Meeting Ivory and our first encounter_(1)

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Hello ladies and gents! First time writing here, love to hear your thoughts and opinions so don't be shy!

Quick intro here, Names Rocky 5'10, medium build with a fat 8 inch cock
Her name is Ivory, 5'3 sexy from head to toe and them stunning blue eyes

I'm not gonna bore you with much details but my god the day I met Ivory, my life changed
for the better, she blew my mind like literally. Big stunning blue eyes, softest lips I've ever kissed and that beautiful stunning coke bottled body she has.. what a god sent..

Funny thing was we met on the dance floor, she was dancing with a few of her friends but I could help myself when I saw what she was wearing.. tight apple bottom jeans white tank top and heels.. I mean who the hell is gonna say no to that am I right..

So anyways as she was dancing I couldnt keep my eyes off her so I snuck up behind her while she was dancing with her gfs and I casually joined in behind her and we hit it off instantly..
We danced for what felt like hours bumping and grinding all throughout the night and we couldn't keep our hands off each other.. hell we even made out within 5 mins of facing eye to eye..

That night after we all were danced out, it was like 3 in the morning so we said our goodbyes to her gfs that she came with and we went to the nearest park to spend some alone time.. Before we even got near the park we made out heavily, hands groping each other and everything.
We got to the park and I said I wanna make her mind every night beginning tonight and that I wouldn't let her go till I made her feel satisfied every night and I told her immediately Im in love with her the second we met.

I ripped her clothing off and made her scream immediately as I got down to eat her beautiful sweet pussy, for what felt like hours, she came like 6 times before she returned the favor.. I knew I had to fuck that sweet pussy after that amazing blowjob she gave me so I told her to climb up and ride this fat 8 inch cock and she complied without hesitation and boy did she came almost immediately as she sank down on my cock.. she gripped my cock like a vice with her pussy muscles and my god did I felt like blowing my load.. but I had a mission and that was to as long as I can and fuck her all night till she can't be fucked anymore.. we switched into mission and doggy style after about 15 mins per position..
By the time she rode me reverse cow girl I rubbed her clip so fast while she rode me to her 6th orgasm when I finally blew my load deep inside her pussy.. I couldn't stop cumming she was so good and man did I gave her a night to remember

She told me afterwards she was on the pill after she caught her breath for a second and I said food because your pussy is gonna get fucked by me every night for the rest of your life because I intend to keep that promise and I kissed her passionately while sticking a finger into her cum filled pussy and made her taste it..

By the time we got off each other it was roughly 6am so we picked up our stuff walked side by side naked to the highest peak of the park and sat down to watch the sun come up. She definitely gave me a fuck I'll never forget..

By 8am we were hungry and getting a bit tired from all the dancing and fucking we did earlier.. so we went to the nearest McDonald's and got some breakfast.. waiting in line with at least 7 guests ahead of us she got more adventurous and started grabbing my cock and whispered saying she needs more after breakfast and I replied in her ear while I grab that sexy ass saying she will regret it when I'm finish with her..

After breakfast we went back to my place and by the time we got inside the house we shred our clothes on the floor and made out heavily right there.. after what felt like an hour was more like 20 mins of heavy groping each other and playing tongue twister with her tongues, she dropped to her knees and without warning took my half hard cock into her mouth and blew me again..

After about 10 mins of mind getting blown by this beauty I was ready to go but I said I needed to return the favor so I lifted her up over my face and ate her out like no tomorrow.. within a few min of rabbid tongue fucking her pussy and clit, she squirted for the first time all over my face and not even long she did it again and again.. and boy did she tasted yummy as fuck..
I lowered her onto my cock and fucked her while standing missionary for all I was worth before I layed her on the couch for cuz I was getting tired.. she took it as her sign to ride me cowboy style and she rode me for all I was worth and by then I couldn't help but blow another load into her beaten up pussy.

We felt exhausted and tired so we fell asleep together with my cock still buried inside her cum soaked pussy..
Three hours later I woke up to her making lunch and she was in the kitchen naked so I couldn't help myself, I sneaked up behind her and gave her ass a giant slap, she jumped from my reaction and told me to go wash up and I said I'll do it after.. meanwhile she was cooking so I couldn't help but with a smirk on my face I knelt down and spread that sexy ass cheeks apart and starting tongue fucking her pussy.. she came almost instantly all over my face and I loved how she tasted so I continued for as long as about 20 mins all while she was making breakfast. She squirted about 3 other times before breakfast was finally ready so we stopped only to eat and feed each other like a married couple..

After breakfast we went to shower but I couldn't help myself so we fucked in the shower only this time I jammed my cock down her throat and blew my load..
We went to lay in my bed and slept for the next day..

Love to hear more, let me know what you guys think so far..

Thanks in advance

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