With the Mirror Came.. Chapter 4

Slowly Ronja regained consciousness, her mind foggy from lack of sleep. Sunlight came in through the window, it must be late in the morning. Weirdly Ronja was not laying down in her bed but was is some kind of kneeling position on top of the bed cover. Her limbs ached horribly, she tried to stretch out. She could not!

Her movement was constrained by bondage gear. The realization chased the last sleepiness from her. She was in her bed, but held by the board around her neck, spreader bar between her legs and chains looped around the legs of the bed.

The ghost had last evening decided to punish her when she wanted to break the mirror. Since the ghost knew her hypnotic trigger word she had been unable to resist when the ghost left her tied up and very exposed to the dog Roy.

The pleasant ache in her pussy proved the dog had taken a keen interest in fucking her. Ronja blushed as she recalled the passion of forbidden sex, it literally had blown her mind.

Ronja's hair was in disarray, obscuring her vision. She shook her head trying to get her dark brown curls away from her head so she could look around. The helplessness when her hands was tied away unable to do anything made her tense.

On the third try she succeeded. Frustrating enough the key lay in front of her on the bed, but her hands was locked out reach from the padlock keeping the board around her neck and wrists secure.

The dog was on the floor and looked at her. Ronja twitched in nervousness as the dog got up and then jumped up on the bed. She could feel the dog sniffing at her sex, but Ronja was too restrained to be able to move away. Did she really want to move away? The pleasure of the dog fucking had been pretty awesome so far.

Ronja shivered as she felt dogs wet nose poke at her sex. She could feel the remains of dog cum covering her legs, the bed clothing below her must be a total mess from lots and lots of dog cum.

She tried to bend forward so she could look at the dog behind her. It did not work, the board around her neck constrained her movement. All she succeeded with was looking at the insane amount of cum at her bed cover and legs.

Ronja concluded her sex was less raw than she would have expected. The dog must have fucked her a massive number of times, had she even been awake for a majority of those times? Did a dog ever became satisfied or did it continue indefinitely when it had a exposed female in heat?

Ronja felt the dog licking at her exposed pussy. The rough dog tongue touched her asshole and Ronja shivered in dread. She recalled the experience of the dog pressing it's cock into her ass. The ghost had last evening made Ronja degrade herself by begging for the dog to fuck her, but had then directed the dog into her ass instead.

Ronja had accepted to talk dirty due to a deal with the ghost about it not messing with Ronja for three days if she degraded herself in such fashion. Her ass getting raped had not been part of what Ronja expected from the the deal.

Never had Ronja expected to participate in anal sex. It had always seemed something dirty, something done only in porn for guys that wanted to both see the pussy and have the girl penetrated at the same time.

Ronja whimpered quietly as she tried to suppress the memory of the dog cock forcing it's way into her ass. Penetration into her sex had been pleasure and lots of pleasure, but her ass had been mostly degradation.

The ghost had probably used her computer camera to record every bit of her dirty talk. Accepting the deal with the ghost did in hindsight not seem very smart.

Ronja shook her head. She needed to focus, why was she still tied up on the bed after she had made the deal with the ghost and having suffered the consequences? The ghost had promised to get her free afterwards.

"Ghost, why am I tied up? You promised to free me?" Ronja asked.

She got no direct answer. Between her legs she could feel the rough dog tongue lashing even more at her unprotected sex. She understood that it was only a matter time before the horny dog would decide to fuck her again. This thought brought a flicker of renewed desire inside her. Ronja had admit to herself that she was hooked on the feeling of the dog fucking her in a rapid fashion.

Still, where would it end? If she remained tied up like this Roy would most likely use her for its pleasure for hours more. The ache in her body from being locked into position quite effectively dulled the excitement about getting fucked again.

"Ghost, we made a deal about you not messing with me. Why am I still tied up?" Ronja asked nervously.

Behind her Roy put its paws on her back. It actually hurt a bit, the dogs paws must had been there a fair number of times. Ronja understood that the skin on her back was broken by now. She felt the dogs stiff cock probing between her legs. She had literally no choice but try to do her best to ignore the paws and focus on the good parts of the bestial cock probing at her love opening.

"You getting free of the restraints was never part of the deal. I might outside the deal have talked about getting you free when the dog lost interest, but as you can feel the dog is very much still interested," the ghost answered at the same time as Roy forced its dog cock into her.

Ronja could only moan back as dog used her like she was its bitch. The feeling of the cock stretching her inside was marvelous. She did not want to stop the conversation with the ghost, but could not focus as the dog cock drilled her very exposed hole. The chains kept her locked in position, even if she had wanted to move away she had no choice but stay. Her pussy exposed for the dog that wanted to mate with her again and again.

Ronja panted with desire, but like so many times before it ended far too quickly as the dog spread its load into Ronja's well used pussy. Ronja could focus again now, only distracted by the dog's knot that kept them locked together for a while after the fucking.

"You promised three days of relief from your abuse. You also promised to get me free when the dog has lost interest for the night," Ronja said. She struggled to keep her voice level, acting like a victim would probably only trigger the ghost to be more abuse.

"I promised you three days of relief before I get on with my grand plan. The bondage gear on the other hand was put in place before that so it counts together with the things I prepared in advance before granting the relief to make sure to keep you busy. As for the matter of letting you free when the dog lost interest I must have been distracted, as far as I know the dog has made no pause in fucking you," the ghost answered.

"You did what in advance?" Ronja exclaimed.

"Cannot ruin the surprise by telling you, can I?" the ghost answered mockingly.

"You want to force me into making another deal with you? This is cheating! You already promised to get me free!" Ronja complained.

"Actually I am not breaking any promises, it is just I prepared a very different way to get you free than you assumed," the ghost responded.

"What did you do?" Ronja asked alarmed, but got no response.

Roy slid out of her and she felt another batch of dog cum dribble out of her so very exposed hole.

What had the ghost meant about having some other way prepared to get her free?

It took her a while to figure it out, but then it was obvious to her. If the ghost would not use its telekinesis to get her free then it must have planned something involving her step brother.

Ronja groaned in dread. The ghost had previously worked hard to make her step brother see her naked. Forcing Ronja into situations when it looked like she was deliberately flashing lots of nude skin to her brother. None of that previous embarrassment could compare to this, her brother seeing her fucking a dog.

Actually she realized it was far worse than she first assumed, her brother would think she had arranged for him to see her in the act. There was no plausible way she could make it seem like she expected to get free from the restraints on her own. The board around her neck was impossible to get free from on your own since her hands was locked away from the padlock that kept the board in place. He would assume she wanted him to see her degradation.

She needed to come up with some kind of way to explain away how she ended in this kinky position. Her mind was totally blank, she was too exhausted to figure something out, could she perhaps hope to divert him?

Time was up as her brother entered the room. Just like usual he walked into her room without knocking on the door.

"Weird note you left" he begun to say, but his voice trailed off as he saw the scene in front of him. Ronja blushed deeply. She kept her face turned away, happy that most of her face was hidden by her dark brown locks.

She was sure her brother studied all her exposed naked skin. With the spreader bar she could not close her legs, he had a perfect view of her sex. The only thing that partly concealed her pussy was, humiliating enough, all the dog cum that covered it. This thought only made the humiliation utter worse.

"Get me free please!" Ronja begged, and looked at him. He was indeed staring at her body.

"You have been fucking a dog!" John exclaimed, his gaze locked at her ass and legs. Ronja imagined that he stared at the trails of semen on her legs.

"Talk later, the bondage gear hurts, the key to the padlock is in front of me," Ronja said and nodded towards the keys on the bed.

Absent minded John picked them up and fumbled with the lock.

"The note in my roomyou must have left it before I locked the door for the night. How long have you been doing this?" John asked as pulled the board off Ronja.

"The note was intended as safety in case I could not get free, but I had expected you to find it yesterday," Ronja responded. It sounded like a lame explanation, but was the only thing she could think off.

"You have been fucking the dog for the whole night?" John asked. "Sorry, I was just too distracted by the magic of the dildo to see your note until this morning."

Ronja felt annoyance, she he had told him to not use magic words of the dildo since use of it exploited Ronja's girl friend Maria. She decided to hold her tongue, this was not the time to argue. John finally had the last of the bondage gear off. Ronja tried to get up off the bed.

It did not go well, her limbs was cramping after been constrained for so many hours. She ended hugging John to not fall down on the floor. Hugging his hips made her painfully aware of the raging hard on he had. His cock was actually pressed towards her cheek, only the thin cloth in his shorts separating them.

Blushing Ronja pushed herself back on the bed and bit her lips as she tried to massage her legs back in working condition. It was hard since she also wanted to pull the bed linen over her body to hide it from his gaze. Standing up would allow her to wrap herself totally in the bed linen, but also meant to totally expose her body for John. She did not want that, enough humiliation already.

John moved back from the bed, but he still had his eyes on her. Shamelessly trying to get a look at her naked body when Ronja from time to time lost hold of the bed linen. Ronja guessed all the times the ghost had made her flash nudity at him had removed most of his natural constraints.

"Wait a second, when you came to me yesterday and hinted at a trade to make me not use the spell to spy on Maria masturbating, did you mean to let me instead see you getting fucked by that dog?" John asked.

"Look John," Ronja said. "I hurt all over so can you please give me some privacy. Like I said the note was intended as safety and I never planned for you seeing me like this even if I did not think it through properly. I most certainly didn't intend some kind of trade for you start acting decent and leave Maria to sleep undisturbed."

John shrugged at the rebuke, she wondered if her words had hit home. At least he turned his head away and stopped staring at her nakedness.

"Sorry Ronja, I am being a jerk. Is there something I can do to compensate?" John asked.

Ronja considered the question, she was so very tired. What if he could take care of the dog so she could sleep?

"Could you take care of Master for the next couple of hours? I need to catch some sleep when I have cleaned up this mess," Ronja said.

"Master?" John asked totally perplexed.

Ronja froze, she had meant to say Roy, but her body had responded to some hidden hypnotic trigger and changed the words.

"Sorry, I was distracted, I mean, could you take care of the dog," Ronja said.

"Did you just call the dog your master?" John asked.

"Maybe I did, being tied up the whole night without sleep makes you a bit confused. Will you please do it?" Ronja responded.

"Sure, I will do so," John said and guided the dog out of the room.

Ronja sighed in relief, her muscles has calmed down enough that she could stand. Carefully she checked her sex and ass, nothing seemed to be broken except the scratch marks on her back.

She pulled the bedclothes off her bed and carried the bundle to the bathroom. Taking a shower to clear all the filth away felt like heaven.

She could not suppress tears in the shower. She hadn't been a virgin before due to the sex she had with Maria before, but that had been mutual sex not the kind of abuse she had suffered this night. She could not decide if the worst thing was the dirty violation of her ass or the shameful pleasure she felt as the dog fucked her sex.

Ronja forced herself to composed herself, she must try to find a way of cooping with the situation for now. Her failed try to break that mirror last night had proven that she was utterly helpless to resist the ghost directly. Yet somehow she would try to find a way to escape the control of the lecherous ghost.

After she was done with the shower she started the washing machine and returned to her room. She made her bed and she sent a brief SMS to Maria to let her know that Ronja needed to sleep for most of day. Sleep came quickly when she laid down on the bed.

* * *

Ronja felt like a new person when she woke up. It was by now Sunday afternoon and she checked her phone for messages. She found one from Maria, it read:

"Sleep well darling. I might actually do the same. I woke two a clock in the night and just had to use the dildo. Thought about you as I pleasured myself for hours. Anyway, my family wants to spend time with me today, so see you later at school," the message read.

Ronja frowned at the message. John was creating a havoc on Maria's sleeping pattern. Did her brother even know that him saying the spell to activate the magic dildo in the middle of the night could wake up Maria from sleep? Forcing her to pleasure herself for hours even when he probably had drifted to sleep himself?

Ronja guessed the answer was no.

She had slept nude since all her nightclothes were missing together with all the other clothes. She went to the wardrobe to look for clothes to wear. Her wardrobe looked bare with all the clothes missing. Only the most daring party clothes were left. The missing clothes included the skirt Ronja had borrowed from Maria yesterday.

"Ghost, where are my clothes?" Ronja asked.

"What is this tone?" the ghost asked. "Have you grown bold from your temporary relief? Anyway I have not removed any clothes since our deal was made," the ghost responded.

Ronja tensed, she was very afraid to anger the ghost. There was a very real risk the ghost would take everything out on her when the three days of safety of manipulation was over.

"Pretty please, can you please tell me where you hid the clothes before that. I don't want stutter around at home in a mini skirt and top or some party dress," Ronja said.

"If you must know I threw them into the trash," the ghost responded nonchalantly.

"What about the skirt I borrowed from Maria? You understand I need to return that one," Ronja asked.

"Cut in shreds, you should not borrow clothes that are not sexy enough," the ghost taunted.

"I hate you," Ronja growled before she could constrain herself. She swallowed deeply as she pulled on a short skirt in fake leather and a blue top she normally only used when visiting the beach at summer time. Luckily there was no reaction from the ghost.

She actually still had a number of bras, but with this top she did not need any extra support. The only panties she had was that nasty pair that could give you electric jolts. With the promise from the ghost Ronja supposed it was actually safe to wear the panties, the ghost would violate their deal if it started to mess with the control of the panties. Eventually Ronja decided against using them, she still remembered the jolts from them with dread.

"I love it when you are mad at me. Still, I actually might consider allowing you to purchase more modest clothes," the ghost said.

"How would I pay for those clothes? Remember that you emptied my bank account," Ronja complained.

"That is rub little slave. I would consider letting you keep more modest clothes if you paid for them with money gained in some shameful fashion," the ghost responded.

"Shameful in what way? You want me to work as a whore?" Ronja wondered. It felt like she should be more upset about this, but she felt mostly numb.

She did not want this, but the ghost had proven last evening both that she was unable to resist if the ghost wanted to use hypnosis to punish her.

"Nah, nothing as bad as acting as a whore. Risky with sexual diseases and such, could interfere with greater things I have planned for you. I would not like if your sexual options got constrained if you caught some serious sexual disease. My idea was more like you are having a growing group of followers on the hypnoslut account that I created. They would probably be willing to shell out some serious money for more serious live videos," the ghost said.

Ronja shuddered at the thought of creeps on Internet watching her fucking a dog.

"More serious than a dog raping my cunt and ass for hours? I don't think I like that idea," Ronja objected. It took effort to stay calm, but she wanted to finish this discussion while the promise from the ghost of not messing with her was in effect.

"I have not published the video of you actually fucking the dog. Just teasers of how you walk around hypnotized, prepare the bondage gear and jack off the dog to get him interested," the ghost said.

"Why not?" Ronja wondered.

"There is much I can do with you hypnotic triggers, but opening a bank account that accept international payment is not one of those. The bank will not deal with a person in trance. I have no way to charge hypnoslut's possible customers," the ghost said.

Ronja realized that it was a boon that the ghost did not know about Paypal and similar services. She decided to not tell the ghost. She did not want to know what kind of sick things the ghost could barter for with access to a Paypal account.

"So you thought that it more fun if I got involved in my humiliation. Why do you care about money in the first place?" Ronja asked.

"I had to be very restrictive when I purchased the bondage gear since you objectively speaking are rather poor. Giving you the boon of having more modest clothes might be worth it if we at the same time can get some more interesting bondage equipment," the ghost answered.

"I had spent my money on all the nice clothes you threw away. Anyway I must ask, if I accept this, what stops you from stealing all the money from my account before I get the chance to buy clothes?" Ronja asked.

"Nothing actually, except I then will not get to enjoy your reaction when you constantly are reminded by the clothes of what you had to do to get the clothes. Also there are also so many possibilities for the hypnoslut videos if you have more modest clothes. It will seem more realistic to the viewer if they saw you when you are not hypnotized also. That scene works much better in more modest clothes," the ghost said.

Ronja sighed, it was obvious the ghost proposal intended to lure Ronja in more and more kinky stuff. On the other hand Ronja could see that her time was limited. Her absent minded father might not notice her sexy clothes and John enjoyed it far too much to object.

Ronja's step mother Carol would be a totally different matter. When her work trip to Britain was over she would not just accept Ronja's new daring style of clothing. She would come down hard on Ronja if Ronja came to the family dinner dressed in party clothes.

"I will give it a thought, but it will have to be later. There is no bank open at Sundays," Ronja said.

The ghost seemed content with this and Ronja enjoyed the free time to catch up with her school work. The only interruptions was when Mark's father came to fetch the dog and when Maria called later in the evening.

Having the dog out of the house was a relief, she barely stopped herself from calling it master in front of Mark's father. All in all she was satisfied, she actually managed to keep her face from blushing when he talked about how good she had taken care of the dog.

The phone call with Maria was also sweet but left Ronja with a bit of mixed feelings. Maria wanted to go for a weekend trip with Ronja. The husky voice Maria used to talking about how nice it would be away alone in a hotel far away with Ronja left a lot to the imagination. Ronja squirmed in the chair as she thought of what kind of sex her girlfriend might have in mind.

Problem was just Maria's next question about how large spending budget Ronja had for a trip. Ronja could only admit she was broke at the moment and Ronja could hear the sigh of disappointment from Maria. They hung up after telling each other how much they loved each other. Ronja went to bed wondering if she should accept the proposal from the ghost so she could go on the trip with Maria.

* * *

Ronja walked up the broad stone stairs at school, she nervously kept a hand at her waist to make sure the dress didn't slip up and reveal her to be without panties. In reality there was little risk since the dark dress she carried was very form fitting. On the other hand she had before always worn it together with tights. Wearing that dress with no panties was really asking for trouble, but she had the scratch marks on her back. Not exposing those seemed smart, what if the ghost had used some other hypnotic trigger connected to anybody asking about the scratches?

Ronja really doubted she could bend down without flashing her private parts to the surroundings. Walking up the stairs with small steps should be safe on the other hand. Especially since the stairs were empty for the moment, Ronja had arrived early at school so it was mostly empty.

Ronja arrived to her locker and opened it to fetch a few books. There was an envelope laying on the floor. On the envelope was texted the words "Open in privacy".

Ronja looked around, she was still alone in the corridor. She took the chance to open the envelope and peak inside. There was a picture of Ronja nude in the middle of the sixty nine. It had clearly been taken in the park when Ronja and Maria had sex and the assistant teacher Mikaela spied on them.

Luckily it was not possible to identify Maria. Only Ronja's face could been seen, but it was a face contorted in sexual bliss. Ronja blushed at the wanton sexual desire visible on her face.

On the backside of the picture there was handwriting. Ronja read it with dread: "Imagine how it itch to spread pictures like this around the school, better make sure to come visit me if you want to avoid this."

The message confirmed that the sender was the temporary teacher Mikaela. Thinking about her reminded Ronja about how the teacher had forced Ronja to have sex with her when Ronja was horny with lust from the aphrodisiac the ghost had put on Ronja's training clothes.

Ronja hesitated about what to do. She dreaded the encounter with the dominant teacher. What if she was black mailed into having sex with her again? Would that be cheating on Maria, or could she explain it away by the fact of being black mailed into doing it?

After a bit of thinking Ronja decided that now in the morning might actually be a good time to visit Mikaela. She had a class in ten minutes so she would have an excuse to escape if the situation became uncomfortable. Better to know what the black mailer wanted, than to go around wondering the whole day.

Ronja found Mikaela in the teachers joint meeting room on the second floor. Quite many teachers was inside taking a cup of coffee before the classes started so Mikaela slipped outside in the corridor to get a private talk with Ronja.

Ronja did not like the smug smile on the assistant teacher as she looked at Ronja.

"Hope you enjoyed the picture, I am starting to have a collection by now," Mikaela said.

"Yea, I understood it was from you, please don't spread it," Ronja mumbled.

"I won't unless you refuse to cooperate," Mikaela said.

"What do you want?" Ronja asked with a tired voice. She had flashes of memories from their last encounter in the materials room outside the gymnastics hall. Thinking about Mikaela's naked skin was very distracting, but it was hard to ignore doing so with the look on Mikaela's face. Mikaela licked her lips in a seductive fashion. Ronja did not doubt she was in for some more sex if the older woman had her way.

"Well, I want something special. Something to remember" Mikaela begun saying, but had to go silence as some students went past them.

"I want a threesome. You, me and that girl in the picture having sex in my apartment. I never had the opportunity to have sex with two girls at the same time," Mikaela said.

"With me and her?" Ronja asked, even though she clearly had heard Mikaela. How could she possibly involve Maria in this. She did not doubt that Mikaela would arrange for pictures and recordings being taken at her apartment. The black mailing would only go worse if this continued, but she saw no possible escape.

"Yes, I want you two naked in my bed," Mikaela replied. Suddenly she slapped Ronja on her hand. Ronja jerked back surprised before she registered that the slap had made her drop the envelope with the picture.

Caught by a drift of wind it ended some distance down the hallway. Ronja had time to register a guy approaching when she saw the evil smirk on Mikaela's face.

"Is that my envelope?" Mikaela asked. "Can you please check what is inside?"

The guy looked up in surprise, looking around the corridor to locate the envelope. Ronja did not give him time but dashed forward to snatch it up. As she bent forward she heard Mikaela's phone camera snapping a picture.

Most likely Mikeala had just got a full picture of her exposed sex as she bent forward. Ronja could not help herself from blushing.

"Sorry it's my envelope," Ronja said and straightened up and returned to Mikaela's side.

"We were just fooling around in the park. I don't think she would like doing it again in a threesome," Ronja whispered when the guy had moved past them.

"Liar, I heard you back then. You will just have convince the girl how awesome it will be to have sex with somebody more experienced," Mikaela responded.

"I can see where this is leading. You will take loads of pictures of us to do further black mailing. How can I possibly expose my friend to this?" Ronja commented.

"You make it sound like I plan to make a career of this. Suppose we make a deal? I promise I will never subject your friend to black mailing," Mikaela suggested.

"Why should I trust you? Also you still intend to black mail me, right?" Ronja asked.

Mikaela had to be silent as a teacher and some students moved past them. When they were gone she responded.

"Yea, I intend to try to play around with you some more, but honestly I can see the writing on the wall. Looking how you dress at school I think it is only a matter of time before my exposing pictures of you having sex won't fly as a workable black mail threat," Mikaela said.

Ronja tensed, it could not be as bad as the teacher said. Her new forced style of clothes was of course catching attention and would start rumors, but the step from there to actual sex pictures being spread was gigantic. Could the ghost intend to exploit her to degree that she stopped caring about getting outed into some kind local porn actress? Ronja suppressed that thought.

Actually considering what kinky stuff Ronja was involved in these days the threat from Mikaela was maybe not such a big deal. What if the ghost decided that it should spread bestiality pictures with Ronja featuring in them?

Ronja shuddered at the thought. Actually she realized that the greatest risk with Mikaela's black mailing was probably that the ghost would be inspired by it. She very much doubted Mikaela was as perverted as the ghost.

"I see if I can convince her, but I make no promises," Ronja mumbled with a stiff tone in her voice.

"This is my last week here, so you better have delivered you two to my bed before Friday," Mikaela said.

Ronja departed for class and wondered what to do. She would not like pictures of her being nude be spread over the school, but she did not trust Mikaela?

On the other had she had to admit she was curious about how a threesome with Mikaela would play out. Still getting Maria dragged into becoming a possible black mail target seemed terrible. Could she trust on Mikaela to not black mail Maria in secret?

* * *

When Ronja arrived to the room for mathematical class she found a notice that the class was canceled since the teacher had an family emergency. The note further instructed the students a number of exercises to do in the meantime.

Inside there was only two students, most of the class had elected to do the exercises in some other location, or more probably at some later time. Maria was not there and Ronja considered to go looking for her. What if they could sneak in some privacy time together?

Problem was just that Ronja needed to work on the math. Also she had trouble thinking on any private enough location in the school where she and Maria could be cozy, she was not very comfortable about the word spreading she and Maria as bisexual.

Ronja sat down and opened her books. After a while she looked up to notice that Jonathan had arrived and sat down next to her. It was actually rather rare to see Jonathan alone without Julia or Sandra, the two blondes that Jonathan usually took with him to parties.

Previously Ronja would have been thrilled at a chance to make a pass on Jonathan without them around. Jonathan was her old crush at school, but that was history now when she had Maria as girlfriend.

After a while Ronja looked up from her book again and found Jonathan staring at her. He was obviously checking her out. Embarrassed Ronja looked around, they were alone in the class room, the other students must have departed while Ronja was busy with studies.

"Would you mind? It is a bit hard to focus on the exercises with you staring at me," Ronja said.

"Actually we need to talk," Jonathan said. "About the email you sent this weekend."

Ronja froze at his words. The ghost must have used her email account to send an email to Jonathan. What was the contents of that email? She searched for something to say, could she say something smart to disable the contents of the email even though she did not know what the ghost had written?

"To you? I must have made some kind of mistake. That was meant as joke to somebody else" Ronja answered and forced a smile on her face as she turned towards him.

For a moment she saw uncertainty in Jonathan's eyes, but then his smile returned.

"So you did not intend to send me the secret words to bring you in and out from hypnosis?" he asked.

Ronja' smile faltered, had the ghost revealed her secret word to bring her into hypnosis!

With a flash she remembered how she earlier at home had fantasied aloud about this exact scenario. She had talked aloud about Jonathan learning her secret words and use it to force her to have sex with him. She had literally spoon-feed the idea to the ghost

"Like I said I did not mean to send it to you, please forget about it," Ronja replied.

"I see, you did not fantasy about me using them to put you into hypnosis and adding hypnotic triggers so I could exploit you sexually?" Jonathan asked.

"No, I did not," Ronja lied.

"Answer truthfully, did you fantasy about me using hypnosis to exploit you?" Jonathan asked.

"Yes I did," Ronja's body responded without Ronja making any conscious decision about how she should reply. Ronja put her hand to her mouth, her thoughts going around in circles.

"Answer truthfully, did you masturbate as you thought about me controlling you with hypnotic triggers?" Jonathan asked.

"Yes," Ronja's body responded. Ronja looked at Jonathan desperately trying to come up with something to say.

"Isn't it fun what a little hypnotic trigger can do. Whenever I start a question with the right words you are compelled to answer me with the truth," Jonathan said.

Ronja felt her inside tingle with anticipation. Had he already added other hypnotic triggers to her? Then reality kicked in, how far could she trust Jonathan's judgment about appropriate hypnotic triggers?

If she allowed this to continue there was a real risk that he might accidentally introduce hypnotic triggers that applied in more general situations. Situations when he was not around or they were out in some public space. She needed to put an end to this now.

"I did fantasy about this before, but that was before I got Maria as a girlfriend. Please forget what you learned from that email," Ronja said.

"You mean that you and Maria are a couple? Since when?" Jonathan asked.

"This weekend," Ronja replied.

"Good for you, never knew she where bisexual. Answer truthfully, you do like dicks, right?" he asked.

"Yea I do," Ronja's body answered. Ronja was on way to repeat her objection, but Jonathan got first with a question.

"Answer truthfully, do you want me use hypnosis to take sexual advantage of you?" Jonathan asked.

"Yes, use me," Ronja's treacherous body responded. Ronja sat there defeated, she could see no possible counter. The damn hypnotic trigger and his direct questions meant he could always find the truth no matter what deception Ronja tried. Maybe the best thing was just to bolt from the room, staying here close to the horny Jonathan felt borderline close to cheating at Maria.

"Answer truthfully, are you thinking about leaving?" Jonathan asked.

"Yes," Ronja replied. She stood up and scrambled to gather her school books into her bag.

"Answer truthfully, you want me to force you to stay and have sex? Tell me what you are thinking!" Jonathan urged.

"Yes, maybe, I don't want to cheat on Maria. If you compel me then I could not stop it," Ronja's body responded.

"That settles it," Jonathan said. "Ronja, Jonathan says your hands are glued to the table."

"What?" Ronja mumbled. Without any conscious decision from her the flat of her hands was on the table, and she could not remove them. The hypnotic trigger ruled her body and made it obey his command.

"You didn't think I would settle with just a little compulsion to tell the truth, did you?" Jonathan taunted as he let his finger touch the inside of Ronja's leg and slide upwards in a slow fashion.

Ronja squirmed at the attention as she tried to consider what to do. Possibly she could try to kick him, but what then? She would not get free from his glue command unless he learned what word he had arranged to release her from the hold of the hypnotic trigger. This particular command would probably fade control of her given enough time alone when Ronja's subconscious stopped feeling thrilled at being controlled in this fashion, but she could not know how long it would take. Maybe if she could talk him out of it.

"I thought you had the hots for Julia," Ronja said. She had to focus to keep her voice level as she felt his fingers reached her exposed pussy. She could hear the grasp of his breath when he realized she had no panties. One of his fingers probed her opening, but did not enter.

"Sure, I am dating Julia, but we are only making out. Boring enough she is saving herself for marriage. Sometimes I wonder if she just dates me to get me to buy her drinks and liquor," Jonathan responded. His fingers pressing into Ronja's sex. Ronja gasped as she felt his finger inside her, she clamped her sex tight around it to get more out of the sensation.

"Your virgin cunt is so tight, must never have been exposed to a cock. Might give you some perspective to have male cock inside you. What do you say about that?" Jonathan asked.

His question made Ronja think about the dog cock and the ivory dildo that previously been inside her. He simply did not have a clue about how a woman's body worked.

"Answer truthfully, have you ever had a male cock inside you?" Jonathan asked.

"No," Ronja's body responded at the same time as Ronja was trying to figure out if a dog cock did qualify.

"Answer truthfully, you have had sex with Maria, right?" Jonathan asked.

"Yes," Ronja responded. Her sex tingled as she heard the sound of his zipper being lowered.

"Then it is time you learn about how it feels when a man fucks you," Jonathan said.

She could not help to enjoy her helplessness as he guided his member into her. She was again on a receiving end of a fucking and totally helpless to resist it. He gave her more of his cock and Ronja could not help to moan as he stretched her inside.

"You like this very much, do you?" he asked.

"Yes, fuck me," Ronja urged.

He responded by taking hold of her hips and start to fuck her rapidly. The speed of thrusts could not compare to the earlier dog fucking, but his cock was longer and felt better. Ronja bit her lips to not moan aloud. What if somebody outside heard the sounds and came to investigate?

"I have" Jonathan begun, working his cock inside Ronja, "great plans for you. I googled and found this awesome homepage with suggestions for hypnotic triggers to get sex. Not sure.."

"Please tell me as your great cock fuck my horny pussy," Ronja urged. She really wanted to learn more about what hypnotic triggers Jonathan had chosen.

"Not sure if the creator of the homepage really is doing real hypnosis, or just fantasy about it. Anyway he or she seems to had spent loads of time thinking about it. Some of the ideas was just amazing," Jonathan said. "For instance one of triggers was for making a target unable to notice other people around when ordered. You think such a hypnotic trigger could work?"

Ronja really did not know. She knew from experience that there was very few limitations if the target was willing. All about hypnosis was really about self suggestion. Jonathan's command that made Ronja unable to move pretty much worked because Ronja had fantasied about similar things on her own.

Suddenly Ronja froze as she remembered the other people in the room that had gone missing without Ronja noticing it. The reasonable thing was to assume that Jonathan had not dared to make his move until they left, but what about if he had used the hypnotic trigger to make her unable to see them!

Ronja looked around the room, trying to see if there was any items that suggested they were still present. She saw nothing, but she could not rule out the possibility that her mind censored details that would violate a command about her being unable to notice other people present.

"Yea that is right, think about them watching you now. Or did I get them to leave by promising I would get them a willing sex partner later?" Jonathan taunted. He was slamming into her with all speed and strength he could assemble.

It was too much, Ronja squirmed at the sensations. Her body shivered, he was taking her hard doggie style. What if her schoolmates was watching, possibly taking pictures.

"You gonna come?" Jonathan asked as he drilled her inside.

"Yea, mmmmhhhm, yes, take me hard," Ronja urged.

He increased his fucking just a tiny bit and it was all it took. Ronja could not contain herself as she came. "Ahhhignnh," she groaned, far to loud to be safe in the public school class room. What if somebody outside heard her?

For the moment she did not care as her sex tingled with thousands of sensations as he slammed his cock deep into her. Her legs had grown weak, only his strong fingers gripping her hips held her upright.

Ronja suddenly realized that she was on no contraceptive. She opened her mouth to say it, but then he came. His cock trembling inside her as it delivered its load. They collapsed forward on the table and Ronja was pinned below him as his cock was planted deep inside her. There was little she could do but try to enjoy the experience.

Finally he was done and pulled out of her. Ronja lay plastered to the table, still to taken by the climax to move. She turned her head to look in his direction. He was leaning on a table behind her, his cock still slightly erect. Ronja felt a sigh of relief when she saw that he had a condom on.

"Jonathan says the magic word to release you.." Jonathan began saying, followed by a word Ronja could somehow not hear. It worked, Ronja was free from the position locked at the table.

She stood up and pulled her dress down to cover her well used sex. At least there would be no worry about cum dripping down her legs. She she recalled the sight of dog cum dripping down her legs.

"Until next time," Jonathan said as he looked at Ronja assembling her school books.

Ronja responded with forced smile and hurried out from the room. Her inside tingle with anticipation of more sex, but she needed to leave to give herself chance to think.

* * *

Ronja hurried through the corridor, her breath still a bit winded from the fuck session with Jonathan. She was torn between anticipation of what he would do next to her and angst about if she was being unfaithful to Maria.

Did it matter that the sex had been forced on her against her will if she so totally did dig the experience? She blushed at the thought of Jonathan fucking her. It had been so very awesome.

Suddenly she heard a dog bark and she looked up to see Mark and his dog Roy approaching her. The dog looked very happy to see her and Ronja blushed. Should see try to avoid the encounter?

"Who is there?" Mark asked. With his blindness he could only see vague shapes.

Ronja decided that it would be unkind to sneak away. "It is me, Ronja," she said and gave the dog a quick rub. At least the dog was not having a boner just from seeing Ronja. That was a relief, Ronja had worried about it.

"Great," Mark said. "I wanted to find you and thank you for taking care of Roy this weekend. You must have been very busy, seldom have I seen Roy so tired."

Ronja blushed deeply at his words, she could not help reminding herself of her helplessness as the dog had used her like its bitch again and again.

"I am glad I could help. Master is such a nice dog," Ronja responded.

She froze as she realized what she just had said. She had forgotten about the hypnotic trigger that forced her to replace the dog's name with the word master.

"Did you just call Roy your master?" Mark exclaimed. Ronja felt so ashamed, but luckily there was nobody nearby listening.

"Just a joke," Ronja replied weakly. Maybe she could salvage the situation. "That dog is sure demanding."

"Not sure that I follow the joke," Mark commented.

"Must have been a bad attempt to joking, please ignore silly me," Ronja answered.

"Works for me," Mark responded. "Anyway I was hoping to run into you so that I could ask if you could consider taking care of Roy again. Not that I often go abroad on trips like this weekend, but from time to time there are always friends of the family that have somebody that is allergic. Roy can stay alone at home for some time, but then you need to take him for a walk afterwards and such. Much better if somebody exercise Roy during the day and father said you seemed to go along well with Roy."

Ronja cringed, the ghost would love to tape her fucking the dog. Having the dog at home pretty much guaranteed Ronja would again end up bound by bondage gear exposed to the dog.

"Well" Ronja begun when she suddenly heard the ghost intervening. "You better say yes, one way or another you will end fucking that dog again. Much more profitable if it is in front of the camera than you serving the dog and its owner on some other location."

Ronja found herself turning deeply pink, being forced to at same time have sex with Mark and dog sounded so very wicked. The voice of the ghost had totally startled her, but she recalled now that the ghost had told earlier that only she could her the voice.

With the idea planted in her mind she could not help letting her imagination run with the idea. Herself sucking Mark's cock as the dog cock reamed its tool into her cunt. She sucking the dog hard again as Mark fucked her pussy. She shook her head to clear the image.

"I am happy of being of assistance. I would love to take care of Master again," Ronja said, and then bit her lip. Again she had forgotten about the compulsion to use the word master.

"Good," Mark mumbled. At least he did not call her out for aging using using the word master again, but Ronja suspected her had noticed.

* * *

"Sex with you is pretty awesome. Makes me wonder, ever thought about a threesome?" Ronja asked as she and Maria relaxed in Ronja's room after school.

"Errh, you mean us two together with a guy?" Maria asked blushing. "Not really, still trying to sort out being a lesbian. I always thought it to be accidental when I happened to look extra on a girl in the shower or when we fooled around earlier. When I fantasied about sex I used to imagine boys."

"I don't mind if you drool over guys, I am pretty sure I am bisexual and I suspect you are too," Ronja replied. "On the other hand I was not thinking about a guy at the moment, more like doing it together with you and another female."

"A nice fantasy, but I think it might be kind of awkward asking around for a girl with suiting sexual orienteering," Maria responded.

"Actually it might not be so hard to find one. Remember when I told you about me having sex with the teacher at school. She has been asking me about a follow up and I answered that I had a girlfriend now. As response she suggested we do a threesome. Maybe it was a joke, but it did not sound like one," Ronja commented.

She was not exactly lying even thought she was omitting the blackmailing part about her relationship with the teacher. She could tell Maria about it later when she knew about Maria's feelings about bringing a girl into their relationship.

At the moment Ronja had not decided if she should actually trust Mikaela's promise about not black mailing Maria or if Ronja would have to suffer the consequences of Mikaela making her threat real.

"I don't know, I need to think about it. It is you that I am in love with, it is not like I have the hots for Asian girls in general," Maria responded after some hesitation.

"I want to keep it like that. Not wanting to bring her in permanently into our relation, but more like having a helping hand at hand during sex. I think she can teach us lots of fun things since she is more experienced with girl on girl sex," Ronja said.

"Like I said I will think about it. All this talk about sex has made me horny. Are we alone?" Maria asked.

"For a while, I think John will return in a hour or so," Ronja responded.

"Nice, but I was hoping for more time," Maria said and gave Ronja a gaze that made Ronja's inside flutter in anticipation. Smiling widely Maria went to her bag and slowly slowly took out the ivory dildo.

Ronja felt a flicker of nervousness, what if John came home and used the spell to activate the dildo?

"Don't give me that look, it is pretty awesome. I have been using it around the clock since we used it last time," Maria said.

"All your talk about it makes we wonder if I should be jealous on the dildo," Ronja joked, trying to push her annoyance about John away. Maybe she was edgy about it due to guilt about Maria being oblivious to the fact that the magic of the dildo was the reason they had ended as a couple.

"Was it it?" Maria asked as she teasingly dangled with the dildo in front of Ronja's eyes.

"Nothing my sexy," Ronja replied. "Just a bit annoyed about limited time."

"Is that it?" Maria wondered. Ronja responded by pulling her minitop of her. She had switched clothes before Maria came to have something more striptease compatible.

It seemed to be working, Maria was ogling her lace bra covered breasts, but Ronja sensed she still was curious.

"Want to check if I have any panties?" Ronja asked.

"When did you last time have panties? Still, are you hiding something from me?" Maria asked.

Ronja could not help blushing, there was so many things she kept hidden, everything from dog fucking to how Jonathan had forced her into sex this same day. She felt dirty when she thought about her girlfriend not knowing the truth. Which lie or omission of truth was worst?

These thoughts ruined Ronja's mood and she sat back on her bed. She desperately did not want to mess up her relationship with Maria, but staying aroused when trying to decide if she had been faithful was awfully hard. The only voluntary sex she ever had was with Maria, but did she cheat on Maria by not telling her about the other sex?

"You are really hiding something from me!" Maria exclaimed. Ronja looked back on her trying to swallow the guilt, it was not working.

"It is not like you think," Ronja mumbled.

"What am I supposed to think?" Maria asked. "You tense up when I ask about secrets just when we are to have sex. No proper explanation. Talk to me! If we are going to be a couple you need to talk to me."

Ronja hesitated, she needed to say something, but her mind was blank. She had been forced to sex, but how could she tell without revealing that she was hocked on the dirty sex? Would not Maria balk on all the kinky stuff Ronja had been doing?

It looked Maria was on the way to get up from the bed, a deep frown on her face. Ronja panicked, she could not let their relationship get ruined like this.

"The dildo is magical, I know you won't believe me, but that is the honest truth. There is spell on it that cause lust. That spell is how we ended as a couple," Ronja blurted out.

Maria stared back at her with surprise on her face and then burst into laughter. The reaction was not unexpected, Maria was a die hard skeptic that only believed in science.

"You claim that you somehow managed to say a spell that caught my heart, Ronja you really are so full of it," Maria said.

Ronja hesitated, should she try to insist on it? It seemed futile to try to convince Maria, but this line of discussion allowed Ronja to dodge the issue of other sex she had.

Ronja decided to go forward with trying to convince Maria, what did she really have to loose? Her relationship with Maria seemed to be in jeopardy in any case.

"No I did not say the spell then. John was the one who did," Ronja replied.

"You claiming you had magic help from John?" Maria asked laughing.

"He did not intend it. He was just after using the magic to spy on you masturbating. He is the reason you have been using the dildo around the clock. You are suffering from having a guy libido forced on you," Ronja replied.

"Oh, that is a good one. You claim the magic allow him to see me masturbating," Maria said.

"You might not believe it, but it is truth. I have been feeling bad about you not knowing how we ended as a couple," Ronja said. It felt great to let her thoughts out even though she still omitted much.

"Do you know the spell?" Maria asked.

"Actually I do, I used it once and saw you masturbating," Ronja admitted.

"You are funny, you have been caught in your own fantasies," Maria said.

"I can prove it to you, I dare you to say the spell," Ronja said. She did not know if the spell worked if you didn't believe in magic, but for once she wanted to prove Maria wrong.

"You are silly, I am to say the spell and then you will want to masturbate. What prevent you from just deciding to masturbate anyway?" Maria asked.

"You can be in a different room, and when you close your eyes you will see me masturbating," Ronja replied.

"Of course I will imagine you masturbating in the other room if I know you are doing it," Maria objected.

"Remember that I suddenly knew about your hair cut despite you doing it unplanned. The spell is how I knew?" Ronja said.

This made Maria pause as she considered what Ronja had said.

"I still think you found out through some mutual friend that saw me on the way home. There is no way that you will convince me of this," Maria said.

"You don't dare to try in case you are proven wrong," Ronja replied.

"Sure I dare to try, this is just superstition. I just don't think you and me count as a double blind science test, you will want to mess with me to prove me wrong," Maria objected with a smirk.

"Bullshit, you just don't dare being proven wrong," Ronja said.

"I know how to test this really," Maria said. "John is bound to be home soon. We hide the dildo in his room, and I say the spell. If you don't text him he won't know about our talk and if he as a guy start using a dildo then it is pretty conclusive."

"Maybe, I don't know if it works on a guy. Maybe it doesn't work if the dildo is hidden in his room and he don't know the location of it," Ronja commented.

"I knew it! You don't believe this superstition yourself!" Maria exclaimed.

"No, that is not it. I just meant that I know the magic is real, but not how it works," Ronja objected.

When she thought about she realized she knew from the story told by the ghost that the magic of the dildo worked on males also. On the other hand she was unsure about if John needed to know the location of the dildo. Maybe it was required for him to previously have touched the dildo for the spell to work on him. Had he touched it at the abandoned hospital? Ronja could not recall.

"Let's do this," Maria said motioned Ronja to show the way. Luckily the door to his room was not locked.

Ronja always felt it so unfair that John had a working lock on his door when it was she that had trouble with her brother bursting into her room. She pushed the thoughts away and placed the dildo in a drawer inside John's room. Maria looked around the room curiously, much of piles of stuff was covered by the many notes with the spell. Ronja picked up one of the copies they left the room.

They relaxed in Ronja's room trying to pass the time until John returned.

"Would it not be great with you and me on a trip together?" Maria suggested.

"It would be lovely, but like I said earlier I don't have the money for the moment," Ronja responded.

Should she go with offer from the ghost and sell videos of herself doing naughty stuff?

"Can't you borrow some from your parents?" Maria asked, interrupting Ronja's thoughts.

"Maybe, but I also need money for new clothes," Ronja replied.

"I think you have plenty of nice clothes, even though you might consider using some more modest at school," Maria responded and moved towards the wardrobe.

Ronja tensed, with the few clothes remaining Maria was bound to notice the bondage gear if she opened the wardrobe.

"Enough talk about clothes, I want you," Ronja said and pulled off her bra. Maria's gaze was instantly glued on her.

Ronja beamed at her and wiggled out of her miniskirt. Maria smiled in response as she stepped into Ronja's embrace. They kissed deeply as Ronja fumbled with the buttons on Maria's pants. With a grin of satisfaction Ronja pushed the pants down. She made sure that Maria's panties followed with the pants. She did not finish the move but gripped Maria's trim butt, her fingertips just barely touching Maria's exposed sex.

Maria moaned in delight and moved to step out of her pants. Ronja took the chance and pushed Maria towards the bed. Maria ended on the bed with a yelp, Ronja jumped her directly and pinned her below her. Maria's pussy so very lovely exposed to her.

Ronja let her fingers trace Maria's labia. Her finger hovering at the entrance to the pussy. In the distance they heard the sound of John coming home. He did not come to bother them, but went to his room.

"Time to test your claimed magic," Maria said and picked up the paper with the spell. Ronja kept still to not disturb her. When she had finished saying the spell Ronja let her finger penetrate Maria's pussy.

"I knew it would not work, but keep doing your more real magic with your fingers," Maria said.

Ronja felt at stab of regret, maybe the spell did only worked if you was a believer in magic. She continued to explore her girlfriends sex, pushing a second finger into her pussy. She marveled at the wetness.

"Oh my god!" Maria exclaimed. Ronja frowned, she did not think she had been doing anything special. "I can see him, fucking his ass!" Maria continued.

Ronja gave Maria a grin, but Maria did not see. Her eyes were closed as she breathed in beat with wiggling of Ronja's fingers. Ronja did not know what knowledge about the magic dildo would do to their relation, but she intended to make the most of this particular sex. Making love to Maria as she saw John masturbating seemed sexy.

She moved around so she could start to lick Maria's cute little clit. This caused another level in ecstasy in Maria that trembled below Ronja. Her hips struggling to move, to get more out of Ronjas fingers.

Ronja could not help moan from sexual want, her body begging for it to be penetrated. She needed a cock inside! She needed the dildo stretching her inside. Maria was answering in kind below her.

Ronja struggled to clear her mind from sexual bliss. Did really the range of the dildo magic extend all the way from John's room to hers?

"Sorry Ronja, I did not understand what it meant to" John started saying as he burst into the room.

Ronja stared at him with wild eyes. It felt like the magic of the dildo was tearing into her mind. For the moment she could not tell what she desired most. The dildo and John's raging hard both looked so terribly inviting.

"oh. I am so stupid!" John exclaimed as Maria pushed Ronja away. Ronja looked into Maria's eyes and saw desperate need there. The magic had Maria captured and John's lame try to move away did not help. Maria caught hold of his hips and pulled him closer as she knelt in front of him.

Ronja could not help to stare transfixed as her girlfriend eagerly swallowed more and more of John's cock. From the look on John's face Maria did very much do the right thing. It looked like his legs trembled as he pushed his cock deep into Maria's throat. Ronja had never known that Maria knew how to deep throat a cock, had she learned that from playing with the dildo?

Ronja felt the last of her resistance melting away. She could no longer stand waiting, she needed to get laid right now. Needed to have that dildo deep inside her.

She moved towards John, he was totally oblivious to what she was doing. In his hand he still clutched the dildo. Ronja bent forward beside him and took hold of his hand, directing the dildo towards her pussy. It felt marvelous as the dildo touched her sex.

"I am kind distracted," John mumbled as he realized what she was doing.

"Maria, stop sucking if you hear me stop moaning," Ronja commanded. The reward was instantaneous, he pushed the dildo inside her. Ronja could not help to moan. She had intended to wait a bit to respond to get John to work for it, but it simply felt to marvelous. She chanted with the beat of the dildo inside her. This was pure heaven.

Suddenly she heard John groaning as he emptied his load in Maria's throat. John's distraction was obvious as he lost focus on the dildo work. He left the dildo inside Ronja as he collapsed on the bed.

Ronja turned towards Maria that was staring at Ronja with a pure wanton look on her face.

"This is terribly impolite of me, but I feel I need to be penetrated right now. Care to help me?" Maria asked in a husky voice.

"I do everything for you my dear," Ronja breathed and pulled the dildo out of her sex. Like always it looked clean and inviting.

They dived down on the bed besides John and Maria giggled in delight as Ronja pushed the dildo into her lovers waiting pussy. The groan of sexual bliss that came from Maria made Ronja wonder if she had climaxed right there. It did not matter, she intended to get her girlfriend to scream lots more.

Normally Ronja would have moved down to add her mouth to Maria's sex, but with three in the bed there was not room. She turned her head and realized she had John's still limp cock directly besides her.

Some part of her screamed at her to not to do it, but she could help herself bending over and taking his member into her mouth.

It was the first time ever that Ronja tasted cum. Maybe it was the magic, but she was really enjoying the dirty feeling as she sucked on her stepbrothers slowly growing cock.

John had recovered by now and was thrusting back at her. Ronja was not deep throating him like Maria had done, but from the groans she was doing okay. Using her tongue to tickle his cock and making sure to have her lips covering her teeth. Maria was literally buckling below Ronja, trying to make to most of Ronja's dildo work.

"I want to see you kiss as I fuck you two," John said. Ronja hesitated for a moment, but Maria was obviously digging the idea and was already moving.

They ended on the bed with Maria below Ronja. Ronja felt her body tingle with anticipation as both their pussies were exposed for John that stood behind the bed.

She wondered if she would get the dildo or the cock. This line of thoughts was interrupted as Maria started to kiss her. Ronja responded in kind and they got lost in kisses. When the penetration came Ronja did not care anymore. The lust and passion was simply to important for her to care if it was the dildo or her brother's cock that pounded into her sex.

The sound and trembles from Maria left little doubt that she also on the receiving end of a fuck. They kissed and kissed again as their hands moved over their bodies. Comforting and teasing every bit of exposed naked skin.

Finally Ronja felt she could not take it anymore, she screamed her lungs out as a powerful orgasm ripped through her. Below her Maria panted from renewed attention from John. The sensations added to the experience, Ronja trembled with the afterwaves of the climax as Maria vibrated below her.

"I am coming!" John shouted. Dimly Ronja registered that she must have been fucked by the dildo. John was clearly not shooting his cum into Ronja's pussy. After a couple of moments John rolled off them.

"I want to come!" Maria breathed into Ronja's ear. Ronja did not hesitate as she sat up and moved downwards.

Finally the lovely pussy was exposed to her, John's cum dripping out of the well used pussy. Ronja's mouth found the clit and she heard Maria's moan as she started to suck. Maria was lost in sensations as Ronja carefully pulled the dildo out of her own pussy.

Ronja grinned as she in one move simultaneously sucked on Maria's clit and jammed the full the dildo into her sex. It was all it took and Maria was buckling in a powerful climax below her. Ronja gave her no relief, but intensified her effort. It felt like Maria's climax never would end.

"Enough, it is over," Maria breathed. Ronja slowed down and looked up her lover that looked at her with love in her gaze.

It was finally over Ronja realized. The magic of the dildo was spent and it was back into being just a dildo of ivory. Not the center of universe as it had been a short while earlier.

Ronja looked up at John. He sat on her chair by the bed with his hand covering his cock. He looked spent, satisfied, but with a tension in his body that Ronja found unusual. She still found his body attractive, but reality was kicking in. It was her stepbrother sitting there.

"I think we need some privacy, could you leave us?" Ronja asked with a weak voice.

"I understand, I never intended it to happen like this," John mumbled and exited the room.

Ronja looked at Maria that lay by her side with lots of worry in her gaze.

"We need to talk, but can we cuddle first? I want this moment to last," Ronja asked.

Maria did not respond with words, but pulled Ronja close. In the background Ronja heard the ghost chuckling. She ignored it and relaxed in Maria's strong arms.

End of chapter 4

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