Friend of the family Part 1

Hey this is my first time writing one of these so don't expect any five star writing other than that you're fine. This is the story of how I fucked three sisters in between a week.

The sister I got to know first her name is Jane she was nineteen at the time when this happened, very sexy red hair with double Ds cup size breast , nice ass pretty face she wears glasses that makes her look like a slutty secretary, she had amazing personality, she likes to drink, party and hangout friends, that’s all she did because she was out of school. The only problem with this bristish princess, she was my housemate’s girlfriend or fuck buddy whatever its called I prefer the one night stand, things can get complicated when she a fuck buddy am I right, anyways it was a Tuesday day night there was no money to go out clubbing so my housemate and I bought a couple of drinks and decided to stay in instead, my house and I go by the same name frank, and share the same birthday month a week after mine, It has helped us with the girls, it still amazes me how we ended up being housemate’s but that’s not today’s story. Alright we got the drinks, a mate of ours Steve came over to hang before going to town. It was still early, around 9:00pm, I was already drunk, it’s not like am a light weight or anything yeah, that night was just different, I did not eat all day that’s why the alcohol got to me easily. So with a little booty shaking and a of lot girls showing off their sexiness from watching MTV I wanted to have some fun for myself, I started the pinging and the calling only to find my housemate doing the same thing, After a couple of minutes looking for a girl to come over to mine, there was no luck they all plans of going clubbing that night, my mind slowly drifts off to the club that was raving that night, how much fun I’ll have if I go out, but times like this when your bank account has a sad face on it, you’ll just to be a good boy and sit at home. When it looked like all hope was lost my housemate said he had some friends coming over, a huge smile burst out from my face like a little kid. Who’s coming? I asked. Jane and her younger sister, I was excited, I’ll go for her younger sister since she would be the only one available. Steve’s girlfriend came over to pick him up, as soon as they left, a taxi parked outside dropping off the two gorgeous red hair’s and they were both sisters, the idea was so interesting I was already hard. So introduction was for the younger sister took place, this was about 11pm her name was Stacey, she is a year younger than Jane, the most beautiful in the family, tall bulumpcious red hair, shape of a model, sexy tits, sexy ass, wearing black a jeans and red top and Jane looking sexy as usual wearing a black top and blue jeans , lets skip the boring parts shall we. Things starts to getinteresting about 1am in the morning when all the bottles of alcohol and bag of weed was empty everyone was drunk, we made a dance floor from our living room, Jane and Stacey took the liquid of some glowing stick I had in the house, and pour it on the wooden floor and the walls of our living room and switched off the light, the room glowed with different colour, it was fucking awesome. The mood was set, I was dancing with Stacey, my cock was on full erection as she kept on grinding me, Frank and Jane left to go for a private show in the room and left Stacey and I in the living room. I have kissed, grabbed every part of the woman body that would turn her on but this refuses on going into my room with me, she told me she does not go into a guy’s room she just met she was just toying with me. “ if you think about it where we are now isn’t my room, you won’t be breaking any of your principles if I lick you dry here” I said to her, she leaned over and whispered to my ear. “ I was waiting for you to say that” my cock grew harder I think past its normal length. As I leaned over to kiss her, look what the cat dragged in, Jane bursting into the living room to see if a taxi had dropped off someone, my flat’s window faced road in front of my building, I saw two girls and a guy getting out of a taxi, apparently while Frank and Jane was in the room, some friends of Jane called to see what she was up too, and they decided to come over to end their night in my house, I hated Jane for killing my moment, I looked at her as a moment killer, introduction took place, there were two girls and a guy that came over, this part I don’t remember clearly all i was thinking of was the chance for a good fuck I just missed and how I could get my well deserve fuck. It was now a after party this was past 3am all club must have being shut by now, we called the alcohol emergency delivery for more drinks, don’t know what happened but frank and Jane had a problem there were sorting out in his room, so it was I, Stacey, Claire, matt and Kayla that was dancing and drinking in the living room. Kayla and matt was dating, they also decided to start sorting a issue that started in the club, during the time of their argument, I noticed Stacey was starting to feel sick from the alcohol I saw a going to the toilet i think it was to throw up, was too bothered with those fucking couple shouting in my living room to go help Stacey, after a few minutes Stacey came back to the living room, I asked what was wrong and she told me she was feeling sick I should come help her in the bathroom, I followed her into the bathroom, as we got in she locked the door and dragged me from the neck to a deep kiss, me thinking about she being sick and was in the toilet earlier on i pulled back and ask. “Oii taught you were sick?” i asked.“ I lied to get you into the toilet” she replied, “ you naughty girl you should have just said it, i being thinking of a way to sort those cunts out and come give you some good loving” I said to her “ Make me feel good” she moaned softly as she grabbed my cock, instantly I got hard, I pulled her from the waist and turned her to the wall behind me kissed her soft lips as my right hand went deep into her jeans, she was so wet her pussy juice was already dripping, i put two fingers into her wet pussy fingering her rapidly, she let out a soft moan, I turned her over, she was facing the wall and I unbuckle her jeans pulled it down with her thong to her knees, went back to fingering her pussy, pulled her hair aside and kissed her neck she put her left hand into my jean to grab to hard cock giving me a handjob while my jeans was still on, she turns to unbuckle my belt, she doing that I went for her bra, I added a new record for unbuckling a girls bra, four seconds, she pulled my jeans down while still giving me a handjob, she kisses me and whispers to my ear to make her feel good, I grabbed her from the ass placed one of my legs on jeans and lifted her up while pulling down her jeans placed her back on the wall, she took my dick and puts it into her pussy and wrapped her hands on me, then I started work, her pussy so warm, tight and wet, so wet when she put my dick into it went in smoothly, I pounded her into the wall she could not control herself, then she lets loose, the moaning became louder, it got me harder, I fucked her only few words came out of her mouth OH YESS OH YESS YESS YESS YESS OH MY GOD FUCK ME!, she told me to let go of her, i put my hands down, she hold me tight, wraps her legs over mine and started riding my cock, it was such a good feeling I almost came, then she cums with a soft moan it sounded like i was in a opera house. My cum ran back to my balls when I realised i had no condom on, i dropped her down and quickly get a condom from wallet, she poses with her legs open with her well shape ass facing me with her two hands on the sink, i bent down to put tongue her pussy, i spanked her ass chick while licked her pussy , i stood adjusted her ass to my dick, i slide my cock into her and give some real hard thurst first then continued rapidly, i cupped one breast with squeezing hard she let out another soft moan, my other hand went for her clits, the moaning continued this time it was longer “ Yeeesss, yessss, yesss, god i feel sooooo gooood, you feel so good babe” she pulls me out, takes out the condom from my dick, i sat on the toilet sit, she got on me, leaned forward and licked my neck, and told me to not worry that she is on pills, she put my dick into her and slowly went in deep and deep, the full length of hard black cock was inside her, she slowly grinding the full length cock inside her, after some grinding she’ll go up and down, she continued to fuck me in that pace moaning softly, i’ll slide hand into her top to grab her breast, it wasn’t long till i started feeling my cum coming, I'll still let her know i was cumming, “Cum in me” she said, I came so hard i felt it at the back of my head. We cuddled a little before we dressed back up and left the toilet, I spanked her ass as we left the toilet she turned and winked at me. Opening the toilet door, frank was all dressed up, i asked him what was going on, he told me his sleeping out today, I knew him and Jane did not finish sorting their problem, Stacey said she was going to check on her sister, frank left the house, then i went to the living room the arguments was still at its peak, I felt to good to give a fuck what was happening i went back to sit on the dining table, Claire asked me if Stacey was alright, “ Yes she feeling a lot better, she in the room with Jane if you want to see her” I replied, I pulled out cigarette to smoke and continued drinking. After I finished my cigarette things were getting too loud, it was kind of a big issue because of the posh building I live in, i was now pissed off because i did not even know this people and there where at the top of their voices in my house at 4am, suddenly i started hearing Stacey and Jane’s voice coming from the room, them too are now having problems, I told Kayla and her boyfriend to fuck off from my house and take their argument somewhere else, they left my house and continued in the streets, Claire followed them to make sure things would not get out of hand, I checked on Stacey and Jane, they were throwing words at each other didn’t know what that fight was all about till later on. Stacey was pissed off she called a taxi, I would try to settle, but i only watch when to girls fight, in this case there were sisters so their was no way i was going to try stop it, i just let it play out, then the taxi arrived, I walked Stacey to her taxi, she apologised for ending such a fun night like this, but she can’t stand being around her sister right now, she kiss me on my lips, grabs my cock and whispers, you can take me to your room the next time we meet, I’ll call you tomorrow i said to her, I’ll be waiting, she replied. I got back in the house to find with her top and no jeans, her black thong, smooth tick thighs in front of me “I was gonna go but I can’t find my Jeans”.

The end of Part 1

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