Dominating My Older Sis 1: Lil Sis Pays the Price

Dominating My Older Sister
(An Incestuous Harem Story)
Chapter One: Little Sis Pays the Price
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Clint Elliston

I had my queen and my concubine perched on my naked thighs, both girls nude, their pussies hot and juicy on my flesh as they squirmed, their arms around my neck, and their breasts thrust right into my face. Both of their nipples were hard and beading with that creamy treat—breast milk.

They were the first mothers of my children. The first two women I had bred. The first two sisters I had bred.

It was so hot to have my own harem of women. The female members of my family all had submitted to me. My dad got around, keeping both my mom and my aunt as his sex slaves while fucking other women. Melody and Pam, my queen and concubine, were both my half-sisters. Two of the three women I loved the most.

“Mmm, is someone hungry for his treat?” Pam purred. She was half-Japanese and looked it, with this creamy, olive skin and sleek, black hair she kept in a French braid. Her eyes were slanted, her face delicate, her body petite while her breasts were nice and round, swollen with her milk.

“I think a certain perv is eager to drink our breast milk,” Melody said. My blonde half-sister, who I grew up thinking was my cousin, had a huge smile on her lips, her hazel eyes wild. She had her sandy-blonde locks in two braids falling off her shoulders, the ends brushing the side of her own round tits. “Well?”

“We all know you're the greatest perv, Melody,” I grinned, giving her ass a pinch.

She squealed, jiggling on my lap, her pussy so hot and juicy, shaved the way I liked it on her. Pam, on the other hand, had a thick, black bush that tickled my thigh. Asian girls should always have bush and European girls should always be shaved.

I was lucky I had a sister from each.

“Me, the greatest perv?” she asked, her eyes saucy after the pinch. Of all my women, she pushed the lines of rebellion the most, knowing she could get away with it because I loved her. My first love. We had grown up as friends. Melody was a tomboy, and our feelings had deepened before the events of last year that ended up with me dominating my mother, my aunt, and my sisters. And Pam's mother and my older sister's girlfriend. When Dad died, I had to step up and take charge of the family.

Just the way he intended.

“You're the one who fucks all his sisters,” Melody said, leaning her nipple closer. “And breeds them.”

“And your own mother,” Pam agreed with a giggle. Over the last year she had grown a little more assertive, Melody rubbing off on her. But she still possessed that shy, submissive quality that I loved. “Such a horndog.”

I grinned. Right now, Mom and my half-sister Lee were pregnant with my children though neither were showing yet. “I guess I am.” I pinched her ass. “So what does that make you two?”

“Pervs,” Melody laughed while Pam squirmed, wincing. Melody gave her a look. “Right?”
“Right,” nodded Pam. “You made us into pervs. We were just such innocent maids until our brother twisted us into sex-mad pervs.”

“Sex-mad,” agreed Melody, grinning at me. She and Pam both moved, almost casually, bringing their hard nipples closer to my lips, offering their treats to me.

They had given birth to our children over summer break between our junior and senior years of college. Now we were a month into our school year, our final year to have this sort of fun at college before moving on to other things. No longer would we have Aunt Vicky's classroom to full around in.

So I better enjoy it.

They both leaned closer, their nipples rubbing on my lips. I tasted the flavor of their breast milk, blending together to make such a delicious, sweet, and creamy treat. I tried to latch onto both nipples, wanting to suck on them at the same time. But I could only just brush their nipples with my lips, making them squirm, rubbing hot cunt on my thighs. I couldn't make that seal to draw out their milk.

So I turned my head and engulfed Melody's. She was my queen, the first of my women, and she always got precedent.

Melody groaned as I sucked, her eyes rolling back into her head. She shivered on my lap, her pussy growing so juicy, smearing cream on my thighs while I savored her breast milk. It squirted hot into my mouth. I let it pool, swirling on my tongue.

Then turned my head.

“Clint,” groaned Pam, her face twisting with delight. “Oh, that's nice.”

“As nice as when I suck it?” Melody asked as Pam's creamy treat joined my blonde sister's in my mouth.

“Clint's nicer,” shuddered Pam.

“Good,” Melody moaned, rubbing her hard nipple into my cheek. “Enjoy, perv.”

“He is,” Pam groaned as I suckled a second time, adding more milk to the creamy treat building in my mouth.

I savored both flavors of my sister's milk, my tongue mixing their cream together. There was subtle differences between them, one a little sweeter, one a little thicker. But they were both delicious. I couldn't wait to drink Mom's and Lee's milk. I'd have to figure out a way to punish Lee at the same time I nursed from her.

She got pregnant on “accident” because she was too excited to wait.

I popped my lips of Pam's nipple, swallowing the milk and nuzzled at Melody's again. She groaned, squirming, her ass clenching beneath my hands. My dick ached and throbbed, rubbing on Pam's thigh as it burned for my sisters' embraces. I loved this. The feel of their asses, their cunts on my thighs, their moans as I suckled back and froth, savoring their creamy treat.

I loved them both so much. I loved their submission, the way they had surrendered to me. The way they shared their hearts with each other. It was so hot. I suckled harder, their creamy milk squirting hot into my mouth. I gulped it down over and over, my belly growing full of their delight as I moved back and forth.

“Oh, damn, Clint,” groaned Melody. “Mmm, yes, drink your fill, my sexy perv.”

“Yes,” Pam shuddered. “You need it. Keep your strength. Don't want all your sisters to drain you dry.”

“So many women for you to fuck,” giggled Melody. “Three MILFs, five sisters, and Stefani. Lucky perv.”

“So lucky,” I groaned between suckles, leaning over to nuzzle at Pam's nipple.

“Yes!” she groaned, holding tight, her thighs squirming, her pussy rubbing on my leg. I gave her ass a squeeze as her milk squirted into my mouth.

“So who's going to enjoy your cock?” Melody asked, grasping my dick and stroking it. “And who's going to get their pussy licked?”

“Mmm, yes,” Pam groaned. “Which sister do you want to fuck today?”

Her fingers joined Melody's, stroking the crown of my dick while Melody's hand pumped away at my shaft. I groaned around Pam's nipple, their touches sending fire shooting down to my balls. I switched nipples, excitement mounting, Melody squeezing my dick harder as I nursed from her breast.

It was so good. My balls delighted in it. I squirmed in the dark classroom. Out in the halls, students moved through it, clueless that I was nursing from my two sisters in here. I sucked so hard on Melody's tit, making her shudder, her eyes rolling back in her head as she panted.

Then I latched onto Pam's.

My cock ached and throbbed. Melody's hand stroked faster and faster. Pam's fingers danced around the spongy tip of my dick, smearing precum. I groaned about her nipple, her milk flowing so hot.

“Are you going to cum?” Pam purred. “While nursing from your sister's breast?”

“I think the perv is,” groaned Melody. “Just gonna cum all over his two sisters. Mmm, do it.”

“Yes, do it, Clint!”

My balls tightened. I switched to Melody's nipple, latching onto her dusky nub. She groaned as her hand flew on my dick. I shuddered. My dick throbbed in her hand. Pam's fingers kept massaging the most sensitive part and

I came.

My jizz fired, splashing Pam's palm and then falling on her thigh and my crotch. I shuddered on the chair, suckling hard with every blast of cum that exploded from my cock. My hands squeezed my sisters asses hard, holding onto them.

The pleasure surged higher. My mouth popped off my sister's nipple. I swallowed the creamy milk and groaned, “Damn, I love you both.”

“Mmm, I love you, even if you are a perv,” Melody said, lifting her hand and grinning at the cum on it. She held it to Pam's lips.

Before Pam licked it, she moaned, “I love you so much, Clint. Both of you.”

I groaned as her pink tongue ran over my sister's hand, gathering my jizz. My cock throbbed, recovering already as my two sisters squirmed. Pam's hand, her palm smeared in my jizz, proffered for Melody's enjoyment.

I was the luckiest guy in the world. Five naughty sisters, a hot aunt, my sexy mom, Pam's submissive mom, and my older sister's wild girlfriend were all mine. All part of my harem.


Alicia Elliston

“Tomorrow's going to be so wild,” Jenny Wilson said as she sat beside me in the cafeteria. Bratty Lee, my half-sister, was across from us, looking bored as she stirred her macaroni and cheese with her plastic fork.

“I know you'll have so much fun,” I told Jenny, pushing up my glasses. Even though she was a year younger than me, a freshman, she still felt like my big sister sometimes. She dressed like a girl of eighteen while I, at nineteen, still dressed like a little girl. But I was a little girl. A little sister.

Clint's little princess.

I loved dressing and acting so childish. I loved it when Clint scooped me up in his big, strong arms and held me. I loved it when he spanked me when I was bad, disciplining me like a little girl should be by her big brother. And I especially loved it when he parted my thighs and licked my cunny and made me cum and then fucked me with his big cock.

“You are going to have so much fun with James and his girlfriend.” It was so hard not to smile. James was Jenny's older brother. He was in my year, a sophomore, and really cute. Not Clint cute, but no guy was. Tomorrow, Saturday, James was taking Jenny to a hotel to meet his “girlfriend” and have at threesome with them.

But Jenny didn't know that the “girlfriend” was actually their mom. Clint and I were helping James deal with the jealous fighting his mother and sister were engaging in, both not realizing the other was also his lover.

It was so hard not to blurt out such naughty news. Jenny was such a nice girl, but I didn't want to spoil the surprise. Or be a bad girl.

“Who do you think his girlfriend is?” Jenny asked, her voice so low. She had such beautiful, blue eyes, her brown hair held back by a headband. “Carmelita?”

“Ugh,” Lee groaned.

I agreed. I hated Carmelita. She was a bitch with a capital B. She used to pick on me all the time. Now she picked on Lee. Clint made her act like such a slut, masturbating in the locker room before the girls, flashing herself, and doing other things that would make me blush and made Lee so wet. She was such a humiliation slut.

But now Carmelita spent all her effort mocking Lee.

“Yeah, that would suck,” Jenny said. “You don't think it's an older woman? Like Mrs. Umayyah? She's got big boobs.”

“But she's married,” I objected, having Mrs. Umayyah as a professor last year.

Jenny shrugged. “So, what does that have to”

She trailed off with a blush as Juana, Carmelita's little sister, sat down beside Lee, her tray of food in hand. The Hispanic girl was eighteen, in the same year as Jenny, her shoulders hunched. She had golden-brown skin and dark hair, cut short. She wore a low-cut blouse despite having no cleavage. Her tits were as small as mine.

“Hello,” I said, putting a cautious hint to my voice. Had that bitch Carmelita sent her?

“I hope you don't mind,” Juana said, her shoulders still hunched like she was trying to avoid notice. “I just needed to—”

“Really, Juana?” growled the familiar voice of Carmelita.

I groaned as the older girl stalked up. She was a junior, tall, the same golden-brown skin as her younger sister. But she had tits, shown off in the halter top she wore, her waist curvy, hugged by her tight jeans. Her hips rolled as she walked, a saunter designed to draw the eyes.

“Sitting with these freaks?” Carmelita stopped behind her sister and Lee. “Looking for tips on being a skank.” She clapped a hand on Lee's shoulder, squeezing. “This slut knows all about it, don't you?”

“Oh, I do,” Lee grinned. “You should see the things that Clint makes me do.”

“Oh, I've seen. Shaving that nasty cunt before us all, fingering it like a whore.” Carmelita squeezed again, making Lee wince.

My half-sister's nipples poked at the front of her top.

“And now you're pregnant. Knocked up by your cousin.” Carmelita shook her head. “That's so sick. You and your older sister Melody are both skanks to give it up to your cousin.”

“Well, if you've ever had a real cock in that nasty cunt, you'd understand,” Lee said then calmly took a bite of macaroni and cheese.

“Nasty cunt?” snarled Carmelita. Her fingers dug hard into Lee's shoulder.

My heart raced. I gripped Jenny's hand, seeing the fury crossing Carmelita's face.

“Yeah, it's so nasty, I wouldn't even want to lick it,” Lee said. “Just gross. I bet every guy that sees it has their cocks wilt out of terror.”

“You fucking puta!” Carmelita spat in Lee's face, the globs of spit landing on my half-sister's upper lip.

Lee just grinned and licked the spit off her mouth. “Mmm, there are other parts of my body you can spit on. Like my asshole. Get it nice and juicy for my cousin's big cock!”

“Perra, you are just nasty!” Carmelita ripped her hand away and wiped it on her jeans. “If I stay around you, I'm liable to catch gonorrhea. Come on, Juana. Don't hang out with these whores.”

“I'm not a whore,” I huffed. “That's Lee.”

“Yeah,” grinned my sister. “I'll tell you what, you can lick my pussy, Carmelita. Go find Clint, pay him, and then you can go down on me. Find out what a yummy cunt is like so you can fix your diseased snatch.”

Carmelita's face darkened. Her hand clenched. She raised it.

Lee just grinned at her. “Hi, Mom. How are you doing?”

Carmelita froze. She turned around and found Aunt Vicky standing there. The voluptuous, dark-haired MILF taught history at our college. Carmelita's hand unclenched. “Professor Samuels.”

“Is there a problem?” Aunt Vicky asked, so stern, looking so commanding. It was so strange. She was such a submissive whore for Clint, but now she was so dominating, so in control. Like Lee, she would do anything, take any humiliation, even drinking pee.

It was so much fun pissing in Lee's mouth then watching her share it with her mom.

“No, Ms. Samuels,” Carmelita said.

“Nope, Mom,” Lee just said, bouncing on the seat. “We were just talking about hygiene. I was trying to give Carmelita some pointers, but she's not willing to take some friendly advice.”

“It looked friendly,” Aunt Vicky said, her voice flat.

“You coming, Juana?” asked Carmelita, grabbing her sister's arm. “It's bad sitting with these girls.”

“No, I'm fine,” Juana said, her voice cracking. She straightened, trying to look tough, but her eyes were wide.

“Fine,” Carmelita said. “I'll see you after classes.”

Juana winced as Carmelita stalked off.

Aunt Vicky gave us all a look. “Don't get into fights, Lee.”

My half-sister gave the brattiest smile ever. Aunt Vicky just rolled her eyes, shook her head, and walked off, her hips swaying in her tight skirt. Several boys watched her go, drooling over her. She was just so lush and curvy. All the women in the family had boobs except me. Even Lee's were growing nice and round.

But then my small boobies made me look even younger. And Clint loved that.

“So, whatcha doin' here?” Lee asked, not looking at Juana as she dug back into her macaroni and cheese.

Juana squirmed.

Feeling compassionate for the poor thing—imagine having to live with that bitch—I reached across the table and took Juana's hand. A moment later, Jenny's joined mine. She was such a sweet girl. We both gave Juana a reassuring squeeze.

“You can tell us,” I said. “We keep secrets.”

Juana glanced at Jenny. And then her gaze settled on me. Then she took a deep breath. “I've heardrumors about you.”

“That she fucks her brother,” Lee said, so casual, so crass as always.

Juana's cheeks darkened. She nodded her head.

“Peoplethink I have sex with Clint,” I said, trying to sound shocked. My pussy clenched, my body growing so hot. He was so amazing.

“Well, I mean, he's definitely sleeping with your cousins. I mean” Juana glanced at Lee.

She patted her belly. “Yep, he bred me. And my sister.”

“Sopeople wonder who else in your family he's fucking.”

“And what do you think about that?” Jenny asked, sounding tight, defensive.

“I think it's” Juana lowered her voice, leaning in. “Fine. I don't have a problem with incest. That's why I'm here. I meanClint knows how to” She glanced at Lee again. “Dominate girls.”

Lee began laughing, such delight in her chortles.

“What are you saying?” I said to Juana as I frowned at Lee. Why was she laughing?

“She wants Clint to teach her to dominate a bitch,” Lee said, her breasts jiggling in her top as she kept laughing. “Carmelita!”

Juana's cheeks were so dark now. But she nodded her head.

“Let me text my big brother,” I said, my eyes widening in understanding. She wanted to make her older sister into her sex slave.

Clint would love this.


Juana Campo

I was so nervous as I walked with Alicia and Lee through the halls, leaving Jenny behind. She mentioned something about finding her brother. I almost thought she must be fucking him, but there couldn't be that many perverts in the world.

“Just relax,” Alicia said. She was such a young looking girl. It was hard to imagine she was older than me, her light-brown hair in childish pigtails, her body petite. I was even taller than her by a few inches. She pushed up her glasses. “And don't be shocked. He's in our Aunt's classroom.”

“Which means he's fucking around,” Lee answered. “He took Melody and Pam in there.”

Melody and Pam were Clint's girlfriend's. Everyone at school knew about the three. He had even knocked them up and they both had daughters at the same time over the summer. It was such a scandal. And yet, watching him strut around with his girlfriend's on his arms, watching him order Lee around, and hearing the rumors had given me hope.

Hope to put that bitch in her place. I was tired of how she treated me. Clint had to help me.

“Are you a virgin?” Lee asked.

“Technically,” I flushed. “I don't have a hymen. But I've never been with aguy.” I grimaced. “He's not going to want todo that. Right?”

“Oh, yeah,” she grinned.

My forehead furrowed. Could I really do this? Have sex with a guy just to get my older sister to be my sex slave? But I didn't have the strength to dominate her on my own. I had no idea how to dominate a bitch. He did. Everything I had heard from my sister over the last year, how Lee had changed, gave me have hope Clint could train me.

But the cost

Maybe Lee was just joking around.

“Don't be afraid,” Alicia said, squeezing my hand. Now she was cute. I would gladly make love to her. I'd strip her out of her girlish clothing, play with those immature boobs, and then lick her pussy. I'd make her squeal so loudly.

And maybe she'd lick mine. That would be wonderful to finally have my pussy licked.

“He's a gentle lover. He'll make your first time magical.”

The breathy way Alicia spoke made it quite clear she lost her virginity to her big brother's cock. I shivered again. I thought about running, but then we stopped at Ms. Samuels's classroom. Lee pulled out a key from her pocket, inserted it, and the lock popped. Then she threw open the door.

And pushed me inside.

I shuddered, finding Clint with both Melody and Pam sitting on his lap, all three naked. They stared at me while I trembled. Melody and Pam's breasts were both so round, both pairs jiggling with their every movement. The older girls were beautiful, all twenty and gorgeous.

I swallowed.

“So, you want to dominate Carmelita,” Clint grinned. “She has been quite the cunt.”

“Yes, she has,” Alicia said, nodding her head, her pigtails swaying. “I hope you can help Juana, big brother.”

“What exactly do you want to do to your sister?” Clint asked me as Lee kept pushing me towards the end of the classroom where Clint sat with his girlfriends.

“I want to” I took a deep breath. “I want her to be my sex slave. I want to spank her, whip her, make her eat my pussy. To humiliate her. Punish her. She's been so mean to me all my life. She makes me do horrible things. She hates that I'm a lesbian. She calls me dyke and queer and cunt-lapper and other nasty things.”

“Oh, that bitch,” Melody said, her face hardening.

They didn't know the half of it.

“So you want me to help you dominate her?” Clint asked.

“Yes.” My cheeks warmed as I noticed his cock was hard, thrusting up from between Pam and Melody.

I tried not to look at it. It made me feel a little queasy. It was so thick and fleshy. He was so hard, the opposite of a girl. I really hoped I wouldn't have to do things with him. I squirmed as he studied me. I felt like he was undressing me with his eyes, leering at me.

“So, you're gay?” he asked.

I nodded my head.

“Damn,” he groaned. “I've never been with a lesbian before.”

“Doesn't Zoey and Stefani count?” asked Pam.

“They're bi,” Clint said. Then he stared at me, his face so strong, socommanding. He could help me. “Juana, I'll help you if you do something for me.”

I sighed, resigned to it. “Have sex with you?”

He grinned. “We're going to be working together. It's going to be so intimate as we break down your sister and teach her that her true place is as your submissive slave. I need to make sure you can do what I tell you, even if you don't like it or think it's weird.”

“Fine,” I said. I took a deep breath, my cheeks burning, and pulled off my blouse. I didn't wear a bra, not with my little tits. They were small, barely more than bumps, my nipples dark and puffy. I was going to have sex with a guy.

I couldn't believe this.

But I wanted to dominate Carmelita so badly. I would do this.

I kicked off my shoes then unsnapped my jeans and wiggled out of them. Everyone watched me, Melody and Lee licking their lips in the same fashion, highlighting just how much they were sisters. Alicia had such a supportive smile while Pam trembled.

“She's cute,” Melody said as I wiggled out of my jeans. “You are such a perv making this poor thing fuck you.”

“I'm not making her do anything,” Clint said. “You understand that, Juana. You can leave. You don't have to do this.”

“I want that bitch on her knees!” I snarled, using my embarrassment and humiliation at stripping before a guy to fuel my anger. I yanked down my panties, exposing the trimmed bush of brown hair adorning my pussy. “I'll pay the price, Clint! So let's just get this over with.”

Clint smacked both his girls asses, not hard, more a gesture for them to get off. They did, their breasts jiggling. Then he stood up. He was a tall, muscular guy, and his cock looked so huge thrusting from his crotch. My pussy clenched. I had dildos in there before. Butcould he even fit? He loomed over me, his hair dark, his eyes darker.

I wanted to run, to flee. I couldn't help covering my tits and pussy as he stared at me. I shivered, just wanting to get this over with.

“On your knees and suck my cock,” Clint ordered. “Then we'll get to the fucking once you're wet and ready.”

“I won't be,” I muttered. How could sucking a guy's cock get me ready?

“Princess, relax her while she sucks my dick.”

“Yes, big brother,” Alicia moaned, licking her lips. “Just sit on my face, Juana, while you suck his cock.”

My pussy clenched. A heat rippled out of me. I nodded my head, suddenly eager for this. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad with cute Alicia licking my pussy. And I had a feeling she knew how. The way Melody and Pam pressed their naked bodies together showed they were lovers, too. And if Alicia slept with her brother, why with not his girlfriends, too?

Alicia stretched out on the floor, a big grin on her youthful face, her glasses glinting. She wiggled between my thighs, staring up at my pussy. I took a deep breath and then lowered myself to her waiting lips. Her hands seized my thighs, pulling me down further, so eager to lick me.

Then I was on her lips.

“Oh, you smell so good,” Alicia giggled. “Mmm, I love eating cunny.”

I gasped as her tongue slid through my folds. It was a billion times better than rubbing my own cunt. Another person was touching my pussy, licking it, making it feel good and not abusing it. I shivered, her delicate tongue sliding through my petals and brushing my clit.

I groaned, my mouth opening wide. Clint brought his cock close. He stopped it right before my lips. The tip throbbed, so pink and swollen. A drop of clear liquid covered it. I had to suck his cock. I had to lean forward and engulf it. He wouldn't fuck my mouth. He wanted me to do this voluntarily.

It. Was. Worth. It.

I closed my eyes, focusing on Alicia's wonderful tongue, and engulfed his cock. I held it in my mouth, not doing anything as I squirmed on her licking mouth. I groaned about the dick, squirming on her mouth, loving her tongue.

“You have to suck it,” Lee said. “You have to make my Master feel good. I know you hate it, but that will just make it hotter. You're a lesbian sucking a guy's cock. That's so embarrassing.”

My cheeks burned. And, weirdly, she was right. Something about having to suck his cock while everyone watched was humiliating. And that humiliation writhed in my stomach, joining the delight Alicia stirred in me.

Which made me squirm.

And then I sucked.

Clint groaned as I pleasured him. I kept my eyes squeezed shut, sucking again, wanting to get this over with while grinding my hot cunt on Alicia's hungry mouth. I squirmed on her mouth, her tongue exploring everywhere while her hands stroked my thighs.

She was so nice.

“Damn,” groaned Clint. “A lesbian's sucking my cock. That's good. Now bob your mouth.”

“You heard him,” Lee hissed. “Bob your mouth on my Master's cock.”

I had to obey Clint. That was the price. And it would be worth it. Picturing Carmelita on her knees before me, begging to lick my pussy, spurred me onward. I would do this. I would make Clint cum hard. I would let him fuck me.

My mouth bobbed. I sucked. I moaned. And enjoyed his little sister licking my pussy.

His dick was so warm in my mouth. It throbbed and leaked salty precum. I grimaced at that, but kept bobbing, kept sucking, kept pleasuring him. He groaned, his hands running through my hair as I worked my mouth up and down his dick.

“Mmm, such a good pussy,” moaned Alicia. “Oh, big brother, I'm getting her so wet and ready for your dick.”

“Good, Princess,” he groaned.

“Cupcake, make her cum, too,” Melody moaned.

Alicia licked harder, her tongue flying through my pussy. I groaned and squirmed, pleasure rippling through my body. My tongue danced along Clint's cock as I squirmed on her hungry tongue. She lapped at my clit, swirling around it, then sucked it into my mouth.

I groaned loudly. The pleasure surged through me. I was finally having my pussy licked. There was no way I'd let Clint's cock spoil this. It was amazing. Alicia was such a wonderful person. She was so loving, so giving, so eager to give me pleasure.

Her tongue fucked into my depths.

Her lips sucked at my labia.

Her nose nuzzled at my clit.

Everything she did made me squirm and moan. I sucked so hard on Clint's dick as the pleasure swelled and swelled in me. My pussy grew tighter and tighter as her tongue danced along my petals, driving me wild.

And then it happened. I came.

I screamed about Clint's cock. The pleasure exploded out of my depths. It was so hot. So amazing. It made me shudder and writhe and squirm on her mouth. My pussy juices gushed out as I squirmed. The rapture shot through me.

And boiled my mind.

“Fuck,” Clint groaned, his voice so tight.

I was lost to the rapture of my orgasm, almost forgetting about the dick throbbing in my mouth as Alicia's sweet tongue deluged me in ecstasy. And then he came. His cum fired into my mouth, startling me. Hot jizz filled my mouth. I shuddered, the humiliation rippling through me as I swallowed his cream only made my orgasm more intense.

It was so filthy swallowing a guy's cum, and yet my pussy spasmed so hard. Stars danced before my eyes as I gulped down more and more of his jizz. I shivered, squirming so hard as Clint grunted with every blast.

“That's it, you lesbian whore,” hissed Lee. “Swallow my Master's cum. Mmm, yes, just drink it all down. That's it.”

“Yes, do it,” moaned Pam, her voice so throaty, tinged with her Japanese accent.

“Damn, that's so hot, Clint. You are one lucky perv,” moaned Melody.

“Yeah,” he grunted, sliding his cock out of my mouth. “How was it?”

“Nasty,” I grimaced, wanting to wash my mouth out. The salty flavor lingered.

“Why don't you wash your mouth out with Alicia's pussy,” Clint said. “Give you something to take your mind off what's happening next.”

I shuddered, another small orgasm rippling out of my pussy as I stared at his still hard dick. “Aren't yousupposed to be soft?”

“My mom has access to these experimental Viagra pills,” Pam explained. “She's a pharmacist. They give Clint the stamina to keep up with all his sisters.”

“Sisters?” I blinked. “He has just two, right?”

“Nope,” Lee giggled. “You're the only girl in this room that isn't his sister. Now, on your hands and knees and lick Alicia's pussy.”

“Oh, yes, please,” moaned Alicia. “Lick my pussy while my big brother fucks your cunt!”
Her face was smeared with my juices, which made her look so cute. Droplets had even splashed on her glasses, and that made me shiver in delight for some reason. It was such a naughty sight. It had my heart racing.

I fell down to my knees, pushing up her frilly skirt, my hands sliding along her white tights. I pulled them down, exposing her dainty, pink panties snug to her pussy, damp with her excitement. She squirmed as I licked my lips.

“Yes, yes, lick my pussy,” Alicia moaned.

Clint grabbed my hips as I pulled down his little sister's panties and exposed her hairless, tight slit. It was puffy with her arousal, flushing crimson and adorned with her glistening musk. A fresh scent filled my nose, arousing a hunger in me while Clint prodded my pussy with his cock.

A guy was about to fuck me while I went down on his little sister. It was hot and disgusting, humiliating and exciting all at the same time. My pussy clenched, dripping from Alicia's ministrations. This was so wrong. I shouldn't let him fuck me. I was selling myself to him, prostituting my pussy so I could dominate my older sister.

I buried my face into Alicia's pussy and whored out my cunt.

I grunted as Clint slammed his dick into me. It was so much thicker than a dildo. And it was warm and fleshy. I shuddered, moaning into his little sister's pussy as he drew back and then rammed into me again, fucking me so hard, his balls slapping my clit.

I hated how much my body responded. I shouldn't take any pleasure, and yet my pussy didn't care that it was a guy fucking me. It just cared that something big and thick was plunging over and over into it, caressing me.

I knew this feeling all too well. How humiliating it was to enjoy something I should hate.

I licked and tongued Alicia hard and fast. I wiggled my hips, bucking back into his thrusts, my cunt drinking in the friction while I concentrated on the fresh pussy before me. I licked and lapped through her tight silt, parting her folds, making her squirm.

“Oh, big brother, she's licking my pussy! It's so good. She's making my cunny feel so good and yummy!”

“Good,” groaned Clint as he plowed me.

“Fuck that lesbian whore's cunt so hard, Master,” panted Lee, squirming as she knelt by Alicia's head. She had her hands clenching her thighs so hard like she was fighting the impulse to masturbate. “Ram that dick into her cunt!”

“Yes,” moaned Melody. “Enjoy your taste of lesbian pussy, perv!”

“I am,” Clint groaned, enjoyment in his voice as he thrust so hard and fast.

I shivered, closing my eyes and trying to ignore the pleasure rippling out of my cunt. His cock felt nice. It was so disgusting. I wanted him out of me at the same time I wanted him in me, fucking me so hard. I tried to pretend it was a dildo, a strap-on, plunging into my depths, stirring so much pleasure through me. But his strong, calloused hands gripped me as he grunted, reminding me he was so manly.

I tongued Alicia hard, lapping through her slit while the pleasure swelled so fast through me. She groaned and gasped, humping against me, her pigtails flying. Her cute lips formed wide O's as she moaned out her pleasure, her glasses sliding on her cute nose.

“I love it, Juana! Oh, you're such a good pussy licker! Oh, yes, we'll be such bosom friends!” Alicia moaned.

“Pussy friends,” giggled Lee. She let out a frustrated groan, her fingers digging into her thighs through her jeans, fingernails scratching on denim. “You're going to cum so hard on her face, Mistress. And Master's going to flood her cunt!”

“Yes,” Clint grunted. “Just enjoy her mouth, Princess. It's your reward for bringing her to me.”

“Thank you, big brother!” Alicia howled.

And then she came.

Her fresh juices flooded my mouth. I shivered, realizing it wasn't just my tongue that made her cum. It was the fact her big brother was fucking me, giving her pleasure through me. I groaned, shuddering, feeling so used.

A lesbian whore for a straight guy.

I came.

I came hard.

My pussy spasmed about his cock. I gasped into Alicia's pussy, drinking down her juices as Clint's dick rammed over and over into my snatch. I shivered, my flesh milking his shaft as the humiliating rapture soared through my mind.

“You came on my Master's cock, lesbian whore,” mocked Lee.

My cheeks burned. I squeezed my eyes shut, rubbing my face into Alicia's pussy, her juices showering my cheeks and chin and lips, while ecstasy burned through my thoughts. I came on a guy's cock. I enjoyed it. As much as I hated it, I loved it.

I was so fucked up.

Carmelita would pay.

“Fuck!” Clint groaned. “Your pussy feels so good on my cock, Juana.”

My orgasm burned hotter, my flesh spasming harder. I bucked and shuddered. And then it happened. His cum fired into my unprotected pussy. I felt his cum splash against my cervix. He flooded my depths as he grunted and groaned.

“Damn,” he panted, thrusting in a final time. “Damn, that's good pussy, Juana.”

“Thanks,” I shivered, lifting my face from Alicia's pussy, my orgasm peaking. “Now you'll give me what I want.”

“Oh, yes,” Clint groaned.

“Good,” I said. “Be in the nurse's clinic after classes. With cameras. You'll get something to blackmail her with.”


Carmelita Campo

I walked with a swagger, my pussy so hot as I headed to the nurse's office. I was so glad I stole its key my sophomore year. Nurse Gibson always left school right at three, locking it up tight. She had no idea I slipped in later to have my fun.

And I was eager for my fun today.

Juana was waiting inside—I gave her a copy of the key so she could prepare—kneeling naked like the good dyke-whore she was, her ass facing the door, her back supple and possessing the same rich, golden-brown skin as me. Out of all the girls I had forced to lick my pussy over the last few years, my little sister was the most exciting.

It was hot enough punishing a filthy lesbian, but when it was my own little sister, it made my pussy melt.

“There's my pussy-licking whore,” I said, planting my shoe on her lower back. “Mmm, you're going to pay for sitting at those fucking slut's tables. I don't want my baby-dyke around those diseased cunts. I want you pure. I don't want to get whatever bugs are crawling over Lee's snatch.”

“Yes, Carmelita,” Juana said. “I'm sorry, Carmelita. It was so wrong of me.”

“It was, you filthy dyke.” My hand lunged down, snagging her black hair and hauling her up, twisting her head around. Pain crossed her face. I spat hard, a big globe landing on her cheek right below her eye. “What is wrong with you? Bad enough your a disgusting lezzie whore, but to sit with Lee!” Anger flared. There was another girl I wanted to get in here, but how could you blackmail a cunt-muncher who openly masturbates before the entire locker room?

“I'm sorry,” Juana whimpered. “Please, I'm sorry.”

I spat on her face again, my saliva mixing with her tears. “Oh, you'll be sorry, you fucking muff-diver.” My hand shot to the fastener of my jeans. “You are going to fucking pay. I'm going to make you howl. I have the monster dildo in my backpack. I think I'll fuck you with it.”

She winced as I shoved down my jeans and then rolled down my thong, exposing my shaved pussy adorned with my labia piercings, the silver rings glistening with my excitement. My sweet musk filled the air.

“I'm going to make you eat my pussy until you drown in my cream, cunt-muncher,” I hissed, hauling her face forward. “Just drown you in what you love. God, Dad would beat your ass if he ever finds out that you're so disgusting. You love pussy, don't you?”

I pulled her face into my cunt.

“Don't you!”

“P-please, sister, don't make me eat your pussy,” she begged. “I'm sorry. P-please, no!”

“Oh, you think you're too good to eat your sister's cunt?” I snarled, twisting her hair harder, pulling her face into my pussy. I smeared my pussy lips across her dyke-mouth, so excited to violate her. Just the feel of her face sent ripples of delight through me. “Come on, you know you love it. Make me cum and cum, you fucking clam-diver! Devour my fish taco!”

I shuddered as her tongue lapped through my folds. I shivered, my head spinning, looking around the shadowed office. The shades were pulled today, making it even darker than usual, creating great pools that hid the back end.

“We're all alone,” I groaned as she licked. “So just put that tongue to use and make me cum and cum before I fuck that little dyke-cunt of yours. You know you want it, you fucking filthy lezzie whore! You want my strap-on ramming into your snatch's depths. Oh, yes, I can feel it. Mmm, just keep licking.”

Then she tried to pull her face away. “Help! Help! My sister's raping me! Someone help me!”

“What?” I gaped at her. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“She makes me lick her pussy. I hate it! She's such a lesbian. Daddy! Help me!”

“Shut up!” I hissed. “Oh, you're going to pay. I'm going to beat you and make you lick my asshole, you fucking dyke!”

“Help! Help!”

I drew back my hand and smacked her hard. Her head snapped around. She fell back on the floor, trembling, her lips smeared with my pussy juices, cheek growing dark. “I'm going to smother you with my cunt and you're—”

“Going to keep raping your sister?” a man growled out of the darkness.

Clint appeared, holding his phone, clearing recording me. Then so did Lee, stepping out of another hiding spot, and then Melody, a big grin on the blonde's dumb face. Their phones were all pointed at me.

A furious rage seized me. I glared down at my sister. “You fucking bitch! You set me up!”

I threw myself at her. I would kill the fucking bitch.

To be continued

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