Sex of the Rock Gods

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Over the summer, I had three different music projects going. This band that I got together with my junior year had really taken off and then I was starting to mess around with punk music and cover-songs with one of my good friends. So I spent a lot of time playing gigs on the weekends and Friday’s.
The punk band was a two person show. My friend Calvin and I had started it up just to mess around but people were starting to like the sounds we were producing. I had only known Calvin for a few months, but we were growing as friends very fast. Almost four times a week we would be jamming out in his basement, so we got to know each other relatively fast. He also didn’t know that I was on the verge of officially falling off the Straight-wagon once and for all. Rumors had been going around for quite some time by this point, but in high school rumors are easy to debunk.
Anyways, I had lately been fantasizing about getting a hook-up after a show in the back of my car or something radical like that. I think it had something to do with all the rock music culture I was immersed in. I just wanted to get high and get fucked. As it happened, Calvin was proving to be just what I needed.
Calvin is a slim guy; Younger-looking than me and kind of boyishly cute. He seriously has the most childish dimples I have ever seen on a teenager. He wasn’t openly gay or anything like that, so I had to pull some tricks to achieve my goal of fucking someone after one of our shows.
The gig in question happened in July. It was an awesome night and we had a huge crowd of about 500 people coming out to see a bunch of bands. I had been saving up some money and bought a few lines of cocaine off of a guy that works at the venue (all rock-stars need their sugar!). Calvin and I played a hot set and were really feeling that euphoric high from doing a live performance. I was feeling so pumped after-wards that I couldn’t be calmed down. As we were finishing packing our equipment into the store-room at the venue, I kept shouting to Calvin “I want to get fucked tonight.”
He would just smile like it was nothing. He was having a good time too so there had been no doubt he understood my eagerness and excitement. We went back inside and watched a few more bands. After that, I talked him into hanging out in the alley behind the venue with me. It was between sets and since we were a band, we pretty much had the ability to go in and out of the club as much as we wanted. That always made me feel powerful.
By this time it had gotten kind of dark. We had walked to one end of the alley that was secluded by industrial recycling containers. I aksed Calvin if he wanted some cocaine. His response wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for.
“What the fuck? Cocaine? You have got to be kidding me, you druggie”
“Shit, its not like that, just thought you might like to try some is all.” Calvin was noticeably pissed.
“Dude, I don’t know. I’m not really into that kind of stuff.”
He was apprehensive but after a little prodding, I finally got him to see my viewpoint and got him to take a bit with me. The effects weren’t instantaneous but I played it up.
“Oh my god Calvin, I fucking want to get fucked” I was shouting this at him, suggestively hinting my darker intentions.
“Ha ha, you creeper” He was happy which served as a good cue for me that it was time to make a move.
Calvin didn’t even take a moment to stop me. As soon as I started to ravage his chest and shirt with my lips, the moaning started. I swear, I hadn’t even reached my hand down his pants and it sounded like a climax. I didn’t wait for him to say yes or no, I just went for it. I unzipped his skinny jeans and pulled out his cock. It wasn’t overly impressive but was clean-cut, semi-hard, and as good as a cock gets I suppose. I rubbed the tip with a little coke and went to town.
As soon as I saliva up the crown of his dick, Calvin got pulsatingly hard in his dick. His whole body jerked to attention. I just kept pace, shafting him from the tip to the balls. I took a second to re-adjust and get on my knees and to pull his pants down fully, leaving only his briefs. His cock was throbbing and red. I could tell I was doing a good job just by his clenched-shut eyes and heavy breathing. I kept shafting him for another 10 minutes until he began to scream and squirted off a load into my mouth.
By this time in my homosexual history, I had finally sucked Will off enough times to know how to swallow. So when Calvin came, I swallowed every drop in my mouth, and then suctioned his dick to the back of my throat to force every remaining ounce in his dick out. He liked that. He liked that a lot.
I pulled his briefs all the way to the ground. “Calvin, lick my fingers.” He took my right hand in his mouth and lathered them up extremely well. Then I reached around to slip my hand into his ass-crack. I started by forcing my index finger into his tight hole, then my middle finger. I squeezed all four in eventually and spat into his ass to try and force them down till my knuckles were to his rectum. Calvin took all this without too much pain so I kept going.
His ass was full of nearly half my hand, so I squeezed in further until my knuckles were now in his ass and started to clench my hand into a fist. Calvin gave out a little bit of a yelp but nothing I was worried about. I couldn’t believe I was getting away with fisting him. I had only seen it done in videos and Will’s attempt at it on me definitely didn’t go over well…
I didn’t try and push my luck with Calvin in this way, however. Instead, I got up off my knees and pushed him against the wall of the building we were behind. I pulled down my pants and briefs just enough to bring my hard cock out of hiding. I spat in my hands and rubbed it on the head of my dick before forcing it in between Calvin’s legs. Since the fisting went so well, I just went straight for it and jabbed Calvin in the ass, getting my cock half-way in at the first go. This was magnificent!
I fucked away, pounding him into the brick wall for a good eternity before finally approaching an orgasm. Calvin had the instinct to jack himself off at the same time that I fucked him so the timing was pretty good. By the time I was ready to finish, he was approaching his climax and we both shouted halleluiah to the angels. I squeezed 1, 2, then a third sprit of cum into his ass. We both let out deep breaths and I sunk into his back and the brick wall.
“What are you doing?” I turned around, whipping about Calvin’s naked pelvis with me to see one the security guards from the club spying on us from behind the recycling bins. When he noticed that we were just two young kids, he gave a quirky smile and told us before he walked off to pack it in before the cops cruised by one night patrol.
Calvin and I both kind of smiled at this. We zipped up and gave each other a kiss. “That was fun Scott.”

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