The ZOOphile - Part 1: The Zebra

Author’s Note: Although this story can be read independently, it was created as a follow-up to the Doggy Style and the Hung Like a Stallion series. For full enjoyment—and to avoid spoilers—please read Doggy Style (Parts 1-5 + Bonus) and Hung Like a Stallion (Parts 1-5 + Bonus).


The sun was still low in the sky, having only recently risen from behind the horizon. Still, its rays were powerful enough to shine down upon the large city that stood beneath. Smack-dab in the center of the urban settlement stood a massive zoo. Though mostly an endless open field divided into different habitats by high fences, dozens of different-sized buildings riddled the zoo grounds. Casually strolling along one of the hundreds of paths that meandered between the different habitats was a hot, eighteen-year-old nymphomaniac by the name of Barbie Lez. As she walked by habitat after habitat, the animals contained within looked her up and down, seemingly impressed by her great beauty.

She had long, platinum-blonde hair with strategically placed, bright-pink highlights, full, pouty lip and piercing, emerald green eyes. Her firm, D-Cup boobs remained barely contained within a bright-pink blouse. The lack of fastened buttons and the garment’s see-through material made it clear she was not wearing a bra. Her lack of panties was also made quite evident by the mini-skirt she wore. Barely long enough to cover her firm, bouncy ass, it left her clean-shaven pussy and behind in plain sight each time she bent down. Her hottest-woman-on-earth look was only amplified by the large tattoo that hovered between her pussy and navel. Shaped like the lesbian symbol, the bright-pink tattoo made her sexual identity clear. At least, it did before she discovered she was more than a simple lesbian; she was also a zoophile!

So, the lesbian/zoophile continued strolling down the path until she finally reached her destination; a habitat that resembled all the others she had come across so far. Coming to a stop before a barred door with a sign that read “Employees Only”, Barbie felt a smile curl her lips.

“Finally,” she muttered, as she opened the door and entered the habitat, only to find it empty. But the busty blonde knew better; the habitat was massive and its inhabitants could be in any one of the dozen of places that remained out of sight. So, with not another work spoken, she set off.

After a ten minute walk—during which she was forced to cross a narrow river and a small forest—she finally found what she was looking for. Pushing a final branch aside, she stepped out of the forest, only to come face to face with a zebra.

“AHH!” she could not help but yell in surprise. Tripping on a root, she lost her balance and, less than a second later, found herself sprawled on the ground before the black and white beast. In a moment of disorientation, Barbie’s mind started to wander and soon forced her to remember the events that led to her current situation.

Two days earlier.

Barbie stood on the porch of her newly acquired farmhouse. Accompanying her were her two neighbors—hot young twins by the name of Lexxi and Brittney Kum. The three friends just stood there, watching Barbie’s six-year-old sister Nikki play with their large dog as she hurried to the stable to feed the horses. But the serenity of the early morning was soon shattered when the phone started to ring. Hurrying into the house, Barbie answered, only to hear Inspector Dick’s echo in hear ear. Anger boiled within her as she recognized the man who had selfishly put her beloved sister’s life in danger in order to take down a bestiality ring. To make things worse, he soon revealed the reason for his call was to ask her help in dismantling yet another bestiality ring. Barbie’s first instinct was to hang up, but soon opted against it when she heard the Inspector’s next words.

“It’s about your mother” he said.

Barbie was stunned. However, she soon recovered and inquired further. Unfortunately, all she learned was that her mother was somehow still alive. The Inspector refused to say anymore until they met in person. Within minutes, they had agreed to meet one hour from then. After bringing Lexxi and Brittney up to speed and asking them to take care of Nikki during her absence, Barbie headed off.

A little under an hour later, Barbie was joining the Inspector in a small café on the outskirts of the city. Though she despised him for risking her sister’s life, Barbie had to face facts; if her mother was truly alive, the Inspector was the only one who could reunite them. So she did her best to contain her hate and remain calm. However, that proved hard when the cop’s first point of order was the bestiality ring he wanted Barbie to infiltrate. Specializing in exotic animals, this particular ring was the biggest in the country—at least according to the Inspector. Unfortunately, that was as far as she made it before letting her emotions get the better of her.

“Where’s my mother?” she almost yelled, but soon calmed down when the other diners started throwing her questioning glances. Calming down, she gave the Inspector a chance to explain. When the plane her parents had been flying on had crashed, it was initially thought there had been no survivors. Though her father’s body was identified, her mother’s had never been found. Nonetheless, it had been determined no one could have survived and thus she had been declared legally dead. What the cops did not know was that Barbie’s mother had miraculously survived. A Good Samaritan had come across the crash before the first responders and driven her straight to the hospital. Though she was alive, a head injury had left her in a coma for a week. Upon regaining consciousness, she had discovered her mind had been wiped clean. Because of this, she had no idea she had been in a plane crash and thus remained unaware she had two loving daughters that were grieving her passing. In the year that followed, she made a new life for herself.

“Then what?” asked Barbie, hanging to the Inspector’s every word. Unfortunately, that was all he knew. But that was okay; Barbie would let her mother fill in the blanks once they were reunited. Unfortunately, Barbie was soon reminded such a reunion came with a price. With no other choice, she agreed to go undercover and help Inspector Dick take down the bestiality ring in exchange for reuniting Barbie and Nikki with their long lost mother. Still, she could not help but inquire as to the reason for such extortion. She soon learned that after the lawsuit she had filed against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Inspector had been assigned the worst cases in the department. The only way to get back on top and prove his worth was to take down the biggest bestiality ring in the country. And as luck would have it, that ring was rumored to be run in the city’s very own zoo. So, after sealing the deal with a handshake, the two parted as friends. At least, until both parties were satisfied.

The next morning, Barbie drove to the city zoo, only to find Inspector Dick waiting for her. Lexxi and Brittney had agreed to take care of Nikki during her absence, so Barbie was able to concentrate on the job at hand without having to worry about her sister. Within minutes of her arrival, Barbie was informed she had a job interview that was scheduled to begin five minutes later. Hurrying inside, Barbie was forced to improvise her way through the interview. Luckily, the bogus resume the Inspector had sent in was enough to land Barbie the job. By the time the interview was over, she was hired and told to report first thing the next day.

The next morning, Barbie arrived for her first day of work. Like before, the inspector is waiting for her. Within minutes, Barbie was brought up to speed on her mission. According to his sources, the owner of the zoo was the one running the bestiality ring. All Barbie had to do was get “caught” having sex with an animal and if her performance was good enough—which he has no doubt it will be—she should be offered a promotion. Barbie asked what then, but was told not to worry about it and to focus on getting the boss to notice her. With that, the Inspector headed off and Barbie began her first day of work. Due to the zoo’s massive size, the teen’s instruction for the day was: Get to know the zoo. Realizing that suited her plan perfectly, she wandered around the zoo until she found the perfect animal to help her prove her bestiality skills; Zebras! Due to their resemblance to horses Barbie was confident she would be able to give a suitable performance. But only time would tell.

Suddenly, Barbie got snapped back to reality by a loud braying. Getting to her feet, she soon noticed the black and white beast standing before her was not alone. In fact, an entire herd of zebras stood before her. From the looks of it, there seemed to be around three dozen, giving Barbie the pick of the litter. Remembering the reason for her intrusion in the African equine habitat, she surveyed the herd until she spotted a powerful beast that would be perfect for what she had in mind. He was the largest stallion there and Barbie could not help but feel a wave of arousal wash over her at the thought of what was to follow. But the arousal was soon flushed form her body when she realized the equine she had selected was on the other side of the herd. In order to reach him, she would have to weave her way through the sea of zebras that stood between them. Taking a deep breath for courage, she headed off. But her progress was slow as she had to make sure never to stand too close behind one of the countless equines by fear of being kicked. Luckily, she eventually managed to reach her target.

“Finally,” she muttered as she glanced back, only to realize the heard had migrated and the path she had just taken was now equine free.

“Of course,” she muttered sarcastically, annoyed by the turn of events. Nonetheless, it would make the trip home much easier. But before that, she had to make sure the zebra she had worked so hard to reach was willing to follow her. Turning to the black and white beast, she took a few seconds to look him up and down. Quite large for a zebra, he stood at seven feet—from the bottom of his hooves to the top of his head—and powerful muscles could be seen rippling beneath his black and white coat. Like before, the sight of him sent a shiver of arousal running through her. Ignoring it, she focused on the business at hand and outstretched a hand, presenting her open palm to the equine. Hesitant at first, the animal started sniffing her hand. Luckily, he soon got used to the young human’s smell and even started licking her hand, letting her know the he would not object to what she had in mind.

“Hey, big guy,” said Barbie is a soothing voice as she reached up and started scratching his neck. He seemed to like it, because he snorted a few times. Smiling, Barbie decided it was safe to begin the journey home. Grabbing hold of her new friend’s short, erect name, she gently tugged on it. Trusting the busty blonde implicitly, the zebra followed her. In fact, he trusted her so much the teen was soon able to release his mane. Somehow aware that he would not regret following the busty nymphomaniac, he stuck to her like glue as she made her way back through the small forest. In fact, he even helped her cross the small river by letting her mount him, but that could just have been because he got the feeling the roles would soon be reversed. This theory was proven correct when they reached the door Barbie had used to enter the habitat in the first place. Coming to a stop, the large equine let his mount descent.

“Thanks for the ride,” said Barbie as she placed a gentle kiss onto the steed’s nose. He seemed to appreciate because he snorted joyful, forcing a few chuckles past Barbie’s lips. However, the smile soon vanished from her lips when she realized her job was far from over. In fact, it had yet to start. So, with not another second’s delay, she got to work.

Using her peripheral vision, she soon located the security camera that stood atop the nearby fence. Casually taking three steps to her left, she made sure to be in the camera’s field of vision before starting the sensual striptease that would soon follow. Turning to the large equine, she started unbuttoning her blouse. After only three buttons, the garment swung open, revealing a flawless pair of firm, perky tits. The zebra seemed to appreciate, because he snorted. Taking it as an encouragement, Barbie let the blouse slide off her shoulders and found herself fully topless. Eager to see more, the large equine’s eyes remained glued to the teen’s body as her hands travelled down to her skirt. Grabbing hold of it, one quick tug was all it took to send the skirt sliding down her legs. Another snort escaped the black and white stallion when his eyes came cross the teen’s clean-shaven pussy. Though he had never before seen a human’s naked body, the steed somehow knew what was coming and felt something stir between his hind legs. But the stirring soon grew into something else altogether when Barbie stepped up to him and started rubbing her naked body against his.

“Wow!” gasped Barbie is surprise when felt powerful waves of arousal wash over her. However, she soon realized the surprisingly potent level of arousal that grew within her was due to the fact that she had not climaxed in two days. Though for most, two days without an orgasm was quite normal, for a nymphomaniac like Barbie, it was a lifetime. In fact, it was missing her daily masturbation session that had led to her initiation to the world of bestial love. So, now that she had missed not one, but two of her daily masturbation sessions, she was hornier than ever before. In fact, so much arousal now coursed through her veins that it took a few seconds before she realized the only reason she had even made it this far was due to the revelation that her mother was still alive.

“I need to cum!” she realized. Unfortunately, she knew it would be practically impossible to get her equine lover to make her climax until she pleasured him first. So, with that in mind, she dropped to her knees and took a seat beneath the large zebra.

“Wow!” she gasped as she realized her sensual grinding had been more effective then she had initially thought. For you see, a half-erect zebra spear now hung between her lover’s hind legs. Unable to resist the enticing sight, she reached out, her hands trembling with anticipation and sexual withdrawal.

“Here I come mom,” she thought as she wrapped her hands around her lover’s schlong.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, too aroused to even notice the high perverseness of her previous thought. And she never would because the waves of arousal that washed over her doubled in intensity, forcing her already impressive arousal level to skyrocket.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned again as she realized she was touching her first zebra cock. Though it felt exactly like the dozens of horse dicks she had previously handled, it did not stop her form feeling pride wash over her as she realized she was adding a third animal to the list of species she had fucked. With that in mind, she started jerking her hand back and forth, forcing it to travel up and down the entirety of her lover’s prick.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned again as she felt the rod harden in her hand. Growing in both length and width, the spear soon reached its full potential. Still, she continued fervently jerking him off until his shaft was hard as rock and stood perfectly erect before her.

“Not bad,” muttered Barbie as she drank in the schlong’s every detail. Though it was far from the biggest she had ever seen, it was still quite massive given it belonged to a zebra. Measuring an impressive eighteen inches in length, it had a three-inch-wide head. The shaft measured two inches below the head and widened to three at the base, letting the horny teen know she would not be left wanting by what was about to happen.

“Ready?” she asked her equine lover. A snort was the answer the zebra chose to give her, letting his human lover he was all too happy to let her proceed. Taking full advantage of this, Barbie leaned forward, her lips parting as they neared their destination.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned as she felt the equine’s rock-hard head make contact with her lips. Her arousal skyrocketed and, unable to resist, she forced her lover’s prick into her mouth. Another passionate moan escaped her as the stallion’s rod slipped past her lips. Expertly wiggling her tongue around, she started massaging her lover’s head, forcing shivers of arousal to shake the steed’s schlong. But that was only the first step. Moments later, she wrapped a second hand around the blistering hot rod and started jerking them back and forth, forcing them to slide up and down the entirety of the stallion’s shaft. Next, she started bobbing her head back and forth, forcing the steed’s cock in and out of her mouth. Unfortunately, it was too massive to enter her throat, but that did not stop the horny teen from trying.

Obviously, she failed, but that did not stop the horny zebra from enjoying every second of the process. Hid cock was being pulled out of his lover’s mouth before being forced back in with such force that it slammed against the back of her mouth, each time almost making it past the uvula. Unfortunately that never happened. Fortunately, Barbie was a master when it came to pleasing a steed, so she gave her equine lover the best blowjob/handjob of his life—which was not really that difficult given the fact that it was his first.

“Mmmmm!” moaned Barbie blissfully as she stimulated her lover’s dick with the quite impressive skills she had been working hard to improve on ever since she had first been introduced to the world of bestial love. It was hard to believe it had only been a little over a month since she had first lost her virginity to a Russell Terrier. Still, it was true and… But that was as far as she got, because something soon snapped her back to reality; her lover’s cock had started jerking around in her hands and mouth.

“He’s gonna cum!” she realized as she got ready for her first taste of zebra cum. Of course, she was rather confident it would taste exactly like the dozens of horses she had let squirt in her mouth, but she had no proof of this. Still, she was about to find out. She felt her lover’s first wave flow up the entirety of his shaft. With the most powerful spasm yet, the wave was sent gushing into her mouth. Opening up her throat, she let most of the wave flow into her. What little was left over gave her taste buds a chance to tell her brain that zebra cum tasted as sweet as any horse’s. Unfortunately, the teen soon forgot all about that when the second and third waves came gushing into her mouth. She did her best to swallow every drop, but was soon forced to face facts; there was too much cum for her to handle.

“Mmm…” she moaned sadly as she felt her cheeks balloon. A second later, she she was unable to keep the flow of cum contained and felt an impressive amount of zebra cum squirt past her lips. The sweet liquid was sent flying through the air and, splitting into million upon millions of tiny drops of cum, started to rain down upon the interspecies couple, soon covering them in an ever-thickening layer of orgasmilk.

“Mmmmmm!” moaned Barbie blissfully as cum continued flowing down her throat and past her lips. Though it had only been two days since she had last tasted cum—be it form a dog or a stallion—Barbie felt like it had been an eternity and she swallowed the sweet nectar with great enthusiasm.

By the time the final wave flowed into her, a good minute later, her stomach felt like it was about to explode. Still, that did nothing to stop arousal from pumping through her veins, sending a signal to her brain that only thing mattered. And that one thing was to feel a powerful orgasm explode deep within her. Luckily, she steed was all too happy to help her do just that. Barbie now lay on the ground, clutching her over-filled stomach and forcing air in and out of her lungs in an attempt to return her breathing to a normal rhythm. Though she had not been the one to climax, swallowing wave after wave of hot stallion cum had been enough to tire her out. So she continued gasping for air as the zebra did the only thing he could think of; he started licking the thick layer of cum that covered his human lover’s body. Fortunately, the area he chose to lick happened to be Barbie’s crotch.

“Mmmmm!” moaned the busty teen as she felt her lover’s tongue slide across her engorged labia, forcing her already impressive arousal level to skyrocket. Within seconds, every last drop of orgasmilk had been licked from her engorged labia. The zebra was then given a choice; lick the cum from another part of the gasping human’s body or attempt to reach the sweet pre-cum he smelled in her pussy. Fortunately for the horny nymphomaniac, the cum-hungry stallion decided he had had enough of his own cum and wanted a taste of human pre-cum

“FUCK!” she moaned blissfully as she felt her lover clench his tongue muscles, rendering it rigid. Not wasting a second, he thrust the massive appendage deep into her poon, forcing the pre-cum that coated to her vaginal walls to transfer over to his tongue. Yanking it back out, she swallowed what little pre-cum he had managed to extract and soon returned for more. His tongue dove in and out of the young human, forcing increasingly powerful waves of arousal to escape her.

“Oh yes!”



Her moans grew in power, length and intensity as the seconds ticked away. Though the feeling of her lover’s tongue darting in and out of her with increasing speed was blissful, she could not help but crave more. More arousal than ever before now coursed through her veins and if she wanted to climax before going totally insane for all the teasing, she would have to come to her lover’s rescue. The considered reaching down and slipping one—or two—fingers into her asshole, but realized that would be difficult given the fact that her overfilled stomach decreased her flexibility. So she did the only other thing she could think of. Reaching up, she grabbed hold of her cum-covered boobs with both hands and started massaging them.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned as she felt her arousal jump to the next level. But still she craved more. Using the non-bestial lovemaking skills she had learned from her month spent fucking Lexxi every chance she got, Barbie started massaging, pulling, tweaking and even pinching her nipples, sending shivers of arousal running down her spine. Her arousal level continued rising, but still she craved more. Unfortunately, she had run out of ways to escalate and just continued doing what she was doing. Fortunately, the combined arousal from the equine tongue-fucking and the self-induced nipple stimulation was enough to force a powerful orgasm to grow within her. When she could no longer bear it and felt like she was about to go insane, it happened; she climaxed!

“FUUCCCKKKK!!” she shrieked at the top of her lungs as she felt her pussy start to shake and shiver. A split second later, the first wave of cum came flowing up from the depths of her cunt. Though this was far from being her first orgasm, it was the most powerful of her life. However, that was not due to her lover’s surprisingly skillful tongue; it was a result of her two days spent without an orgasm. Officially putting an end to her record-setting abstinence marathon, Barbie felt her first wave travel around the zebra’s massive tongue and gush past her lower lips. With only a small percentage finding its way into her lover’s mouth, most of her first wave was sent flying high into the air. As usual, it split into tiny drops and started raining down upon the interracial couple. A second layer of orgasmilk soon clung to Barbie and her equine lover as the teen moaned at the top of her lungs. Because her orgasm was so intense, she was unable to form words, but that did not stop her from releasing blissful moan after blissful moan.

“MMM! MMM! MMM!” she went, perfectly timed to release a moan each time a powerful wave of sweet nectar flew out of her. Though the power of her squirts would have been enough to scare off most animals, the zebra braved the cumflow and continued thrusting his tongue in and out of his lover’s convulsing twat.

This went on for the better part of a minute before Barbie felt her final wave ooze out of her and splash to the ground, adding to the massive puddle of cum that had gathered between her legs. For the first time in minutes, the steed pulled away, forcing his tongue to leave his human lover’s poon for the final time.

“Mmm…” moaned Barbie softly as she felt the appendage slither out of her. But it did not stay away for long; seconds later, the hungry zebra started licking the thick layer of cum that covered Barbie’s overfilled-stomach.

By the time the sexually satisfied blonde recovered, a few minutes later, the stallion had licked most of the cum that covered her body. But his own body remained covered in a thick layer of orgasmilk and the sight of it forced a few chuckles past Barbie’s lips when she finally found the strength to sit up.

“You look silly,” she told him, but a snort from the large steed was enough to remind her she was far from perfect as cum still covered half of her body. Having come down from her sexual high, Barbie suddenly remembered something; she was still being filmed and if she ever wanted to see her mother again, she had to get the boss’s attention. And the only way to do that was to give the best show possible. Though she had already climaxed, Barbie knew she would have to do more in order to convince the powers that be that she deserved to be recruited. Fortunately, the thought of feeling a rock-hard zebra cock sliding into her for the first time brought arousal back to her tired body.

“Ready for round two?” she asked joyfully, pretending she still had not noticed the security camera that filmed her ever movement. A snort from the zebra told her he was all too happy to continue what they had started. This was proven further by the half-erect cock Barbie soon found hanging between his hind legs. From the looks of it, ingesting all that cum had turned him on.

“I’ll take that as yes,” said Barbie joyfully as she reached out and grabbed the cum-covered schlong. Eager to get started and force arousal to return to her flawless body, the busty teen reached out and wrapped all ten of her fingers around the manhood.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned as she felt it stir in her hands. Not wasting a second, she started jerking her hands back and forth, soon forcing the prick to grow in both length and width. Within seconds, it was hard as rock and the busty nymphomaniac could feel the blood pumping through the veins that riddled it. Within seconds of laying eyes on the now fully-erect prick, Barbie felt powerful waves of arousal once more start washing over her. Forgetting about the security camera, Inspector Dick and her mother, Barbie focused on the job at hand and let the rest of the world fade into the background.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned as she wrapped her lips around the large dickhead. Instantly, her tongue started moving about, doing its best to stimulate her lover’s schlong. Her hands soon started jerking up and down the entirety of his shaft. This lasted for a few seconds before Barbie realized something.

“Oh my god!” she mentally gasped as she realized she had not planned on giving the horny zebra another blowjob; she had planned on letting him fuck her!

“Oops,” she muttered as she forced the schlong out of her mouth, forcing the horny animal to release a disappointed bray.

“Quit whining,” muttered Barbie as she dropped to her hands and knees. Doing a quick one-eighty, she soon found herself with her head between her lover’s front legs. She then grabbed one in each hand and, using them as leverage, planted her feet firmly onto the ground. Nest, she unfolded her legs, forcing her ass to sire until the cum-covered teen felt the zebra’s rock-hard schlong make contact with it. She was about to reach back and guide the manhood to her pussy when her lover took matters into his own hands. Jerking back, he aimed his shaft at his lover’s cunt and jerked forward with great verve.

“FUCK!” yelled Barbie, more out of surprise than anything else. She had already had two thirty-six-inch-long schlongs stuffed into her pussy—at once—so one small eighteen-inch prick was nothing for this experienced teen. Still, it felt blissful as it dove past her labia and slid deep into her, the penetration made easy by the cum that still covered both the steed’s rod and the blonde’s cunt. As per usual, a total of twelve inches of stallion manhood were forced into her before reaching the depths of her cunt. Fortunately, that was enough for the horny steed. When he could no longer go forward, her pulled back and started the process all over again. In and out his manhood traveled, forcing increasingly powerful moans past his human lover’s lips.

“Oh god!”

“Oh yes!”

“Oh fuck!”

Her moans echoed throughout the zoo, scaring off a nearby flock of birds and making many an animal wonder who—or what—could produce such high-pitched sounds. Fortunately, that was none of their business and the interspecies couple was left alone to continue the intense pounding it had started. As the seconds passed, the zebra increased the speed and force of his thrusts, forcing Barbie’s moans to do the same.

Increasingly powerful waves of arousal washed over both the moaning nymphomaniac and the snorting zebra as they experienced a surprisingly intense pounding session. Though Barbie had been fucked by some of the biggest dogs and horses in the world, there was something about that zebra schlong diving in and out of her that gave her a feeling she had never before experienced. Perhaps it was the fact that she was about to lose her zebra virginity of the fact that doing so would inevitably lead to a reunion with her long lost mother. Whatever the reason, the interspecies pounding felt awesome and Barbie was all too happy to enjoy every single second.

“Faster! FASTER!” begged the horny teen between two moans. Luckily for her, the zebra somehow managed to increase the already impressive speed of his powerful thrusts, making the teen feel an orgasm build deep within her.

“Don’t stop! DON’T FUCKING STOP!”

Fortunately, that was the last thing in the world the horny stallion would have done. He continued pounding the shit out of his tight-bodied human lover until he also felt an orgasm build within him.

“I’m gonna cum! I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM!” soon moaned Barbie, letting her lover know she too was on the verge of climax. A second later, she felt her pussy start to shake and shiver.

“FUUCCCKKKK!!” she bellowed at the top of her lungs as she felt her first wave of cum flow up from the depths of her pussy. As luck would have it, that was the exact moment her lover’s own first wave was forced to travel up the entirety of his rock-hard schlong. The two liquids flowed forth and soon collided, creating a mini cum typhoon deep within the teen’s cunt. Fortunately, the storm soon calmed down then the two liquids mixed, creating a human/equine cum cocktail that was soon sent flying out of Barbie’s cock-filled cunt.

“Mmmmm!” moaned Barbie as she felt the millions upon millions of drops of cum that now filled the air start raining down upon her, adding a third layer of cum to her flawless body. The sweet nectar also clung to the stallion’s body, covering the few parts of his body that still remained free of cum. If not the loud braying that flowed past his lips, it would be impossible to know he was a zebra and not a plain old horse. But, fortunately for the interspecies couple, there was no one there to make such a mistake, so they continued moaning and squirting all over the place as their orgasms raged on.

By the time the final wave flowed out of them, a good minute later, the large puddle of cum the covered the ground beneath them was so massive it was a veritable miracle the two managed to stay upright. However, Barbie was about to do the exact opposite. But it was not because of the cum-covered ground; it was due to the fact that her powerful orgasm had drained every last drop of energy from her body.

“Uh-oh,” was the last thing she said before she felt every last muscle in her body give out and she crashed to the ground, forcing her lover’s shrinking cock to pop out of her. Luckily, her fall was broken by the puddle of cum and she remained unharmed. However, orgasmilk was sent flying in all directions. Unable to move even the smallest muscle, Barbie was left with barely enough strength to force air to flow in and out of her lungs. Though it took the better part of five minutes, she eventually managed to recover.

“Wow!” she muttered when she finally found the strength to sit up, “That was awesome.” And oddly, it was true. For some unknown reason—be it her lack of sexual gratification over the last few days or just knowing that her mother was still alive—it had been one of the best poundings of her life.

Getting to her feet, she grabbed her equine lover’s head and placed a gentle kiss on his mussel before thanking him. At least, that is what she had planned on doing. But before she could press her lips against her lover’s nose, he outstretched his tongue and thrust it into the teen’s mouth.

“MMM?!’ moaned Barbie, taken aback by the unexpected penetration. But her moan soon turned from surprise to bliss when she felt him wiggle it around in her mouth. Acting on instinct, she started reciprocating his eager tongue strokes. Barbie was utterly stunned by what was happening, but she enjoyed it too much to ruin the experience by questioning it.

“Wow!” she said again, once the steed had put an end to the interspecies kiss. Apparently satisfied, the zebra snorted something Barbie interpreted as a goodbye and trotted off joyfully, leaving a trail of cum behind him. Still recovering from the unexpected kiss, Barbie watched the cum-covered stallion trot off for a few seconds before realizing she had done everything she could to prove her skills. Either she was fired for having sex with an animal or she was hired to perform in the bestiality ring.

“I just hope someone was watching,” thought Barbie. However, she soon realized that did not matter; she had sex with a zebra and it was awesome. If she was offered a promotion, that was just a bonus—a bonus that would eventually reunite her with her long lost mother. But that would have to wait. For now, she had to get cleaned off and continued working until she was either fired or promoted. Remembering the narrow river that flowed nearby, Barbie gathered her clothes and hurried after the zebra.

Ten minutes later, Barbie was exiting the habitat. She had said her final goodbyes to her equine lover and had washed every last drop of cum form her body. If not for her soaking wet clothes and hair, it would have been impossible to tell anything had happened. So, unsure how to spend the rest of her day, she decided to continue her tour of the zoo. However, her leisurely stroll soon came to an end when she ran into another employee.

“The boss wants to see you,” said the man, out of breath. Form the looks of it, he had been running for a while, undoubtedly looking for Barbie.

“Why?” asked Barbie, though she was pretty sure she already knew the answer.

“Dunno,” admitted the man, “But if I were you, I’d be very polite; the last person she called to her office quit the next day. At least, they said she quit…”

Not wanting to let the man’s gossip dictate her emotions, she decided to ignore it. After getting directions from her fellow zoo worker, Barbie began the long walk to the boss’s office. After a fifteen-minute walk, she finally reached a small building that stood apart from the beaten path. According to the man, the boss’s office was located in that building. Entering through the front door, she wandered around a bit before locating the office. Upon finding it, she stood before the door for a few seconds, working up the courage to knock. In a few moments, she would either get promoted or fired. The thought of losing her only chance to see her mother again was enough to petrify the busty teen. Fortunately, she soon realized there was no point in delaying the inevitable. Taking a deep breath for courage, she knocked.

After a few seconds, a voice echoed from within.

“Come in!” said the sweet feminine voice. As Barbie pulled the door open, she could not help and feel like the voice was somehow familiar. But it was not until she spotted a hot, busty blonde sitting behind a massive desk that it hit her.

“Oh my god!” gasped Barbie as she recognized the woman. Her name was Bambi; Bambi Lez. She was Barbie’s mother!

To be continued in Part 2


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. A new fantasy will be published each week, so make sure to check back every so often.

Have a horny day,

Barbie Lez

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