The Babysitter for the Spoiled Fri

My dad left my mom when i was around 2 or 3 so i dont remember much of him. My mom has always spoiled me and it was great. But recently she's been babying me.

It was a Friday afternoon

C'mon mom i don't need a babysitter for christ sake, im 15.

I don't want to hear it Sean im going to be gone for the whole weekend. You at least need someone here to clean up after you and cook for you.

This is fucking retarded

Well shes going to be here in a few minutes so you can think what you want but your going to have a babysitter this weekend.

I stormed off to my room and slammed my door. I started watching TV when i heard the doorbell ring.

Oh hi April, Seans up in his room. He hasn't had dinner yet, you can stay in the guest room. I put a few hundred in the cookie jar for food throughout the week.

Ok Beth i'll see you next week.

April made her way to the guest room and started unpacking. Then she came to my room and knocked on the door.

Yeah? come in

Hey you must be Sean I'm April. Wow your room is much bigger than mine.

Yeah I made my mom let me have the master bedroom

Im about to make dinner, and preference?

I really don't care.

Oh my GOD This chick was fucking banging. She was 5'11, Long blonde hair, nice perky C cup tits, and a tight firm ass. Just thinking about her naked started to get me hard.

Ok, Ill go down and make something to eat. I'll call you when its ready.

Hey take that laundry down when you go.

It was official i was obsessed. She was wearing a white tank top with a black bra. She had skin tight jeans on that were barely over her ass. When she was walking away i saw a black lace thong. I just had to see her naked.

I heard her start getting dinner around and i instantly went to work. I snuk into the guest room and started going through the dresser. I pulled open the top drawer to stumbled upon gold, panty drawer. I was instantly rock hard. I pulled out a green and white thong that said M E and stared in awe. I shoved them into my pocket. i kept going through drawers until i got to the bras. Before i could even lift one up i saw a small lipstick container. I picked it up to find that it was a pocket rocket. I was amazed, if she brought it i might be able to catch her on hidden camera. i pulled the cap off and sniffed it. She DOES use it.

Hey Sean, Dinners ready.

I Put the vibrator back and made my way downstairs to eat dinner.

God it took you long enough.

Im gunna head upstairs and grab a shower. Your welcome by the way.


I grabbed my food and went into my room. Holding up the thong i was still thinking of ways to get to see April's sexy ass body. I realized that my room shared a wall with the guest room. I went into my closet and looked through the vent only to find her closet door closed. I figured i could open her closet door a little bit so i could see her change. Right before i opened the closet door in her room i heard the shower shut off. I froze. Then i heard the door open. I knew it was too late for me to make it back into my room unnoticed so i quickly darted under the bed. She walked in the room wearing a towel and headed towards the dresser. I saw the towel drop and i peeked out from under the bed. My jaw dropped she was putting on her bra with her tight little ass facing me. She started to rummage through her panty drawer as i looked up at her bra, it was green and white, just like the thong that was sitting on my desk. I slid back under the bed being sure i was going to get caught, Fuck.


Sean can you get that?, Sean?

Ugh, that little brat is starting to annoy me.

She put on a pair of pajama pants and a hoodie and left. I Jumped up and cracked the closet door open. Then i took off to my room.

No thank you.

She started back up the steps, with the thong still in my room. She walked past my room and into hers. I went over to my closet and looked through the vent, Jackpot. She was standing right in front of the vent. She slid her PJ's off as she walked to her duffel bag. She looked through it and then turned towards me again and took her hoodie off. Her bra had FU and CK on the tits. Unknowingly i let out a "wow". she looked at the closet and started towards it. I got out and shut my door as fast as possible. I laid down on my bed still rock hard. I heard her door open, i prayed i hadn't been caught.

Can i come in?


To my surprise she walked in, wearing the same pj's and hoodie.

You haven't even touched your supper.

Oh, yeah, im not very hungry.

She came and sat on my bed when i realized that the hoodie was only zipped up halfway. I could easily see her cleavage and the top of her bra. I sat up trying to hide my boner.

You can go take it downstairs im done with it. i said as i got up to hand it to her.

When i turned around she had unzipped the hoodie all the way and was laying down on my bed.

I was dumbfounded.

Fuck Blank


Finish the sentence.

Dam i Knew i was caught now.

Me. your not going to tell my mom are you?

Not if you give them back Sean.

I grabbed the thong out of my desk and handed it to her.

Put them on me, and say sorry ma'am

Was she really telling me to do this? I slid her pants off and grabbed the thong. she was shaved and she was practically dripping wet. i started pulling it up when all of a sudden she kicks me back.

I said say sorry ma'am

I got back up And Slid them all the way up.

Sorry, bitch. My house my rules.

She got up and walked out of my room. I smacked her ass on the way out.


I decided to go shower before i went to bed. As i walked out of my bathroom i noticed my closet door was open. I got about halfway to the closet when April Tackled me. She held me down and grabbed my arms.

Get off me!


She stood up and then i tried to. I didn't realize that she wasn't just holding my down. She had me handcuffed. I rolled over and looked up at her.

Can you read Sean?


Then read me.

Ummm. Fuck Me?

Ooo, im gunna hold you to it.

April picked me up and tossed me on my bed. "So you like stealing thongs huh?, Lets see what else you like about them."

She pinched my nose until i opened my mouth, then shoved a black thong in my mouth And duct taped my mouth shut.

"Enjoying those?, Ive been wearing them the last 2 days.

The stench of her pussy sweat was so potent.

She pulled out a bottle of lube. And put some on her finger. I started squirming away.

Well Well Well. We know what to do when your a bad little slave. she grabbed me antied me down to my bed with belts. She re lubed her finger, i tried to move but i couldnt. She slowley slid her finger up my ass and started twisting it.

After a min or so she pulled it out and reached over to the table. she pulled out the vibrator and shoved it up my ass on max speed. She started laughing at me squirming around resisting. She Grabbed my dick and started sucking it. Licking ym balls and periodically shoving the pocket rocket up my ass more. I couldnt holf it anymore, April kept on sucking. I was completely drained. Then April Climbs up on my stomache and pulles the tape off.

You Sick bitch!

To my surprise she leans in to kiss me. she holds my nose till i open my mouth again. when i do she spits all my cum into my mouth. I aboyut Gaged, Then to top it off she sits of my face.

Thats for calling me bitch, Now if you want to breathe you better swallow and start licking my asshole.

I had no choice but to swallow and obey. After about five min of her suffocating my with her ass, only getting up for me to breath a few times, she finally got off me.

Fuck you cunt that shit was disgusting.

Awww you dont have to lie to me. I know you loved it.

Fuck no i cant wait till my mom gets back so i can te

I think ill change your mind by monday, She said shoving her smelly thong back in my mouth. She put the tape back on my mouth and blared my radio.

See you tomorow you little perv.

First story plz rate and comment i know its spelled wrong in a few spots

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