. The innocent girl was still focused on how dream boy took his girlfriend on a road trip to a different city just to buy her waffles. She hadn't noticed her top button was missing. I was amazed by what I say and tried my luck with the next button and it worked. However when I tried the third one I started to struggle and when it broke she realised that her top 3 buttons were on the floor.

She clueless as to how her buttons popped off but since it didn't didn't show her bra she pulled her shirt closed as much as her chest would allow and went back to ogling dream boy. Her boobs cleavage looked so good but when I tried to make it bigger nothing happened. I spent the next few minutes trying but couldn't even shift the fabric of her shirt. I'd be caught looking by someone if I looked too long so I sneaked out and went to the bathroom.

I splashed water in my eyes and thought about how my short lived powers had given me a good look at busty girls cleavage. I got an erection that formed a tent in my pants. I didn't want to jerk off in another persons house so I decides to wait it out. I took another two lollies out and ate them. I suddenly felt dizzy and for a short time I blacked out. when I woke up i had new information I my brain.

I don't know how but the information come from the lollies I ate and it told me that the lollies I had in my pocket could grant me my minds wishes. However there were many conditions and limits to how much each lolly could grant me and just like I had experienced my powers lasted a limited time. I could however eat multiple lollies that could allow me to do grater things or use my powers for a longer time.

The lollies in my system would last a set time but the more I used them (or the greater things I tried to do with them)the faster they would run out. I could create things using a lot of power that could last without my powers but temporary things used a lot less power.

With this new knowledge I decided to check if this was real or I was going crazy. I focused on trying to fly and I managed to fly around the bathroom. I landed on the ground and looked at myself in the mirror. I focused on growing slightly taller and I did. I created a bag of ice and put it down my pants to soften my erection then realised I could just make it soften with my mind. I was overjoyed and so many ideas flooded into my mind.

I locked the door and focused on creating an exact clone of busty girl who I would make want to show me her boobs. I realised however that I didn't have enough power to do that as I went to leave the bathroom I felt my powers run out and I shrunk a little to my original height. While I had been given knowledge on how the lollies could be used i didn't know how to make more. This ment I would have to ration them carefully.

My erection had returned when I lost my powers but I still had the ice pack so i used it to soften my penis. Discarding the pack in the bin i returned to the bedroom where dream boy had all the girls falling in love with him and I was sick of it. He was getting so much attention from all the girls who were so attracted to him that some even told him joking/flirting with him. Even busty girl told him that if he was ever single to give her a call even if it's just a booty call.

It was a joke and everyone laughed but the invite still held some truth behind it. This made me hate the guy even more so I chucked 4 lollies in my mouth and felt the power come on again. I focused on dream boy until I could control him. I made him lean in close to her and say, "maybe I'll take you up on that offer right now." I made him. Grab her shirt and rip the remaining buttons as he opened her shirt completely. I looked at her amazing huge boobs held tightly by a big white bra.

Busty girl was shocked and scared as I made dream boy grope her boobs. I tried to get him to remove her bra but I could feel my power fading. As I lost control of his mind dream boy came back in control of his body. He remembered doing his actions but couldn't remember why he did them. He let go of her boobs and backed away in shock at what he did. Busty girl stood there with just her bra covering her round orbs as tears poured down her crying face.

I quickly chewed down 3 lollies and forced her bra to snap with my mind. Another moment of shock and devastation spread across the room. Everyone was breathless as busty girls boobs were on full display. I took a good look before giving myself strong abs. I then took off my shirt and rushed over to give it too her. She put it on and broke down in another fit of crying and I hugged her and led her tightly.
I felt her boobs squash against my naked chest through my shirt and it was amazing. I stroked her song smooth black hair in a seemingly comforting way as a group of angry girls pushed dream boy out of the room and shut the door.

I continued hugging busty girl as she cried and some other girls joined in the tight hugging. I could feel all the warm body's and boobs against me and as the hugging broke off and busty girl had settled to gentle sobs I went and wore a shirt from the bedroom closet. As I went to the closet I could since that some of the girls were staring at my abs. As I put a shirt on I felt my powers fade and with it my abs. Luckily the girls still thought I had them. After seeing my abs and how nice and gentle a guy I was i had now become the new dream boy.

I've never had any experience being popular so the girls came and formed a semicircle near the door where I was and began talking to me. First busty girl thanked me for helping her and being so kind. Then another girl asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said I didn't and all the girls felt bad for me. They told me that I'm a true gentleman and that they dig my abs. For the rest of the party I had most of the girls numbers with call mes and xoxos written next to them.

That night in bed i had a dream that I was making out with busty girl but before I could get my hand under her shirt I woke up. I had a rock hard erection that needed relief. Just then I remembered the wishing lollies. I ate 30 of the tiny lollies realising that it would be worth it to do what I wanted. I focused on creating an exact clone of busty girl but I made her believe that I was super sexy and that she wanted to have sex with me.

Right under the covers next to me appeared busty girl fully nude. We both knew what we wanted so no talking was required. I took off my clothes and pushed my erection into her vagina. We both moaned as I went in her and i grouped her luscious boobs. I kissed her roughly, pressing my penis hard into her resistance. She scrunched up her face and began to push me away. I simply used my power to make her hornier so she wanted it more.

I broke through and was fully into her. She moaned for me to ram her hard which I did superbly. I rammed her so fast my whole bed rocked against the wall. The only problem with this speed was that it made me unable to control my cumming. Luckily for me I used my power to make me unable to prematurely ejaculate until I wanted to. It felt amazing I felt just like I was about to cum but I didn't. I groaned and groaned and i rammed her harder and harder.

I didn't care if she came or not; I was just using her body to satisfy my needs. However I wanted my first time having sex to be long and pleasing for the girl. I felt busty girl climax and orgasm over and over again. I felt so proud to make her scream and sweat so much. The door opened and my parents came in to see what the noise was. They were so shocked when they saw me in bed with a girl from the party. My dad tried to pull me out of bed but I kept nailing busty girl.

I used my power to make my parents forget what they saw and go back to sleep with orders not to wake up until 7am. I could feel that my powers would be coming to an end soon so I felt all over busty girls body while continuously humping her. I squeezed those huge boobs and pulled her hair till it was messy. After she orgasmed again I came deep in her pussy for a whole minute.

I lay on top of her with my dick still in her and sucked on her huge boobs till I felt my power fade and my clone of busty girl faded away.

The next morning I was tempted to make her appear and use her again but I had to treasure my lollies. I had a project due that day and because it was important I ate 4 lollies and made a completed permanent poster on the history of hydrogen appear ready for school. I was certain to get an A with this. On my way out the door I remembered to take my bag of remaining lollies just incase I met a girl who I liked.

Sorry this story took a while to build up and I personally feel it wasn't my best work. However I've got a really good plan for the next story in the series( hint: I get more lollies and meet new girls).

Ps if there are any scenarios you would like to happen in the next one please comment them;)

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