A fun weekend with teen sluts, part 3

A strange darkness surrounded me as I awoke, late on sunday morning.
And even stranger, my dick felt like it was submerged in a tub of hot water..
Coming to my senses, I remembered last night and managed to deduce where I was and with whom:

Lisa, having awoken before me, was now 69'ing me, with my limp dick in her mouth,
ready for me to release my morning piss inside her mouth. When I got the picture,
I let my warm, dark piss flow freely from my dick and Lisa urgently sucked it all down.
She also let go of her girlie pee, but I was ready for it, sucking on to her pee hole.
She tasted bitter with a strong musky smell.

Finished with our peeing, Lisa turned and kissed me affectionately; "Good morning, dear!".
I kissed her back, my hands stroking her ebony skin affectionately.
A sense of wellbeing spread all over us and we just lay there, cuddling for a while.
Soon we heard someone wandering the hall and Mary T's glowing face appeared in the doorway.
Goblets of cum were visible in her hair and she only gave us a cheeky smile, when we asked
her "Good morning?". She came inside and dragged Lisa with her and told me to be downstairs
promptly, the girls were going to make breakfast for us all.

I was sipping my morning coffee and just relaxed from the last two days of hot sex,
when Lisa came over and sat down on my lap, intent on telling me an idea she had.
She seemed a little nervous about what she had in mind, but I held her tight and gave her
some reassuring kisses, on her chin, forehead and mouth, and urged her to tell me.

"Well, You have given us such a pleasing experience the last two days, making sure we all
had such a good time, I..I just wondered if I could invite someone over, someone who
also would benefit from Your.talents?" she blushed.
"Yes, of course!" I quickly answered. "Who did You have in mind?"
"My mother" (!) she whispered.

Her mother, Susan, was a 38 year old widow, whom I remembered having met briefly in the local shop.
From what I could recall, she resembled Lisa bodywise, but with a little more weight on her,
and her tits more like Mary T's DD shape. My cock gave a jerk by the thought of making love to
such a hot ebony woman, pre-cum leaking from my penal duct.

Lisa went on to explain that her mother had been a little under the weather lately,
and showing signs of sexual frustrations. She had not been with a man, ever since her husband
died some 3 years ago, and Lisa figured I would be just the right man for her, based upon
my pleasant fucking of Mary T and her this weekend, and the warm affections I had showed her.
I almost went red in modesty, by the praise she gave me!

We agreed that Lisa should give her mother a call and ask her over for a late lunch.
She did so, explaining that I would like to thank her for allowing Lisa to stay over with Mary T.
What Susan thought about this sudden and unexpected invitation, I never got to know,
but she accepted our invite and would be at our place at one o'clock.

Alan had been busy fondling Mary T after breakfast, so I made sure he was ok with another visitor.
Of course, being the gentleman he is, he had no objections, on the contrary, he looked forward
to whatever would came out of this change of events.

Mary T and Alan went upstairs, eager for some more hot and horny sex.

Lisa helped me do the dishes and making the house look tidy in preparation for our visitor.
When everything looked spik and spam, we headed upstairs for a shower together.

Not able to restrain herself, Lisa dove down on my dick long before the water was warm enough,
sucking eagerly on my member, flicking her tongue around the tender head and caressing my balls.
Her middle-finger went inside my ass, rubbing my prostate hard. All this sensual attention to
my growing dick, of course led to a quick release of my load. Lisa was, as always, a cunning
cocksucker and made sure all of my potent cream were deposited deep into her stomach.

After a good cleanup in the shower, we got dressed for Susan's arrival.
I put on some of my nicest semi-casual clothes, trying to look my best for Susan,
but not looking overdressed. I checked in on Alan and Mary T, who were already half asleep,
and I struggled in persuading them to shower and dress before one o'clock.

At 10 to 1 we all sat anxious, waiting for our new guest.
Not long after, we heard someone park a car in the street and approach our house.
Lisa went outside to greet her mother, and we all followed her to the door.

Susan was a delicious sight, clad in a sexy, short red dress, her wonderful bosom almost falling
out of her top. She evidently did not wear any bra, her hard nipples visible for all to see.
The dress hardly covered her nice, plump ass, and clung to her cello-shaped body like a condom.
Although she had some body fat, it was not excessive and really well distributed.
She gave us all a big warm smile and her eyes seemed to sparkle, more so when Lisa whispered some
advice in her ears. She hugged us one by one, and I couldn't help but notice that she lingered
a bit longer when she held me close. "What did Lisa whisper to her?" I wondered.

Watching Susan enter I could not help but notice the sexy way her bum wiggled when she walked. OGod!
Everyone sat down in the living room, except Lisa and myself, who went to the kitchen to prepare
for lunch. "What on earth did You just whisper to Your mother outside?" I quietly asked her.
"Hihi! Just a few facts about our weekend so far, she knows me well and is not at all surprised
to hear about our exertions." she answered "Mum is very eager to get to know You better, hon!"
and smiled. I was a little shocked, but excited to hear her mother could be up for it!

After a long, tasty (not gourmet, but close) and enjoyable lunch we ended up in the living room
again, Susan sitting herself down next to me on the couch, with Lisa on the other side of me.
The couch had plenty room for 3 adults, but they both seemed to move as close to me as possible,
letting me feel the warmth from their legs and torso. I could not help but get excited from their
actions, but managed to maintain a civil manner.

After some small talk, Mary T and Alan excused themselves and headed upstairs.
I had no doubt as to their intentions, but made no attempt to unveil their secret.
Soon though the noise from upstairs were utterly revealing, Susan looking curiously at Lisa and me.
We both smiled back at her and I asked "Do You want to see what's going on?"

She looked quizzical at me "We can't disturb them, whatever they're doing upstairs!?"
"No, but let me show You." I got my remote and soon had Mary T's bedroom in full view on my tv,
her activities with Alan clear for all to see. Susan gasped, but seemed immensely interested in
the spectacle, placing her left hand on my thigh. "I know Lisa told You a little about our
intimate relations this weekend, perhaps You would like to see some of it?" I asked.

Not waiting for a reply or for Lisa to object, I tapped on the remote until I found a clip
from my bedroom saturday morning. I opted for a split screen, so that footage from both cameras
over my bed were shown. Mary T and Alan were at it on one split and Lisa and me on the other.
Lisa on her back and my dick in her cunt, then Lisa on all fours, still with my cock in her cunt.

Susan watched with wide-open eyes, her hand clutching my thigh, then moving further up to my crotch.
Lisa looked at her mother and me, smiling knowingly.
"My God! You're having one hell of an orgy, by the look of it!" Susan exclaimed.
She did not seem offended or angry at the sight of her lovely daughter having a full intercourse
with a man more than twice her age, I happily observed; and her hand on my now swelling cock
confirmed my impression. I turned off the equipment and moved towards Susan.

She did not object when I took her head in my hands and kissed her softly on her moist lips.
On the contrary, she opened her mouth and welcomed my tongue inside her with a soft moan.
Her breath smelled minty, and I was thankful my own breath never went foul.
I circled my tongue around hers and she followed my lead, her breathing increasing.
Moving my lips around hers, I sucked first on her upper lip, then her lower.
Susan moaned and embraced me tighter, her mighty bosom squashed against my chest, her perky
nipples pressing into me.

Lisa obviously enjoyed the show, and soon her hands were fondling my fully erect cock thru my pants.
She managed to open my belt and quickly pulled down my zipper, giving her access to my naked cock.
Ever so gently she massaged my balls and stroked my member, pre-cum forcing it's way out the tip.
By scooting back a little, I gave her better access and she circled my hard member with her lips.
Soon she had all my dick buried down her throat, bobbing up and down on my dick.

Susan could not avoid noticing her daughter's actions and looked down with eager eyes on my dick.
I moved my hands to her back and pulled her zipper all the way down, then dragged her dress
down her arms and body, freeing her delectable tits with a plop. Eager to taste her melons,
I dove in, grabbing both tits and licking her left nipple, playfully biting and sucking on it.
Susan took my head in her hands and led me from one tit to the other, making sure both nipples
got their just attention. The feel of her tits were exquisite and I was in heaven!

Lisa rose and started to undress, to her mother's unmistakable delight.
Susan also rose to step out of her dress, and soon the three of us were all naked.
I ogled Susan's firm and shiny ebony skin, her body was a bit chubby,
but tight and genuinely sexy. What a hot mama!

Lisa now took charge of the situation, pushing me down on the couch and leading her mother
down to my cock, ordering her to start sucking me! Susan, well used to her dominating daughter,
obliged without any hesitation, and soon my cock was surrounded by thick ebony lips and drowned
inside a warm and moist oral cave. With some suggestions and tips from Lisa, Susan managed
to give me a decent head, although it was obvious she was no pro.

Susan tried her best to go all the way down on my cock, but gagged each time my cock met her throat.
Lisa grabbed my cock and showed her mother how she could deep-throat a male member to the base.
And she did so with ease, making sure her mother paid attention to the finer details of giving head.
Susan again was urged to try, and this time with a few more attempts and breathing correctly thru
her nose, she managed to swallow all of my manhood. With a plop it went past her throat and I felt
her muscles convulse, giving me a real thrill. Her eyes were a little watery, but she seemed eager
to succeed in her efforts.

And soon, after Susan had throated me a few more times, I felt the wellknown tingling in my
balls and my cock expanded in her mouth. She could probably feel it too, but still I warned her:
"AAAAHHHH! I'M CUMMING!" She held her head calm and kept my cock inside her mouth.
Lisa ordered her: "Now remember to swallow ALL his cum!" And of course she did!
When she finally let go of my cock, it was deflating, but clean as a baby's bottom.
Lisa grabbed her mother and went in for a deep kiss, using her tongue to taste any remnants
of my sperm inside Susan's mouth. Such an exciting show!

Susan were now a little exhausted and sat down beside me on the couch, giving me a tender look.
Lisa on the other hand were full of energy and got to her knees in front of her mother, leaned
down and went for her snatch. Her tongue danced all over her mother's clean shaven (to my great
delight) pussy, bit her clit, darted inside her cunt and licked her anus.
Susan could only respond to her daughter's assault with moans and cries, weary as she was.

Not wanting to be left out completely, I bent down to her tits, taking each one and weighing them,
twirl my fingers around her nipples, kiss them softly and sucking them playfully in my mouth.
Tiring of this I told Lisa to move aside, raised Susan's legs and moved her butt to the edge of
the couch. Having free access to her wet and shiny cunt, I grabbed my now erect cock, found
her slit and entered her with a slow motion.

Her cunt was more mature than Lisa's, but still my cock met enough resistance from her cunt
walls to give us both tremendous pleasure. I went in fully without reaching her cervix, but
was none the wiser, being in a fucking trance anyway. Susan looked at me with a satisfied smile,
and her moans started to grow as I began fucking her cunt with increasing speed.

Her legs flailed in the air as I tried to hold them high, which was a bit tiresome.
I placed one leg on each of my shoulders and bent further down, kissing her softly on her mouth.
This also gave me a different angle on my strokes, and if anything, increased our pleasure.
I held on to her shoulders to increase my pounding in her cunt, and the familiar feeling
in my balls of imminent eruption came to me. "I'M CUMMING! AAAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!" I yelled,
letting my hot and huge load fill her uterus. Her response were also loud: "OOOOOOOHHHH! MY GOD!".
I felt her cunt muscles vibrate, milking me of every last drop of cream.

Our mixture of cunt juice and sperm flowed in a steady stream from her cunt, down her ass and
on to the couch as my cock slid out of her cunt. I let her legs go, slumped down on the couch
and invited Susan to cuddle with me. She happily came to me and we rested thus for a while.
Lisa was nowhere to be seen, and I later learnt she had joined Alan and Mary T upstairs.
From the racket I could hear from Mary T's bedroom, she enjoyed herself immensely.

"Thank You, I so needed that!" Susan whispered in my ear. We were still sweating from our
heavy fucking and I wiped some droplets from her forehead, saying how much I enjoyed having
her in my house and being able to satisfy her thus. We exchanged soft kisses, still holding
on to each other. My urge for a pee was now evident, and I imagined she also needed a pee.

Rising from the couch, I took her hand and asked if she needed to go to the toilet.
"Yes, I very much do!" We went upstairs checking on the trio in Mary T's bedroom.
They were not there, but I heard voices from the bathroom and found them all there.
Lisa lay on her back in the tub, Mary T 69'ing her and Alan kneeling in front of her.
His limp dick were inside Mary T's mouth and it was obvious she was swallowing his warm piss.
Likewise Lisa was drinking Mary T's equally warm piss.

"Oh!" Susan gasped! But Lisa heard her mother and told her to "Relax, it is quite fun and
sensual! You should try it!" I looked at Susan and an acceptance seemed to fall upon her.
I consequently told her to sit on the toilet, pulled her to me so her cunt were near the front.
"Just let go, dear!" I told her, and after a slight hesitation, her warm and musky piss
came flowing. I was ready with my tongue and tried to slurp as much of her liquid as possible.
When she was done, I acted like a kitten and licked all piss remnants from her pussy and thigh.

I rose and observed that Alan had finished his pee and Mary T was now imbibing Lisa's urine.
Susan was beating me to it and grabbed my limp dick and engulfed it with her mouth, giving
me a soft slap on my butt. I turned to her, smiled and let go of my piss. An incredulous
feeling came to me as I felt my warm juice pour into my loving Susan. Yes, I could sense a
growing love for this unbelievable black beauty, not forgetting my affection for her daughter.

When my last drop had entered her mouth, she licked me good and let my dick free from her mouth.
The trio in the tub all smiled at us, and Lisa cheered "Yeah! Way to go, mum!".
A sense of pride washed over Susan and she smiled shyly.

Having a quite large tub, all five of us found room in the warm water, jacuzzi on full strength.
Susan leaned against me and I embraced her tits, slowly caressing them. She closed her eyes and
moaned hardly audible, while Lisa was blowing softly in my ear, whispering sweet words to me.
Mary T was leaning against Alan, they seemed happy together, despite a considerable age difference.
Life could not be better!

How long was Adam in Paradise? After half an hour it was time to exit the tub, however unwillingly.
I dried off Susan and Lisa, who did me the same favour. Alan and Mary T helped each other.
We all felt quite drowsy from the warm tub and agreed to take a nap and meet later for dinner.
Mary T and Alan headed for her bedroom, while Susan and Lisa followed me into mine.
The "girls" told me to lie down in the middle and then nestled close to me on each side.
I felt extremely privileged having two such stunning ebony knockouts beside me in bed.

Arm in arm with my two lovers, I finally dozed off.

A few hours later the alarm went off and I stretched and yawned, surprised to find two women
in bed, two seductive looking smashers even, until I remembered my happy situation.
Nudging my two beauties, I rose and told them it was time for dinner and that they should meet
me downstairs shortly. I also yelled in to Alan and Mary T, getting only murmuring in response.

Dinner was once more prepared in advance, and it took me less than an hour to have a three course
decent meal ready. This not being a culinary story, I will suffice to say that all were contented
and full of praise to the "chef". The wine we drank at dinner gave us all a warm buzz, again
the girls (not included Susan!) only got two glasses each, without any whining or objection.

Susan helped me clear the table and do the dishes, while the others sat down on the couch, chatting.
Whenever I found an opportunity I gave Susan a good spanking on her butt, making her ass wiggle
sensuously, and my cock to bob a little. She smiled teasingly back at me each time, so I increased
my force for each new spanking. Her ass shook wildly and started to redden. I caressed her ass
cheeks after each spanking and pried my hand into her crevice, rubbing her anus, pussy and clit.

Susan became so hot from my administrations, that she turned to me, grabbed my cock, starting
to jerk me off, then kissed me hard, pulling me to her. Hence it took a while, but finally all
dishes were done and we were hot and ready for more fun. Moving to the living room, we found
our trio already in action, the girls sharing Alan's cock between them, both letting him deep
down their throat. When they saw how ready we were, they stopped and Lisa asked if we all
should continue our fun upstairs?

Of course we all agreed and soon five warm and sweaty bodies would be playing together in my bed.
First, though, we all prepared for anal sex by washing our rectums with my anal wash equipment.
For Susan this was a new, but not totally unpleasant experience. Lisa persuading her, helped.

I then lay down on my back in bed, urging Susan to follow me down, facing me, flat on my chest.
Her nipples were hard as steel and almost tore my skin when her tits moved over my chest.
We kissed each other, sucking tongue and lips. Susan reached down and led my cock to her slit
and sat down on my manhood with a grunt. She began rocking back and forth with my cock all
the way inside her cunt, almost giving me a heart attack due to sheer ecstatic joy.

Alan was enjoying the sight of Susan's fucking and stroked his shaft slowly.
I waved him over and let him know I wanted him in Susan's ass. He seemed pleased to have the
opportunity of entering her ebony bum, and positioned himself at her rear, lubricating both her
ass and his cock with copious amount of Lisa's lotion. I held Susan down to assist him.
Aiming for her hole, he managed to surpass her tight sphincter with relative ease, although
Susan jerked and cried out.

Soon she was moaning to the rhythm of Alan's fucking of her ass, and I returned to my own labor.
Susan was now grunting and moaning hard, being fucked in both holes, mercilessly, but satisfying.
She met Alan's pounding by backing hard up to him, then dropping down on my cock, getting the hang
of it, almost like a pro. Both Alan and me were trying hard to keep up with her movements.

Mary T and Lisa were not wasting their time. Watching our performance of steaming and raw sex,
they soon wanted some action of their own. They kissed like only girls can, then Lisa found her
double dildo and she forced it down Mary T's throat. From plenty experience this weekend, she
now managed to deep-throat almost 14" of the 20" dildo, it being a little thin helped a lot.
Lisa then took the other end into her own mouth and sucked it down her throat.
When she met Mary T's lips, Lisa slipped her tongue around the dildo, licking both girls' lips.

Poor Mary T had tears in her eyes, but met Lisa's lips with her own tongue around the dildo.
Lisa then proceeded to suck the dildo down her own throat, loosening the strain on Mary T's neck.
She managed to get almost 18" of the dildo down her throat, Mary T letting go and aiding her
the last bit by gently pushing it down. What a strangely arousing sight!

Pulling the dildo slowly out, Lisa took a deep breath and lay down next to us on the bed,
while Mary T lay down opposite, crouching half way over Lisa, their cunts almost touching.
Lisa took the double dildo and forced it inside Mary T, making her moan and close her eyes.
Lifting herself up a bit, she then let the dildo enter her cunt as well, all the way down.
With a firm grip on the dildo, she began to push it inside Mary T, then back in her cunt,
all the time increasing her speed. Mary T's moaning increased accordingly and Lisa was not so
quiet herself. Soon both girls started to shake and reached their peak almost simultaneously.

The screams from our babies could wake the dead, and the three of us stopped for a moment,
mesmerized by the girls' activities. Not being far behind the girls, we continued our fucking.
Susan was sweating profusely, droplets falling on my face, and our chest almost clung together.
Alan and myself were also wet from all the hard fucking, but soon we neared our release.
Susan came first, her cunt vibrating in an up-down motion sending shivers thru my spine and
making my balls churn. My cock swelled inside her, which made pounding her increasingly more
difficult. I stopped inside her and shot my first load of cream deep in her cunt, which
kept on milking my cock. The rest of my cream filled her uterus completely and the mix of
her own cum juice and my sperm leaked out of her cunt, down my cock and ass.

Meanwhile Alan kept fucking her ass, keeping her orgasm alive. His balls finally decided enough
was enough and exploded, sending hot lava deep in Susan's bowels and filling her completely.
When he escaped from her ass hole with a plop, streams of sperm leaked out of her ass,
down to her cunt, where it joined my own cum and Susan's juice.

Mary T was quick to grab Alan's cock and put it in her mouth, making sure it was once more
squeaky clean, swallowing his last drops of sperm and Susan's ass cream. She managed to keep
his cock at full mast, looking forward to have him inside her own cunt.

Susan slumped down on me, tired but satisfied. I gave her a soft kiss on her forehead and held her.
Lisa now saw an opportunity to taste my cum, as well as Alan's and her mother's, and dove in
on her mother's bum, gulping down all the cum she could reach. She proceeded down to her cunt,
licking and sucking, then lifted her to one side in order to reach my cock. She began to lick
up and down my shaft, swallowing the liquid on it, then continued with my balls and ass.

Lisa had managed to revive my manhood and insisted on a reward for her sacrifice.
Not needing any encouragement, I rose and placed Lisa on all fours, her head in her mother's lap.
I told her to eat out her mother, making sure she was well looked after. She did not hesitate,
and soon I could hear slurping sounds from Susan's cunt, making her moan and roll her head.

I moved behind Lisa, rubbing my dick up and down her moist slit, preparing my attack.
When I was satisfied with Lisa's work on her mother, I pushed forward and entered her cunt.
Lisa arched her back for a second, then carried on pleasing her mother's cunt.
I was now reminded of how tight Lisa was, compared to Susan. Her cunt walls clung to my cock
as I proceeded inside her. Despite her tightness I managed to bottom out inside her cunt and
began a slow motion back and forth inside her warm and well-lubricated pussy.

Meanwhile, Mary T had Alan on his back, straddling him and guided his thick manhood into her cunt.
She was now riding him hard, steadying herself on his knees. Her magnificent tits were
bouncing up and down, and she looked completely happy. Alan had his cock all the way up
her cunt, holding her hips in a tight grip, making sure his cock remained inside her.
Her moaning and crying were not to be overheard, and when her orgasm overpowered her she
yelled out loud and stopped riding Alan. He then took charge and lifted her ass, forcing her
up and down on his rigid cock. He soon erupted and shot his load deep inside her cunt,
filling her uterus with more baby-making cream.

Lisa was doing a splendid job on her mother, Susan's moans and groans were evidence enough.
She was also moaning herself, due to my intense fucking, ramming her cunt deep.
I held on to her tits, caressing them and pinching her nipples, making her cunt twitch and
grip my cock, obstructing my pounding slightly. I met Susan's eyes and she smiled at me,
sending me kiss as a token of her gratification, both for herself, but also for her daughter.

Happy to service my two delicious ebony sluts, my cock swelled with pride, but also with
imminent eruption. Giving Lisa a few hard thrusts, I yelled and sank down on her back,
my cock spurting it's last load of sperm for the weekend. My weight on Lisa increased the
force on her licking of Susan, almost choking her on Susan's labia. The effects on Susan
were soon evident, she lifted her hips and cried ecstatically. Lisa was hardly able to hold
on to her, but drank as much of her mother's abundant juice as possible.

My cock soon began to shrink and I pulled out of Lisa's cunt, my sperm flowing down her thighs.
Susan opened her arms when I moved down to her and embraced me, lovingly.
Lisa also moved to our side and I held her close, kissing her softly and also her mother.
We were all totally spent and just lay still for a while, cuddling and recalling happy moments.

The weekend ended with yet a visit to my jacuzzi tub, before we went to bed, tired, but happy.
Mary T and Alan slept peacefully in Mary T's bed, while Lisa, Susan and I spent a night of
intermittent sleep, the girls playing with my cock several times during the night.
Don't remember much of it, other than oversleeping on monday morning

(concluded in part 4)

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