Daniels Revenge Part 1

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Every man has had his heart broken at one point or another. This work of fiction tells the story of how one man dealt with it.

Chapter 1

Daniel looked down at Karen. She was scared and shaking. The blindfold kept her from seeing her surroundings. Karen had screamed when she had awoken but Daniel had told her that he would kill her if she screamed again. She had taken his threat seriously. What had scared her the most was the metallic voice. Cold and without emotion.

Karen knew she was naked despite not being able to see anything. The cool air in the room had caused goose bumps all along her body. She was sitting on a bench, her legs straddling the cool leather. Her ankles were shackled to the floor so she couldnt move. Her arms stretched forward with her hands tied together with rope.

She heard movement behind her. And then a finger was ,gently and slowly tracing her spine starting at her neck and working its way down to the crack of her ass.

This caused her jump and fight against her restraints to no avail. She screamed out as loudly as she could "Dont't you fucking touch me, you son of bitch!"

The hand retreated from her back.

"I warned you didnt I?" The metallic voice said.

The cold steel from the blade slid across her neck.

Daniel would never kill her. He knew that. He really didnt care if she screamed. He wanted her obidience.

The steel blade terrified Karen. She kept trying to move but she was completely restrained.

"Are you through? I will kill you. Make no mistake about it. Think about who you would leave behind."

The fight momentarily left Karen. This person knew about Angela. Her 12 year old daughter.

Karen started sobbing. "Please. Let me go. Let me go to my family."

The voice that scared her replied "In do time"

Daniel walked around to back of the weight bench. He looked at Karens ass and then at the table less than 10 feet away. He had accumalated a vast collection of large dildos over the last year in anticipation of this weekend.

" Karen will meet all of them in the next 24 hours " Daniel thought to himself.

Daniel picked up a small, 6 inch dildo. He turned the knob on the bottom that caused the dildo to vibrate.

"This will be a nice start" Daniel thought.

Daniel walked back over to the bench. He heard Karen sobbing softly. His eyes, full of contempt for the woman who broke his heart, scanned her body.

How he had loved her. He had given up everything he had to be with her. A caring and loving wife. 2 wonderful children. All that was gone now. Looking back, Daniel knew she had played him. His friend, Mikel, had warned him.

"She's using you" Mikel had said.

The words had fallen on deaf ears. He had done much for her. Made car payments. Bought her child Christmas gifts when Karen couldnt afford them. He made her his life. And to find out, it was all a ruse. This weekend would be the payback he felt he so richly deserved.

Daniel held the vibrating dildo in his hand. It shaking slowly. He turned the knob to off.

"I am going to slide this dildo between your legs." Daniels metallic voice said.

Karen shivered. She knew she was going to be raped. Fear rippled through her body.
"Please dont do this. Please!" Karen sobbed.

"This is not going to hurt. I promise you." Daniel replied.

Karen felt the rubber of the dildo sliding between her legs. Her body tensing up, knowing that the dildo would enter her pussy at any moment. Tears starting forming in her eyes. They would have streamed down her face, but the blindfold caught them.

The dildo pushed past the opening to her pussy without penetrating. The head of the dildo coming to rest directly on her clitoris.

Daniel turned the knob to the second setting. The vibrator started shaking, trapped between the bench and Karens pubic area.

Karen gasped as the dildo massaged her clit. She tried to struggle against her restraints. What little movement she could make, only manuvered the dildo across her clit even more.

Daniel sat watching from behind. Seeing Karen squirm put a smile on his face. He watched as Karens body betrayed her. He looked at her ass jerking up and down slightly. He watched as Karen pulled against her restraints. It was no use. Her clit was resting on the vibrating dildo. Then Daniel saw it. The glistening of pussy juice exiting Karens vagina. Dripping on to the dildo between her legs.

"You motherfucker!" Karen yelled at her unseen captor.
" You cocksucking bastard!" she continued.

Daniel smiled.

Karen couldnt control her body. She thought of every turn off she could. It was useless. No matter how much she fought it, the rubber kept pulsating on her clitoris. She had screamed at her captor. Trying to disctract herself. But the vibrator could not be stopped. She knew it was coming. Her orgasm was almost there. She tried to control her breathing. She knew she was gonna scream in pleasure when she came. The thought disgusted her. She was bound against her will and she was going to orgasm.

Then it hit her. Electricity shot from her loins as her orgasm peeked. She vigorously moved her hips as much as they could move.

She ground her teeth together as not to moan in pleasure from her cumming. Karen couldnt stop herself.

"Oh, fuck! Im cumming. You motherfucker!"

Karens body spasmed from her orgasm. Pushing down on the vibrator. She couldnt control herself.

Daniel continued to watch as Karens orgasm subsided. He grinned as she was unable to stop grinding her pussy against the vibrator until she had came. The bench around the dildo was coated with Karens pussy juice. Daniel got up from his chair and stood over Karens trembling body. She was taking deep breaths to compose herself. Daniel slid the dildo from in between her legs.

He leaned over closer to Karens ear and whispered "Thats only the 1st one"

"Go fuck yourself" was her response

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